Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brief Introduction

I am a soon-to-be father of twin boys. My wife and I found out last month at our first ultrasound. We thought it was possible to be having twins (mother-in-law is a twin.) But I thought since the doctor didn't find two at the regular doctor visits, I thought we were just having one. Finding out was amazing! We had to think of another name... Which we decided on the car ride after the appointment to show my Mother-in-law the pictures.

Jasper (a) and Jacob (b) at 19 weeks.
(...we might change that if Jacob has green eyes)

Expected due date is June 13th, 2010. Right now, we're at 25 weeks which "What to Expect" iPhone app says they're the size of eggplants.

I will update this blog frequently about the pregnancy, raising twins, family, and various thoughts and concerns.