Friday, January 28, 2011

Learning new things

This was written yesterday but I didn't get to post it:

Last week when I was trying to put Jacob to sleep I realized he had way too much energy. I put him on the ground as I laid on the couch. I put him down in a crawling position next to the couch. Next thing I knew he had gotten himself to sit up on his butt. Just a couple days ago, I noticed Jasper doing sitting moving to sit on his butt.

Now their new thing is to really work on standing up. They've been trying on the coffee table, their toy basket, and just themselves. I really think they will be master the art of walking at some point soon! They get so determined.

Their vocabulary is "mom mom mom," "da da da," "yeah yeah yeah," with occasional "hi."

They have gotten a lot better at communicating what they want. We had friends, Heather and Kit over for the weekend and Kit offered to watch Jacob on Monday so I could go to sleep. She took Jacob but he quickly turned to me and pulled his arms out and tried to grab for me.

The boys did really great with company over. They got an ubber a lot of attention. They didn't seem too scared of Heather and Kit when they arrived but we held them for awhile before passing them off.

Yesterday, I got my guitar back from being repaired and was playing it on the floor with boys watching on the rug. Jasper was really into what was going and really wanted the cord that was going from the guitar to the amp. So for the first time, Jasper actively crawled forward to get the cord.

He was so proud of himself, he started crawling all around. He went down the hall to work on getting the drawers we have in our hallway.

On the side of the room, Jacob got him standing on his knees, leaning on our rocking chair. I got the video camera out and started taping. I got Jacob pulling himself up and Jasper crawling towards the camera.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Second dose of flu shot????

The boy got their first of two flu shots right before Thanksgiving. We were then giving a paper with dates they're giving out the second shot. It totally slipped our mind to get it done at the end of December.

The next scheduled date is this weekend and I'm not sure if we'd be able to make it with company staying over. However the next one after that is in February.

So my big question is.... Do they really need a second dose of the flu shot this late into the flu season?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Growing, speaking, moving, and stealing

Over the weekend we had to lower the cribs. The boys are starting to try to pull themselves up and we don't want them to learn while in their cribs when we're not there. After we lowered them, Joy put them in and had them standing, leaning on the railing. They got the biggest kick out of it. Jasper enjoyed falling down on his butt after awhile, Jacob not so much.

A couple days ago I went to get Jasper out if his crib. While doing so, I started saying/singing "good morning!" over and over. Then Jasper mumbled out something resembled "good morning." I was stunned. Joy said he is trying to mimic me. So naturally, I've been saying a lot of "good mornings."

The boys have become masters in their jeep walkers. They can both move themselves almost where ever they want to go. It's not uncommon now to be in the bathroom and then see one of the boys stroll up. They've also been getting themselves stuck in a traffic jam-like situations in the hallways.

They have also been able to play more independently on the rug with their toys. However, they've become quite jealous of each others toys. Even if they both have the same toy in hand, one will drop it and try to steal the others. This can cause tears.

One day, Jacob was working really hard to get a toy out of the toy basket. He was so determined and when he finally got it out, Jasper took it.

Although this isn't new, the boys get upset if you walk by them without saying "hello." I'll come in from work and put my stuff away and they'll get so upset if I don't stop by and play with them first thing. Although, if they're in their jeeps they can just come along.

The last couple of nights have been rough. The boys have waking up about every hour during the night screaming. I'm not sure if they're not feeling good, teeth, or what.

This morning around 6:30, Joy got up with Jasper and decided it was time for them to both be awake. She wrote out a schedule for feeding and nap times. If all goes well, we hope the boys will start to sleep better at night.

This weekend, our friends Heather and Kit are flying in from Colorado. They haven't been up since last June. I bet they'll be surprised at how much they've grown.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BOOK- Adventures of Jasper Man and Jacob Dude

While I was on vacation, Joy mentioned she wanted to make a graphic novel. So we ended up coming up with a story about our twins as super heroes and their quest to stop our cat after taking the dog hostage. 

It was a lot of fun. We came up with the story while I was feeding the boys. Then Joy drew the pictures. I added some small details into some of the pictures and then we both colored with crayon and colored pencil. 

Then Joy scanned all the images and used Photoshop to add some effects and put the words in. It ended up looking really cool! 

You can now get the book on and I think pretty soon on amazon. You can either get the book or PDF. 

..if you're interested in reviewing this book for your blog or whatever email me at

Sunday, January 9, 2011

first words!

I am writing this with Jasper on shoulder, trying to rock him to sleep. It is my birthday and I got a wonderful treat from my boys. A few days ago, Jasper began to say "mom mom mom" and on Saturday Jacob began to say "da da da."

Sunday morning when I woke up, they were playing on the rug and facing each other. Jacob would say "da da da," and Jasper would respond by saying "mom mom mom." I was lucky enough to get this on video.

Well, I think Jasper is falling asleep, so I will try to put him down shortly. Jacob is sleeping with grandma on the couch.


The Adventures of Jasper Man and Jacob Dude

Joy and I made a graphic children's novel about our boys and their quest to stop our cat, Tino The Terrible.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Crawling and speaking/singing

Last week, I took a week of vacation between Christmas and New Years. It was so nice being home with Joy and the boys. It was a great week of just hanging out at home. There were days were we didn't leave the house.

The boys are moving a lot more on the rug we put out for the them. They are really good at turning around in a circle and crawling backwards. They love trying to get to their toys or to our dog or cat.

Jacob loves being on the rug so much he hasn't wanted to play in his jeep. Jasper on the other hand has been much more active in his jeep.

The boys have been sleeping much better at night. Although Joy and I figured it would be better to divide and conquer. Joy has been bringing Jasper to bed with her and I have been sleeping with Jacob on the couch. This works because we all get sleep.

Jasper has been talking up a storm. He sings himself to sleep and then talks during the day. In last couples days he has been saying "mom mom mom." How cool is that? His grandma is constantly trying to get them to talk by saying "mom mom mom," and "dad dad dad."

Jacob has been singing by holding a single note out. It's really impressive! Out of nowhere, he'll just sing "ahhhhhhhh". It's so cute.

I gotta get my phone out to record them speaking! I tried the other day but as soon as I did they stopped.