Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Surreal looking picture of Jasper

I took this from the top of a jungle gym as Jasper went down the slide backwards and belly side up.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall hiking spree! And weekend

On Saturday we started the fall hiking spree that the metroparks does. After 8 hikes, we'll all get a walking stick.

We started with silver creek in Medina.

Yesterday, we visited my parents. The boys really wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa. The moment they got into their heads they could see them, they got dressed and put their shoes on before I even messaged them to see if they are home.

Grandma messaged back saying she needs an hour and the are still in their pajamas.

Jacob was confused and asked why. Joy said to him, maybe their pajamas are silly and they don't want you to see them in them.

Later on Jacob insisted grandma to show him their silly pajamas.

Grandma also read to them the Jasper man and Jacob dude book. He set up pillows for them on the floor.

Joy stayed home and did her orders and also made a Halloween cake Jacob wanted.

When we got home the boys insisted on candles and to sing "happy Halloween to you."

Monday, September 8, 2014


Last Friday Joy bought the boys roller skates. The boys loved it. Joy sent some pictures while I was at work with them holding the box of skates then pictures of them riding.

They could not wait till I got home so I could ride skates with them. They pulled up chairs to the window and waiting till I got home.

After dinner, Jacob went into the garage and got my rollerblades. Later on, he got my helmet from the garage and Jasper out it in my head while I put their skates on them.

There isn't a ton of room in the basement but it was fun!

Jasper started getting daring by trying to walk in them or going backwards. Lots of falling on their butts.

Saturday, the boys played with hockey sticks in the garage. Not with skates. They loved it. We cleaned out the garage some to give them room.

On Sunday they played in the drive way.

On Saturday we also the steam engine that went through the valley. It was sorta raining so the boys had an umbrella.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First day of preschool

The boys started preschool on Tuesday. I took a day off work so I see them off on their first day. I totally wanted to spy out the window to see how their day went.

They had no issue with us leaving. "Ok bye" Jake said as we told him we'll pick him up after school.

Joy and I went home sad... Sat on the couch and watched Sherlock. Then stopped at post office... Then picked them up.

I hoping to see them a little in action but parking was crazy and got there as soon as they let out.

I got a big hug from Jasper and then Jake when they got out.

It was hard to get any info from them on their day.

Did you read stories?
"Uh huh" -Jasper
Did you meet friends?
"Uh huh" - Jasper
Did you have circle time?
"Uh huh"

Jake was a bit upset we didn't stay and play with them at school. He didn't want to leave.

Jake later gave us little bits if info which always ended with "... And that's it!"

We let them chill and play games when they got home.

Then went for a walk and saw a waterfall.

On the way back we let them play at McDonald's playplace.