Thursday, April 26, 2012

The zoo!!

Last Thursday Joy, Heather, Kit and boys were supposed to go to the zoo. However, after they got in the car and ready to go the car key snapped. Since I had the other key with me at work. They were unable to go to the zoo. That kinda worked out for me. I had requested the next day off and I got to go.

The zoo was a blast! The weather was really nice. This time the boys got to see the birds. Heather and Kit got us nectar to feed them. They really dug being able to see the birds up close.

The boys had a great time playing on the playground there after lunch. They had to try every slide. I got video of it. I didn't see it happen but at one point there was a kid too scared to go down the slide. I guess the father was trying to get him to go down. So Jasper gave him a little kick. I heard Kit saying "no kicking."

The boys love the elephants!!

After the zoo, Joy's mom came over and watched the boys while we went out to dinner. It was fun to get out and drink beer.

It was a lot of fun with Heather and Kit. The boys got tons of attention and totally got their play on!

The boys seemed tired over the weekend. So we had a mostly chill weekend. Saturday, our TV broke so we got a new bigger/better one. Hehe.

I implicated "time-out" after we got the tv set up. The boys liked to hit the tv because tv would light up. Time out has been very effective! They have barely touched the tv since.
Time out consists on being put on a chair for about 30 seconds.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Off the bottle

Of all the bottles we had, only 3 nipples survived by the beginning of the week. Monday during nap time, one more got pitched due to a bite mark That leaves one nipple left!

The boys are almost two and have been getting bottles of milk before nap and bedtime. It helps them calm down and get ready for bed. A lot of times they fall asleep on their bottle or shortly after.

With one nipple left, we decided it was time to get them off their bottle. Jacob did not take the news well. The first night he kept trying to go the kitchen to get a bottle. We gave him a sippy cup of milk but refused. I had to hold him crying till he fell asleep.

Jasper did pretty well without but also refused a sippy cup of milk. At one point he tried to give the sippy cup to Jacob, who was crying.

Joy and I kept battling over if we should go get them nipples. But as it turns out, I don't think there's any easy way for this and it's bad to keep them on their bottle.

This week, Heather and Kit came up from Texas. Yesterday, they went to Grandma's house and apparently Jasper played a zombie video game with Heather's brother. Jacob got fed chicken from various people. Hehe

Last night wasn't bad at putting them to sleep. Jacob took his sippy cup of milk and fell asleep on the floor. Jasper still refused the cup but didn't fight going to sleep.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Yesterday we celebrated with the boys first Easter Egg Hunt! Joy had put m&ms in plastic eggs and then scattered them through the backyard. We headed outside shortly after they woke up.

We got tons of video and pictures. I can't wait to see how they all turned out. They loved grabbing the eggs and eating the m&ms and just being in the backyard.

Jasper eventually started with the soccer ball, which he can kick really good! He ended off playing in the sandbox while Jacob kept looking for getting eggs.

After that, the boys and I went upstairs to play while Joy made a fantastic lunch: chicken (fake chicken nuggets for me), potatoes & green beans, and home made Mac & Cheese. Yum!!!

The boys played in the house upstairs. Jacob had a bowl with magnetic alphabet letters in it, which I called his "alphabet soup." He sat and "play ate" them while Jasper mowed the outside and inside the play house.

After lunch and failed nap time, we went to the park. There was barely anyone there so the boys had pretty much free range of the jungle gym.

We came back and watched a movie, then played downstairs. Jacob watered the plants, air, and himself while Jasper threw a ball up the steps and had it come back down towards him. I swept. We had some music time.

The boys went to bed around 8 and then Joy and I had mini-at-home date! Jacob was up for a little bit during the movie we watched. We then cut our date short, due to sleepiness.

Great Easter!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinner with grandma and grandpa

Yesterday, my parents came over to give the boys their Easter presents. Joy made an excellent dinner for us all. She made lasagna and breadsticks as well as apple pie. She got the boys all dressed up in nice clothes with ties.

My parents gave them chocolate bunnies which Jacob loved. After figuring out it was food, he spent the next 20 minutes eating then breaking for dinner and going back to it. It was really cute watching him get all chocolate faced in dress codes.

It took Jasper awhile before figuring out the bunny was food. My dad took the bunny and "fake" ate it, so Jasper took it and "fake" ate it as well. It wasn't until after dinner that Joy broke off a little chunk and put it in his mouth did he realize it was food. Then he loved it!

The boys had a lot of fun playing their grandma and grandpa. They played peek from behind chair. Showed them their room and jumped on the bed. Chased. Swords. Dinosaurs. Very fun night!

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Saturday we went to the zoo with Joy's friend Zita. It was pretty cold, so we ended up going to rainforest and then aquatic/ape building and also saw the elephants.

Joy had promised Jacob birds but the bird area in the zoo was closed. We did see regular birds flying around, which he loved.

Jacob mostly wanted to do his own thing, so it was hard to keep him holding hands and moving. He eventually got better when we saw the elephants. I think he was amazed at their size. Jasper stayed with Zita playing with some of the fun fact things on the wall.

They both fall asleep on the ride home.

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