Friday, March 20, 2015

Almost been a month!!

Oliver has been here for almost a month. It's really hard to believe how fast everything is going. Oliver has been growing a lot, drinking a lot of milk. Normally if it isn't sleeping or being changed he is wanting a bottle. Just the other day, I noticed he responded a little bit to a tickle.

He has been such a good sleeper. With Jasper and Jacob we barely got any sleep. With Oliver we are sleeping about 5-6 hours a night. We have been tracking our sleep with out Up bands.

Jasper and Jacob have been so sweet him. They look him with such grins you can tell they truly love him. When he is awake they are constantly asking "can I see his eyes." They are not impatient either. They totally understand that baby eat, sleep, and get changed. They are such good brothers to him.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome Oliver!!

On Monday morning, March 9th I was getting ready for work when I heard a quiet knock on the bathroom door. I opened it up, it was Joy. She said she thinks her water might have broke but just little. A little later, she is sitting on the couch reading from a pregnancy book and said its normal for a little water to come. She said to go to work and that she'll call me if she needs to go to the hospital. I headed out.

I was on Ghent when my phone rang. Joy called her doctors and she advised to go to the hospital. I turned around at a Park n Ride. I tried to pick up Joy's mom in a hurry. Finally 40 minutes later from initially leaving, I made it home. The boys were still sleeping, they had the day off. Joy's mom stayed with them. I quickly salted the walkway and took Joy to the hospital.

Her water did indeed break, a test confirmed.

They sent her to delivery room and hooked her up to monitoring machines. They gave her something to move the contractions along. They got more intense. She held my hand tightly as they came. I watched on the monitor. A doctor came in later and determined that a c-section would be needed. They moved her to the same room she the boys.

I waited in the recover room while Joy got a spinal. When I got in there with Joy she was closely monitored and looked much better than when she had the Jasper and Jacob. She said she could fill herself breath, which was pretty scary last time.

At 4:53pm Oliver was born. I walked over to him and took picture while the doctors did tests. I took the pictures over to Joy so she could see him. He was crying but calmed down the moment I picked him up. I brought him over to Joy so she could see him. A nurse took our picture.

We sat in recovery for a while. Oliver breast feed then I walked around with him. Joy's mom popped in. My parents watched the boys.

At night time, I went home to put the boys to bed which was after 10pm. Thankfully, Joy's mom stayed with her and Oliver. I showed them pictures they were so excited. Way to hyper to go to bed. They fell asleep in our bed. I barely slept.

The next day I took the boys to school and stayed with them to entire time. Then we went to visit Joy and Oliver. The boys were so sweet to him. Big grins.

On Wednesday Joy and Oliver got to come home.