Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving part 3 plus Christmas decorating

Saturday, we celebrated Thanksgiving part 3 with Joy's mom and brother. I expected the boys to freak at Joy's brother since they freaked at my family. They have developed their stranger anxiety recently. So Joy's mom held Jacob and I held the Jasper at the table. They both stared at her brother but no real freak out.

After food, I caught up on the Walking Dead show on AMC while Jasper hung out with Joy's brother for a minute and then went into the kitchen with Joy and her mom. Jacob slept next to me.

When we got home, we put up our Christmas tree and decorations. The boys love the tree however no match to the tv and gummy bears song.

Poor Jacob is having a rough time with his teeth. I really hope they pop out in the next day or so. Jasper is doing much better now his front bottom two are sticking out. I think the top two are on their way.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 2

This year I couldn't be more thankful of our two healthy boys and my lovely wife. Yay. Happy thanksgiving!

This is the boys' first thanksgiving and we spent it just the four of us, well six if you count our dog Ace and cat Tino. We got up around 3 or 4 this morning. Joy worked really hard in the kitchen making the turkey, my tofurky, pies, stuffing, etc. At 9, we all watched the Macy's Day parade. The boys enjoyed all the music and then got antsy during the interviews and commercials.

During food time, we had Jacob in his high chair while Jasper took a nap. Jacob enjoyed playing with his truck and throwing it on the floor while Joy and I enjoyed delicious food. Ace ate a pie that was a mishap. I think Tino may have been outside.

After lunch, we put on my favorite thanksgiving flick, Plains Trains and Automobiles. Then Joy went online to come up with a plan for Black Friday shopping.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Six Month vaccines

This time I had a whole new approach. I thought we were lucky last time after they got their shots. They quickly passed out for most of the day. I went ahead played around the house, thinking the boys are not affected by the vaccines. Then came bed time for Joy and the boys screamed! Apparently, the shots did affect them and they were none too pleased. I then wished I had napped or rested during the day.

So after we got the shots, they fell asleep on the ride home. So I headed off to bed shortly after we got home. Joy pumped and then joined me. Even though, I didn't fall asleep I was resting in case I don't get any sleep later.

Jasper work up shortly after Joy joined. He drank a bottle and fell back asleep. Joy tried to move him back to his crib but woke up. A little later Jacob woke up. He got a bottle and then fell back asleep. Jasper followed.

I got a couple hours asleep and then comforted Jacob till he fell back asleep. I then comforted Jasper till we both fell asleep on the couch watching The Last Man on Earth.

The main difference at the actual event of getting the shots was that I think they knew it was coming when they got the liquid part. The nurse gave it to them and they both freaked. They're weren't too happy about getting pricked. However, after they got their clothes on and we were checking out they were both falling asleep.

I'm very proud of my boys! They did really great. I don't like getting pricked either but if I were their size and that size of a needle came at me, I would be scared too!

It's really cute when they're clingy and want to be held afterwords. It's kind of like they're saying "make it all better, daddy!"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving part 1

Thanksgiving with my side of the family went quite well. Joy and I held the boys at first till they got used to everyone there. After they got ready to be held by others, we didn't hold them again till it's just us and my parents.

My mom held Jacob most of the night. At first she thought he was scared of her. She held him away so that be wouldn't see her. I told her that he needs to get used to her. So she turned him around and held him inward. No issues. He eventually fell asleep on her. I actually dished out all her food because she didn't want to give him up to eat. One of my nieces held Jasper most of the night. He fell asleep on her at the table. He buried his head into her arm as if to block out of the light.

The boys eventually got to play with their toys together at the kitchen counter. My sister took a lot of pictures. It was neat seeing them go for the same toys and then work it out. What happened after they got the toys was they knocked them down on the ground.

One thing that was neat was, we were able to put the boys on the floor to practice curling. My parents have carpet, which we don't. I think it's decided we'll have to visit for "carpet time."

Next big thing this week: 6 month vaccines on Tuesday. Wish us luck!

Speak of six months, happy half birthday yesterday! Wow! Can't believe they're six months old already!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

teething and the zoo

I started writing this blog Monday and then got distracted... Here is what I wrote:


We thought they were teething before and thought our doctor was lying because she didn't even check to see. Well, time has come by and no sign of teeth. Until last week. We've had extra grumpy babies. Joy felt around in Jasper's mouth and felt the bumps of teeth.

We were really hoping they would just pop out during the weekend but no luck. Both the boys have been extra clingy. Although, we haven't felt the bumps on Jacob's gums he's been waking up about every hour. Oral gel seems to work for the most part. We have been bringing them to bed with us.

On Saturday, we decided to take the boys to the zoo for the first time. We thought maybe being outside would help keep their minds off their teeth. Also we thought it would be fun.

They really loved the jelly fish exhibit. They were both putting their hands on the glass trying to touch the jellies also I think they really loved the moving colors. They tuckered out pretty quick afterwards. They both fell asleep in the stroller and slept on the ride home.


Today is Thursday and last night we noticed Jasper has a tooth poking out! He's been a totally trooper the last couple of days.

Jacob now has bumps on his gums! I think he is feeling the pain. They've both been night owls but around 5 in the morning he stated freaking the other day. I tried to hold him in bed but that was a no go. We ended up going to living room and I held him on the couch. I turned on the news and we both passed out.

This weekend, we're having thanksgiving at my parents' house. I'm hoping the boys feel well enough. Last time we were over everyone rushed to hold them. That freaked them out. This time Joy and I will make sure they are cool before handing them off.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Must Be Something in the Water

There must be something in the water where we live because it seems like everyone has twins. When Joy and I found out we were having twins, we marched ourselves straight to the book store to get every bit of information we could find. Much to our surprise, I think we only found like 2 or 3 books. I looked online to see if we could find a group. There was one but it was about 50 miles away. So naturally, we thought this is kind of uncommon.

Now that the boys are born and we take them places, it seems we keep running into people saying they have twins or we see twins. Last week, I went to the library. As I was in line, I noticed there was a set of twins in a stroller in front of me. Then as I was waking out, I noticed another set of twins in a stroller!

Over the weekend, we went Christmas shopping. We were looking at the toys when an employee stopped to see the boys. She told us she has twins too. a side, she told us that the first two years are the easiest! Is this true?? I think things will get a lot easier at least for me when I get some sleep. Haha. I'm curious about this now.

Anyway back to my running into lots of twins story, I ran into another woman who said she has twin grandchildren about 5 minutes later in the same store.

So now, I'm really curious how many twins are out there in our town. Is it like this everywhere? Maybe our boys won't be the only set of twins when they go to school. Maybe it'll be weird for all the singletons being only one without a twin in class.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Flipping sleep schedule

Had a sweet four day weekend last weekend. During that time, we were determined to flip the boys sleeping schedule. At that point, they were staying up most of the night. Getting three hours of sleep was really wearing on me/us.

During the day, we kept them awake, delaying and limiting nap times. That wasn't always easy as they would reply very unhappily. By Monday, we went shopping and we were in the about three forty minute rides. During those rides they napped.

By the time I headed back to work, we were rewarded by the boys sleeping through the night only waking to feed or to be held for a few minutes. I went to work on Wednesday feeling so refreshed. Even today, I'm feeling alive and alert! What a great feeling!

In other news: the boys are starting to get hair!! 5 months later. It seems like every day I'm noticing they have more and more hair. Hopefully in time for winter, they will have a full head of hair.