Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lead scare!!!!

Last Tuesday before dudes night, the boys had their two year check up. The appointment went really good. No speech problems, growing much, looking great! Our doctor decided to give the boys a lead test since our house was built in the 50s. They did really good with it. The boys got a capillary lead test.

Thursday morning, I got a call saying the lead tests came back. Not threatening but high. Jacob got a 4 and Jasper got a 8 and they want to retest. My god, I was freaked out. We scheduled an appointment for later that day. I left work early. Joy was freaked! She called her mom who freaked.

Joy did a ton of research before we went in and the results have had me less freaked. For starts, most doctors don't retest for anything below 10 and the results can't get worse from the retest. On top of that, the capillary lead test is 60-70 percent false positive.

For the retest, they put a needle directly in the veins. Poor Jasper, they has trouble finding the vein. He cried but he was strong. I kept eye contact with him.

Jacob was still sleeping from the car ride was awoke to be held down from the test. Joy held him. I rubbed his head as I held Jasper. He cried but was also very strong. We treated them to ice cream when we got home.

The next morning, Joy had to take Heather to the airport at 5am. She stopped at lowes on the way home and got paint incase any of our widows had lead paint on them. She started working on cleaning the windows and getting ready to paint when she got home at 7am.

We both worked on painting for the rest of the weekend. Joy's mom stayed with us to help with the boys.

Saturday morning, I called the doctors office to see if the results came in. They were swamped and said they'd call back. I called back an hour and half later... Then an hour and half after that. Finally after noon, a nurse called back.


The both got a 2 on their lead test!! Same as it was when they were one!


Joy jumped out of her seat in excitement to tell her mom outside and txted Heather. I'm so happy our boys are healthy!

That night we went to a hot air balloon festival. The boys loved it. They got to play with other kids on a baseball field, kicking and throwing sand. They got to see hot air balloons take off and up close. Jasper kept saying "wow" and pointing.

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Dudes night video

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Dudes night!

We had another dudes night last week!!! Joy and Heather went to the indians, leaving us dudes to party it up!!

The night started with grilled cheese and fries.

Followed by playing outside. Playing with sticks, cars, running, and art on the garage.

Later, I took down all the balloons from their birthday and we had a balloon party!

Vintage toy playing

Followed by ice cream ! Such a great night!!!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Jasper and Jacob!!

Happy birthday to our boys!!! Two years old!! We celebrated by taking the boys to the zoo with Heather, who is staying with us. The zoo was a lot of fun and boys got to do a lot of walking.

We started with the northern trek this time at the Cleveland zoo because we rarely make it up all the way there. The boys loved the giraffes, bears, and birds.

On the way out, we stopped at the gift shop and Heather bought the boys lollipops. Jacob's got broken before we opened it, so he had his in pieces on the ride home. Jasper was determined to eat it all. He worked on it on the ride home and long after we got home.

To get the boys to nap, I tried give them a walk in their stroller. We walked for an hour and half. Jasper eventually went to sleep but Jacob did not.

After we got home, we let Jasper sleep in stroller a little bit. Then went for ice cream. Jasper woke up but fell back asleep in car along with Jacob. They missed out on ice cream but Heather bought them a pint to take home.

When we got home, we had cake and they had their ice cream with. We then went outside and they played in the water ball sprinkler.

Needless to stay they had an an action packed birthday!!!

We all chased them around the table when we got back in. Right now, I'm trying to put them to bed.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

The start of mega birthday celebration

We started celebrating the boys second birthday last Saturday by taking them to "123 imagine with Elmo and Friends." The boys liked it but would have rather been on stage than in their seats. It difficult to keep them in their seats but since Canton Civic Theatre is big and had lots of empty seats, we let them wander a little bit.

We wander around, sometimes hanging out in the hallway at the gift shop. We didn't buy anything. It was kind of sneaky, during intermission a man came in with a ton of balloons for sale. Joy said they didn't tell you price till you got up there, $10 a balloon. At that point, you can't really tell your kids no after you said you would. We didn't get one but Jacob tried to get one from another mother. Jasper and I danced during intermission when he wasn't running off or following girls.

After the show, Joy and her mom went to the dollar store and picked up six Elmo balloons. Would have cost $60, they got for $6.

Sunday we had the boys birthday party with family. Joy had made minion cupcakes from Despicable Me twinkles on top. She also made Fettucine Alfredo with homemade noodles and Alfredo. She made homemade pizza. Joy's brother brought ice cream cake. Needless to say, so yummy!

The boys had a blast! They loved all the attention and opening up presents. We got them kido atv cars. We let them play with them out in the back yard. They had a lot of fun playing with their grandpa.

They were not happy when it was time for everyone to go.

On their actual birthday, we're planning on going to the zoo.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yay outdoors!

Joy and I's 3rd year wedding Anniversary is today. I'm so grateful to have her and our wonderful family. Yay! To celebrate, I took Monday off at work so we could have a date while Joy's mom watched the boys. We went to the Brandywine Falls, saw the Avengers, and had lunch at the Winking Lizard.

My parents brought over the boys a pool and over the weekend, it was hot enough that they got to try it out. We didn't have little swimmer diapers, we let them go in just their diapers until Jacob's came off. Then he just had his shorts on. They loved splashing and dumping water out of large buckets we had.

Sunday, we went for a hike at the Deep Lock Query. The boys jumped off of smaller rocks. We then had lunch on two large stones that were used in the factory. It was a lot of fun.
We're preparing (mostly Joy) for a massive weekend ahead. Saturday, we're going to see Elmo live and Sunday we're celebrating the boys birthday with family.
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weather books haircuts

Hey, the weather is finally nice again! Yesterday was actually hot! The boys have gotten to be outside a whole lot more. Yesterday, they were out most of the day with grandma and Joy.

Tuesday, we went to the park. Jasper had so excited! He ran on and around the jungle gym screaming "ahhhhh" and smiling. Jacob found a group of boys playing with giant ball and doing back flips. Jacob went after the ball and started jumping with the boys. When soccer practice ended at the park, the playground was nuts!!! The boys had a lot of fun though. On the way back home, the picked and held dandelions.

When we got home, Joy cut the boys' hair! They have short hair now. While I'll miss their long hair, they look really cute and it's really awesome to see their faces and expressions more.

I finally got the boys into books a little bit. They look books off my nook. I have been reading to them nighty. Joy got a bunch of ebooks from the library.

The boys second birthday is approaching!! We're planning a birthday party the weekend before and we're going to see Elmo live! Can't wait to see the boys reaction!