Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas was a blast! We didn't even feel the need to take our tree down that night. The boys got tons of presents! This year they had a blast opening presents.
The day before Christmas eve and Christmas eve, we went to my parents house. The boys got to play with their new cousin, Luke. He is a year and half and such a cutie! The boys loved playing with him, they played with the trains. Later on, their older cousin Aidan joined them for a game of catch me. It was wild and fun to watch!!!
My parents got the boys remote control trains, car and train mats. My sister's family got them spiderman DVDs, which we had to hide because we would have had to put it on. My brother's family got them a stuffed dog and vet, as well as a vtech counting board. The boys made out!!
Christmas morning started off with Jacob walking to the tree and presents, pointing, saying "ho" and walking to the couch. I took a shower and in that time he found his new tricycle and was ready to open presents. The next task was to wake up Jasper.
After Jasper got up, they opened presents. They had so much fun this year. Jasper loved his tricycle too! Joy got them a ton of Spiderman stuff, which they loved.
We took the boys downstairs with the tricycles and Jasper walked over to the old tricycles for us to move out of the way of the new cycles.
In the afternoon, we went to Joy's mom's house. The boys got a train set and leap pads, as well as stuffed minions. Jacob had some great independent play with the trains and Jasper played with Joy's brother.
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas coming.

Christmas is on the way!!! We are on our way to my parents' house for one of two nights.

Today, the boys and I went stocking stuffers shopping. We dropped Joy off at work and then hit up Sams Club. We had a slice of pizza and ritz crackers. Then we went to giant eagle to buy pop corn. The boys got ride in a car cart. They were so excited!!

The boys go to play in the snow this week. First with Joy on Friday and then me on Saturday. We threw snowballs at Ace. Ace loved it. We also made snow angels. It was so cute!!! Sadly we couldn't stay out too long cuz of the cold do they weren't too happy about coming back in.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012


This week we took the boys to see Santa for the first time. We prepared them by teaching them to say "ho ho Ho". We went during the week, so there was no one there. The boys walked right up to Santa, pulled candy canes off the trees and tried to feed them to Santa. They sat really good on his lap and we got a picture. Afterwards, they gave Santa high fives.

The boys have been choo choo bye bye deprived this week. So today we took them to the Lodi train station to ride on the train. They had a Christmas express train. We went one it and the boys got to meet Santa again after the train ride.

They were good during the train ride and for the beginning part of Santa's story. Then they got wild. They ran around a lot. They finally got up to meet Santa again. They sat on his lap with Mrs. Claus. We got a few pictures but only on the phone.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Choo choo bye bye

Last weekend, it was warm enough to be outside. It was awesome! One the way to the park, we heard a train. So went near the tracks, however it never came. We walked to the library and the playground there. We played there until we heard another train, then I put them into their wagon and ran. We got there and no train!!!

We waited again for awhile for a train to come but never did. Every time a car drove by, Jacob poked and said "mean mean mean" because it was not a train.

We ended up going back to the park. I got so mad because of people dropping off their kids at the park and not watching them. There was a little girl about 4 or 5 with her brothers around age of 8-10. The little girl had to pee and was asking me. All I could do was tell her to tell her brothers. I can't take her to the bathroom. Eventually, they took her... Behind some bushes.

Anyway... The boys talking much more. I think reading green eggs and ham to them really helped. They are starting to really memorize it.

Last Thursday, we took them to see the polar express. They have a train ride here that is set up like polar express and a whole area set up like the north pole. We went there and waited for the train to show. The boys were so do excited to go "choo choo bye bye." It was really neat. People were dressed up. Boys loved waving at the frosty guy.

When the train showed up though, Jasper got a little scared. He covered his eyes. Nothing scares our boys much, which kinda scares me. But the train kinda looked like it was coming at us in the dark.

It was pretty cold but totally worth! Eventually, we gonna take them on the train.

Last night while I put the boys to bed, Joy made the boys a ginger bread house. I helped a little bit decorating with m&ms. The boys absolutely loved it this morning. Jacob saw it on the fridge first. He pointed at it. We got Joy and let them have it. They mostly ate the m&ms. We got video and pictures.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanksgiving was a major success! This year, we had thanksgiving at our house and Joy cooked an amazing amount of food. Everything was perfect and fun. My parents came along with Joy's mom and brother.

We started out the day by watching the parade here and there. Jacob loved the spiderman float, Jasper would rather watch the cartoon. Very funny!

My parents brought them Spiderman cars which they loved.

Joy made a ton of food, which we are still eating. Yesterday, I pulled out chocolate oero pie. Jasper pointed to the cherry pie instead. I was shocked! Hehe

Jacob has been sick since yesterday. They both have sinus infections but Jacob has it a little worse. Poor dude is so miserable! He had been sleeping a lot.

I took them both to the minute clinic at CVS. They are both on antibiotics.

We have been watching a lot of movies.

The boys are starting to talk!!!!!!! Yay!!!

When I left Jacob after I thought he was sleeping, he called out "where'd you go?". He also said "there he is" when I asked where Jasper was.

Jasper has been repeating me a lot. I dropped a box of popcorn and said "oh shit," he responded with "oh sheesh". Need to watch my mouth!!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas tree up maybe down soon!

We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year. This is our first big thanksgiving at our house with the boys. I'm really looking forward to it and all it's work. Though cleaning has been hard!!!

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree so my parents will see it this year, since they'll be over.

After the boys got ahold of it, I was ready to take it down. Most of the bulbs have been taken down, broken or thrown before we were even finished putting it up. I'm not sure if it'll be up for thanksgiving but as of day 2 it hasn't been as bad as yesterday.

I'm home with the boys right now while Joy is working. As soon as she left, Jasper got a cake mix from the kitchen. Very funny! The other times Joy worked, we made cakes. It must of stuck with him.

After Joy left, I gave Jake the rest of her turkey sandwich. He loved it. He came to kitchen wanting more. I made him another one. Jasper preferred a peanut butter sandwich instead though. Jake ate the turkey.

Joy and I bought Dr Sesus books on our nooks. We both bought Green and Ham, she got The Grinch, and I got
the Lorax. They are really cool interactive books!

The boys are still really into spider-man. Joy bought them tons of spider-man merch. They have spider-man clothes, pjs, toys, plates, bubble bath. I tried to put non-spiderman clothes on them, Jasper was an automatic no go, Jacob wanted changed as soon as he realizes Jasper had Spider-man on.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm a little behind in my updates.... Right now, I'm watching a Nightmare before Christmas with the boys. It's a perfect mix of Halloween and Christmas and boys love it. They also love Vincent, a short on the DVD.

Last week, we took the boys to the mall to play. I forgot to put socks on Jacob, so Joy bought socks while we were there. They played for a good while. This time, they played more together than other time we went there. Jasper really wanted to see the train at the mall, which caused a little freak out. He was pretty satisfied after seeing until it arrived back.

The boys also went on carousel. They waved at everybody and says hi. It was so cute!!

A few days later, the boys developed a nasty cold. Runny noses, coughing... Looked rough but luckily they are already feeling better.

Joy started working on Sunday at Barnes and Noble. It was 69 degrees outside, so I took the boys outside and then to the park. We also took ace for a short walk. It was so nice to be outside.

The boys are really starting to use their words. It is really cool. They are really great at Green Eggs and Ham, saying some of the words before I say them.

The boys have also gotten really good at riding their tricycles, they are going to love their Christmas presents!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Boo at the zoo

The Saturday before Halloween, we all went to Boo at the Zoo. We = us, my parents, and Joy's mom and brother. The boys went as Spider-things. They were supposed to be just Thing 1 and Thing 2, just even colored their hair blue, but it was cold so they wore their new Spider-man hats. Joy went as Thing Mom with puffed hair and ribbons and I went as the Cat in the Hat. The others went Thing Grandma, grandpa, and uncle.

The zoo was fun. We went though a maze, saw some of a magic show, dancing, and my dad and I took the boys on a train. Uncle John got the boys popcorn.

It rained so much but luckily it held up for us to go. When we got home we pigged out on M&Ms.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Brave park green eggs

Last Saturday we went to see Brave at the dollar theater, the boys second time at a movie theater. They did really awesome! They sat, ate popcorn and watched the movie.

Sunday I took them to the park while Joy did orders at home. There were a lot of kids there and it was pretty wild. Jasper broke up a teenage hook-up by wanting to swing next to them. I thought that was funny.

I have bee reading the boys Green Eggs and Ham every night. They love it and it even stops them from freaking out that it's bedtime. They now know some of the words. Jasper will say "rain," and Jacob will say "goat." They both say "beep beep" for car, "choo choo" for train, and "boat." They both laugh and smile big during the train and in the dark part.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spider beetle

This week has been all about spiderman. Possibly the new train? Doubt it but up there. What is cute about it is that they call him beetle.

They have spiderman fold up chairs that have gone with them everywhere this week. If they go to kitchen, they bring the chairs. Even if they follow me to the bathroom.

At one point, Jasper fell off his chair. Joy asked if he was ok and got up and pointed to the chair and said "mean mean spider beetle." Joy and I have been calling spiderman spider beetle all week. Hehe

Yesterday, the boys and I had a dudes day. We went to the library, park next to library, saw a train, and played in backyard.

I raked leaves so the boys could play in them. Jacob completely covered himself with leaves. Then would pop out and I would act scared. He thought it was so funny! Jasper started doing it too. We had so much fun!! Loved it!!

We are now watching spiderman from 1967.

Today, we took the boys to the metro park and saw a train. For the first time, Jasper acted scared. He hid behind Joy. We think because last time we saw the train there, they blew the horn and it was really loud.

On the way back, they were so tired. Jacob wanted held, so I held him. Jasper was exhausted but didn't want to be held. Joy kept asking and he would say "no." It took awhile for us to walk back to the car.

Joy and I has a date yesterday. It was fun. We went out to dinner and to a movie. We also got the boys their Christmas presents.... Really cool tricycles!!!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 days of Halloween and still sick

Poor dudes were sick... Finally starting to feel better but we're taking it easy. Jasper is so itching to go "buh byes." He was so bummed when I told him not tonight last night. He collapsed on the couch. On the bright side, he is using his words more to express what he wants. "buh byes," "walk," "choo choo," "beep beep." He has been talking up a storm the last few days.

Poor Jacob gets so attached to me when he is sick. He wants held and walked around. He gets pretty upset when I sit down or put him down. I hope he starts feeling better soon!

Last night, we celebrated the first of 31 days of Halloween. We watched Monster House. They were hooked the minute it came on. Jasper put his hands over his mouth. Not sure if they were scared or what but they were hooked. The boys and I both sat and watched on the chair.

Jacob eventually fell asleep. Jasper was my little dude afterwards. Walking around with me and talking. I downloaded train books from the library while he reorganized the book shelf. When I to put the books back he took off the shelf, he would take my hand and lead it back to the computer keyboard. So goofy.

Jacob woke up around 2am this morning wide awake! I laid on the air mattress and fell asleep. He stayed in his room and played. He later woke me up to tell me he took all the pillows and blankets off the bed and that he was hungry.

He doesn't go into the living room if it is dark. So, he led me where the light ended on the floor to be picked up. I then carried him to the kitchen where he picked out fishies. We went back to their room. I fell asleep while he ate. He then woke me up for more and we repeated. He finally woke me up to hand me bowl and then cuddled into me to go back to sleep. Such a sweetie!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Childrens museum etc

Sick household! My littles dudes and wife are sick. Jacob has a hard time sleeping with a stuffed nose. I have been up with them the last few nights. Poor Jacob has been so cuddly and upset. Jasper doesn't seem to have it as bad yet. He's been tired and didn't eat last night though. He went to bed on his own after I put Jacob to bed after he fell asleep on my shoulder.
Had an action packed week though. Last Thursday, Joy took our car in to get serviced for the coolant light being on. $1900 didn't seem worth it to get the car fixed. I spend much of Friday and the weekend buying a new car and selling the old one. We got a Kia Soul. I love it!! It's more of a family vehicle. So much more room!! Jasper loves that when you lock the doors it beeps. He points and says "beep beep."
Sunday, my parents took us all to the Children's Museum in Cleveland. The boys loved it. They have a water area, a climbing area, metro bus, houses, grocery store etc that is all kid friendly for them to play with. Jasper climbed so high!!! They had a train station, they both handed out tickets. They loved playing in the barn.
Monday, Joy had an interview at Toys r us. I took the boys to the park. We played there for an hour. We had the whole park to ourselves! I swung them. Went down slides.
After Joy got back, we went to Lodi to ride on the train. We rode twice. The engineer let them sit up front for a picture. We then all played on the playground. We all raced down the slides and chased each other. So much fun!!
That night, Jacob got sick. He got really stuffy in bed. Tuesday we had a movie day. Jasper was in full goofball mode. He was making Jacob crack up while he was feeling icky on the couch.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dudes night!!

On September 15th, the boys and I had a dudes night! Joy and her mom went to the Indians game. Joy and I went on a bike ride before. We have been biking every other weekend.

When we got back, I took the boys to the library. I was hoping they would nap on the way but I left the stroller in the car Joy took. So I took them in the wagon.

After we went to the library, I found a gated playground next to the library. I let the boys play there for about an hour and half. It's pretty neat there. They have a jungle gym and percussion instruments all around.

The boys played with a 5 year old girl there. She was playing cops and robbers with them. She kept putting Jasper "in jail" and Jacob thought it was so funny. He got put in jail too and they kept trying to escape.

It's was fun but sometimes the girl would get too rough with them and I would have to tell her she was playing too rough.

I found the park to be pretty depressing with the kids there. There was no one really watching this girl. I think her older sister was there in a distance not paying any attention to her.

There was another little boy, probably about ten who looked like he needed someone to talk to. His grandma was watching him from a distance. The boy was telling me he used to live here and he misses it. His new neighbor is "trashy" and he is not allowed out.

After awhile, we headed home. The boys really wanted to go for a walk to see a train. So we walked around but no train. I told them if we hear a train before dark we will run and see it.

We were eating dinner when we heard a choo choo, I looked at them and said "are you ready!? Back door now!" They were so excited. I quickly put them in their wagon and ran down the street. We saw the choo choo!!

Fun dudes night!!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

At the mall

This week, we took a trip to the mall to pick up some shoes for Joy. Joy got quarters and we let the boys play on the little rides. They loved them so much they didn't want to leave.

When we stopped at the shoe store Jacob was very excited about all the "boots". I had to hold onto to him extra tight because he wanted down so badly.

They have a play area in our mall for kids. They got play houses, things to crawl and climb. Jasper befriended a little girl with whiter hair than they have. The little girl loved chasing Jasper but since she was much smaller than he is, she couldn't catch up to him. So Jasper started falling and laying down so she would catch up to him. He would lay there and she would get on top of him and tickle him. He thought it was so funny.


taught the rest of the kids how to climb and jump off the playhouse. Not sure the other parents appreciated that but no one was hurt and the kids has fun.

They had so much fun at the mall and it's a really nice set up. It will be a great place to go during the winter.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Edgewater and trains

On Saturday, September 1st we went to Edgewater Park to watch the air show from afar. The boys got to see lake erie for the first time. We didn't see too many planes but a few turned around overhead. The boys loved it. Jacob said "wow".

However the boys were more interested in the trains that were in a distance. The boys love their trains!!

The boys chased birds on the beach and Joy pointed out that the water quality was good. So we let the boys get their feet wet and eventually sit in the water. They loved it!!! They liked the waves. It was really hard to get them out of the water. But a walk to the ice cream stand helped.

Joy took the boys into the bathroom and showered them. Jacob wanted nothing of it and Jasper loved it.

We got 2 chocolate chocolate chip ice cream cones for the boys. A strawberry for Joy and peanut butter for me. Jasper ate the strawberry and Jacob ate the peanut butter until he got sleepy and fall of the picnic table. Then he had the rest of my chocolate chip. Poor dude!!!

During the week, Joy and her mom took the boys to Lodi outlet mall and let the boys ride on the train there. Joy's mom got them hats. They rode for an hour and Jasper didn't want to leave. I will have to go with them next time. They really loved it.

Jacob was trying to get Jasper to wear his hat but he didn't want to. Jasper ended up throwing it in the seat behind him where Jacob couldn't find it. Jasper then had a grin on his face.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Train, moon, and video games

Been a little busy so haven't gotten to update in time. Last weekend, we went to indigo lake to see the train. We waited at train station. They both waited so patiently for the train. They were thrilled when the train came and stopped for a bit.

After the train left, Jasper went back to sit down to wait for another. We ended up leaving, so Jasper was unhappy about it. After he calmed down, we went to another park to see the train ride by again.

As the train went by. We gave the conductor the signal to bow the horn. He waved and blew it. The boys both jumped back. It was a little loud.

I've been taking the boys out at night to take ace out with me. We have been looking at the moon. They love seeing it and waving. When it's time to come in they both say "bye you moon." So cute.

I've also introduced video games to the boys. At night, we have been playing games in my phone. They both love playing temple run and pin ball. Jasper first started playing. He knows the buttons really well where if the man dies, he can restart the game. A couple days later, Jacob learned the same and started jump in the game. When I play they both say "oh no" when the man dies.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Trains trains trains

Trains are all the rage for our boys!!! Yesterday, Joy's mom got the boys a wooden train set. They love it. The boys love taking the tracks apart. Sometimes they manage to put it back together a little bit. Jacob came outside with me to take dog out and he brought all the trains with him. So cute.

We've been watching train videos off YouTube. The other night, I found a video with the conductor blowing the horn. Jasper started mimicking him and putting his hand in air and saying "choo choo."

I put a different video on, Jasper said "no!" and took the phone. He then managed to scroll down in YouTube and select the video with the conductor again. He then played more with the phone and even managed to almost post a picture of his special blanket on pintrest.

The Polar Express movie has been playing on loop in our house. One of the first things Jacob does is points to the tv and says "choo choo.". We are getting some other train movies from the library, so we hope to switch it up.

It's really fun to listen to the boys go on and on about trains.

Last weekend, we went to my parents'' house for my sister's birthday. We played on my parents jungle gym just about the whole time. I managed to swing next to Jacob and push him at the same time. He got such a kick out of it. Later on Jasper came by and I was able to push them both and swing at the same time. Very fun!!! Bet it looked funny!!

Joy ordered the boys their thing 1 and thing 2 Halloween costumes!!!! Can't wait for boo at the zoo this year!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Choo and slide

Choo choo is in full effect!!! Yesterday, the boys found out Joy can draw trains. Joy said they kept bringing her blank pages so she would draw a choo choo.

Last night, I got them to finally settle down and go to sleep by playing videos of trains on my phone off YouTube. Jacob woke up around 5 this morning very unhappy. When he finally settle down and got some fishes, he handed me my phone and said "choo." So cute and funny!

After gymnastics on Sunday. We bought the boys a 4ft slide and put it in our living room. Are we not the coolest parents?? Joy put it together while I tried to put the boys to sleep on a walk/library stroller ride.

Boys ended up getting cake at the library because the library was celebrating their anniversary.

The boys we're thrilled with the slide. They slid themselves down and cars. Jasper loves sitting on the top especially when watching tv. He just chills up there. There is also a tent under the slide that they love.

Sunday, I took the boys to the mall to get indians tickets. I blasted music on the way. At first Jasper said "no." Then I asked them both if they hear the drum and I started pretending I was hitting drums (while at a stop light). They then started mimicking. I later saw Jasper nodding, like headbanging while Jacob drummed.

Monday, we had a dance party. All of us were dancing to the Beatles. We all had fun, dancing and chasing. Joy chased the boys a lot saying "rawr!!". They laughed so hard!!!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Twinsburg Festival 2012

The rest of vacation was fun but think I wore out the boys. I think I need to be less "go go go" with them because near the end they seemed tired and grumpy.

Saturday, we did the Twinsburg festival. This year we did the parade. We arrived a little late and got there about ten minutes before the parade. We raced down and quickly jumped into the parade.

This year the theme was twin power. So everyone was dressed as super heroes. Joy made up the boys wagon and made shirts. The night before Joy, Joy's mom, and I came up with playlist of classic super hero theme songs. We played it off the iPod as walked in parade.

The boys loved the parade. They loved waving and saying hi to people. They were in the wagon for about half the time then got antsy so we let them walk. They held hands most of the time. We got tons of pictures and video.

After the parade, we watched the rest of the parade. I couldn't believe the amount of twins. There were over 2000 twins registered.

The boys then played in a field with my parents. Then we walked to the festival.

We got balloons for the boys and we went to the playground. Every kid there was well behaved and sharing, It was really neat. Must have something to do with twins. The boys loved playing!

After that, my parents got us all lemon-aides. The boys loved it!

It was a lot of fun!!! Can't wait to find out what next year will be like.

On the ride home, the boys had McDonald's and burger king fries. They then fell asleep.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beginning on vacation

Been on vacation all week! So far it's been a blast! Last Saturday, we took the boys to their first gymnastics class at the YMCA. Our boys were a little more wild than the others. The parents gave us some looks but I think the boys were getting their money's worth. They loved all the equipment including the trampoline.

Sunday we took the boys on a hike at Hampton Hills. They loved it and we looked for bugs and frogs.

Yesterday, we took the boys to the movie theater for the first time. We saw the lorax. Jasper was glued! Jacob say next to me and loved eating candy and watching. He sat still for an hour until the candy ran out. Even at that, he just wondered a little bit down the aisle. I'd say major success.

Today, we had another gymnastics class. The other kids were a bit more wild!! Made us feel better about the looks on Saturday.

We have also been watching a lot of the olympics when we are home. They seem to love volley ball!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Zoo and Toy store freak out

Since the last post. We went to the zoo. We let them walk around and for some reason they kept getting too excited and fall down. We had some scrapped knees.

I was really excited to show the animals. We have been naming the animals on their bedroom wall and I was really excited to see their reaction in person. Jacob said "giraffe" at one point last week. I was so proud of him.

However, the boys were more interested in rocks than animals! Hehe. They have been going through a rock thing lately. They have been picking up rocks to take home. I think we will have a rock collection soon!

We took the boys to Target to get manga doodles. Joy thought it would be a good toy for them. I picked up the manga doodles and showed them. I then went down the "Toy Story" aisle. There I experienced the first toy store freak out. Joy was looking around else where in the store. When we met, she saw the boys freaking. She took Jasper out of the cart and they walked back to the toys. Jacob helped me push cart back. In the end, we put the magma doodles back, we picked up two Buzz Lighyears, and all was right with the world.

Last Friday, Jasper started exploding with words. We were in their playroom upstairs and he handed me a magnetic letter "E." He responded by saying "E." Then we went around the room naming things and he repeated. It was awesome.

Jacob is big into the word "no." If you ask him anything his response is usually "um, no!" or just "no!" I make him laugh when I respond with "yesss!"

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking at the park

Yesterday, after some work with Joy's mom, Jacob stated pedaling this tricycle too! I'm so proud of them and really darn advanced!! Go them!!

Joy ordered her and I pedometers last week and they came on Saturday. Since then, we have been doing a lot of walking. We've been taking the boys to the metro parks and letting them walk on the paths. They have been enjoying the freedom of walking. Only holding hands when bikes come by or anything looks remotely dangerous. At some points they were holding each other's hands.

We have seen deer, birds, bugs, frogs, fish, and turtles on our walks. It's been really fun showing them to the boys and seeing them so interested in them. They were really excited about the frogs we saw at the Nature Realm.

I've been doing a new approach to bedtime. It includes not bringing my phone in when I put them to bed. When they were getting wild while I was trying to put them to bed, I stated playing movies on my phone to get them to settle. Instead, I've been trying to read to them. Letting them have books. We have also been "talking" about the day.

One hot topic we have been talking about was the train we saw at the park. They love trains!!

Forgot to mention, on the same night we saw the train, we all enjoyed laying down and rolling down a hill. We got so dizzy!! The boys loved it! Was so much fun!!

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