Friday, July 30, 2010

Four years and a stolen car

Joy and I celebrated our four-year dating anniversary last weekend. We dropped the boys off at her mom's house for some Grandma and Uncle John time while we had some alone time.

We had originally planned on going to the park for a picnic but we had a heat advisory. The weather channel actually advised to stay in air condition. So we got ice cream, did a little bit of fun shopping and got take out food to take home from Pad Tai. It was really great to spend time together.

Sunday we stayed home with the boys. It was awesome to hang out as a family. Sometimes it's difficult with sleeping, work, and extended family stopping by to just spend some good quality together.

One of the ways I like to bond with the boys is go on a walk before it gets dark. However, with heat and rain it's been difficult. I think we only got out maybe twice this week. It looks like it's cooling outside though so hope we can get back on a walking routine. I miss it.

On Wednesday, Joy and I weren't feeling well so I stayed home from work. We thought it would be good to relax and get well. We decided to head out and pick up some food, so we got the boys all ready for the car ride. When we got outside, the car was missing. Someone stole our car!

So the day of relaxing turned into a day of having the police come out and getting in touch with the insurance company.

We got a call a couple hours later that the police have found the car. They picked me up, I got to ride in the back like a bad person (haha). The car was surprisingly in good condition.

They smoked in car but used the ash tray, the car seat bases were missing but I found them in the trunk. I was relieved. We just need to air out the car before we have the boys in there.

This weekend looks uneventful, which is really nice.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two month vaccines

This week I got to witness the boys getting their two-month vaccine shots. All I have to say is "poor guys." They took it like champs, though. Im proud of them. But seeing their faces go from happy/content to pain and crying was hard to watch.

I held Jasper afterwards. He was not happy. But one thing that was really cute is that when he calmed down, I was patting him on butt and he had his hand patting my side! Joy held Jacob afterwords. They were both held until they calmed down a bit then we put their clothes back on.

They both feel asleep on the ride home and slept for 3 hours. Joy and I had lasagna she made earlier. She figured if the night would be rough after their shots, we'll at least get good food. Joy and I ate and watched a movie.

When the boys woke up, they were not happy. They were crying hysterically. There wasn't much we could do to calm them down besides hold them and try to comfort. We ended up taking a car ride again. Which worked a little bit.

When we got home they calmed down enough for Joy to get to bed. However that did not last for the boys. I tried to comfort them but wasn't having much luck.

Worried that Joy wasn't getting any sleep and to try to calm the boys down, I went on my first solo car ride with them. I turned on music and by the time I turned on the main road they were out.

Then I made a mistake... I stopped and got gas, which woke up Jasper which then woke up Jacob. I tried driving on the highway. Then went back to side roads.

I don't know what the problem is but every now and then Jacob falls forward to the side of his car seat, which didn't help him go to sleep. I kept pulling over to fix him. Then just as I was giving up to get them to sleep, I pulled over and fixed Jacob right by our house and by the time I got home, he fell asleep.

When we got home, I was able to devote one on one attention to Jasper. I fed him and then he eventually went to sleep by the time Jacob got up. So I was able to him Jacob one on one attention.

The next day, they seemed fine. When I got home from work they were happy. So I'm not sure if the freak-outs were all shot related or also over stimulated and tired. Jasper had a freak-out that I had trouble containing but I think he was fighting going to sleep.

All-in-all the boys did great and they don't have to go back till they're four months old.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Freak out

I hope I don't jinx this but I think we've been very lucky with our boys and their temperament. They don't cry much without a reason. It's usually easy to figure out: they're hungry, trying to poop, or just bored. The freak-outs have been limited and that is usually because they're tired and fighting it.

Last week they had a major freak-out around 2am. It was hard to figure out what the problem was. I thought maybe because one was crying and the other one wanted to cry too. That could have been the case, but it's still a mystery. I went into the other room with Jasper while Joy stayed with Jacob. That didn't seem to solve anything so Joy joined me in the bedroom. I'm guessing they were just too tired and fighting going to sleep. Eventually, they calmed down enough to eat. So Joy fed them and I went back to sleep and they did soon after.

Another instance was on Sunday. Jacob was asleep and Jasper was freaking-out. He had been up for a long time and I could tell he was fighting going to sleep. However, there was nothing I could do to calm him down. He had the bottle in his mouth but wasn't drinking and falling asleep but when I'd take it out, he would freak. So I tried the pacifer but no luck, he would spit it out and cry. Also me holding him didn't help.

So finally I remembered Jacob freaking out when I put him in the stroller but calmed right down as soon as he got out of the garage and he could see the sky. So I put Jasper in the carrier that attaches to the stroller and boy he was not happy. I put him in the stroller in the garage and went back inside to get Jacob. By the time I got Jacob in the sling and went into the garage with Jasper was calm! No crying or freaking-out. We got to the park and almost instantly he asleep.

Now if only we could take on a walk in the middle of the night. But all-and-all not too bad! At least not as bad as most people make it out to be. Again, hope this doesn't jinx it.

The number one question I get from anyone when they find out I have twins is: are you getting any sleep? The answer is yes. Granted we don't get the 8 hours of sleep that we used to get but the five hours has been working fine. Joy and I have been taking shifts. I get to sleep somewhere between 1 and 2am and some occasions 3am. Joy goes to bed usually after dinner till anywhere between 12 and 2am.

So I think the key to getting sleep when you have a baby or babies is to work with your partner. Granted we don't see each other as much as we used to and I think we slept together once in the last two weeks when her mom watched the boys. Sleeping in shifts has been a working for us.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Strollin' and up in the air

The boys have found two things they love besides eating and sleeping. Last weekend, I took them on a walk. They're too small to fit inside the double stroller, so I put Jasper in the the single stroller and Jacob in the carrier sling. Jacob loved looking around. His eyes got so big, looking at the sky and trees in the park by our house. Jasper promptly fell asleep. The next night, we went on another walk they were both very attentive.

The other thing they love now is being held in the air. Jacob kicks his feet as if he is trying to jump back in the air when I bring him back down. Jasper leans his head to tell me he wants back in the air, they also let me know by crying.

We had a very good fourth of July weekend. One day, we dressed them up in baseball clothes and took a ton of pictures. After that, Joy gave the boys a bath and I took pictures. We then let the boys play in the patio. Joy brought out the pack n play mat and put it on the ground. The boys got plenty of "belly time" and work on being held up to stand.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Aware of surroundings

The boys are now a month and half old and boy are these boys growing. They are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings. They've been into looking and feeling things. The other night, I was holding Jacob and he was looking at my hair so I put my head down and he put his hand out to feel my hair. Jasper had been really into grabbing Joy's necklace. Jasper is also starting to become ticklish.

We had some nice help over last week. Our friends Heather and Kit flew up from Colorado to visit. They are thinking about kids and they used the trip for a crash course. It was fun and helpful having them over. Joy and I got to spend some alone time together while they watched the boys.

The fourth of July weekend is approaching and can't wait to be home. Today, Joy's mom is over and we're gonna have a cook-out. I'm hoping to take the boys out for a stroller ride in the park.