Monday, May 23, 2011

Parked and Babysat

Saturday, we headed to the cuyahoga valley national park to enjoy the nice the day outside. We headed over to a covered bridge where we saw a bunch of horses. There were two giant horses in the river underneath the bridge. The boys got to see them and other horses walk by them.

We then headed over the beaver marsh. We enjoyed a nice walk and looked into the marsh for beavers, frogs, and other animals. We stayed for awhile looking. The boys loved people watching especially when a little girl came up next to their wagon. We didn't see much but we saw a huge goose and some fish. And let's not talk about the chipmunks.

Sunday, my parents babysat the boys for the first time! We drove the boys over to their house. We were both really worried but the boys did great! My mom said Jacob was a little sad when we left but perked right up after they took them for a walk. She said they were both talking in their wagon.

Joy and I headed to the half price book store. I was looking for records and Joy was looking for some books. The records were a little pricey but Joy found me a Clive Barker book.

We then ordered take out at red robin and were looking for a park to eat. We didn't find one but went on a nice road trip back to my parents' house.

The boys seemed to have a good time. They were discovering things all around their house. We stayed there for a while. Jasper was still discovering new things in the house. Jacob was ready to held.

They fell asleep on the ride home.

The boys' first birthday!

Friday the boys turned one year old! It is really hard to believe that the boys are already one. It is crazy to see much they have grown and all they do now in just a year's time. Both of them used to sit nicely next to each other on a single couch cushion. Now they are sleeping in their own cribs. They're walking, Jacob is mastering running, they are talking, laughing, mimicking.

I took the day off work and we all headed to the Akron zoo in the morning. I had thought we'd have the place to ourselves but instead it seemed every school district was having a field trip to the zoo. The place was packed!! We ended up doing a quick run through.

After the zoo, we headed to toys r us to get two new convertible car seats for our ever growing boys. They have so much more room in their new seats and eventually will have a cup holder added.

After dinner, they each had their own cake to dig in to. Joy had made little cakes with strawberry shorting. They both loved it and made giant messes.

After cake, they opened their presents. We got them a xylophone, cars, and stuffed animals (Kermit, animal, and where the wild things are.)

Their birthday concluded with a viewing of their favorite movie, Mary Poppins.

Monday, May 16, 2011

First Birthday Party!!

We celebrated the boys first birthday party on Sunday. Their actual birthday isn't until Friday but celebrating a weekend early was best for family.

We ordered pizza and had lot of deserts. My parents, sister's family, and Joy's mom all came.

We spend the afternoon trying to get the boys to nap. It did not come easy. For starters, the boys stayed up later the night before so they slept in a bit.

Jacob got up around 8:50am and was barely awake. I took him on the couch and we watched a couple episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.

Eventually, I heard Jasper moaning slightly in his crib. It was 9:30 and time to get up. I thought he was going to be standing in his crib, ready to get out. However, he was still laying on his stomach. I took him and eased him into waking up.

Shortly after, Joy and her mom were up. Joy made waffles for all of us from scratch and Joy's mom fed them breakfast.

The boys were still tired, so around 11, I put the boys down for a nap with bottles. A few minutes later, I heard Jasper crying. I went into their room to find Jacob passed out and Jasper trying to stretch on his stomach but his bottle was in his way. I moved the bottle and he saw me and wanted out of his crib.

I took him to the couch where we watched Mary Poppins while Joy and her mom got ready for the party. We watched Mary Poppins for about 45 minutes with no luck of sleep. He was calm but not falling asleep.

Joy and I went on a car ride with him but he seemed to wake up more as he found things to play with on his car seat.

We got home to find Jacob had gotten up. So Joy's mom took Jasper and Joy took Jacob.

As Jasper got more wild with grandma, I took him and tried to rock him to sleep in their bedroom. He was not happy, so Joy took him in our bed where she finally got him to sleep around 2:15.

Jacob was happy and didn't seem like he was gonna go back to sleep so he played around. He screamed of joy and pounded on doors. Surprisingly not waking up Jasper.

I changed his diaper and grandma came in the room. He went from hyperactive to laying his head on my leg and stared at grandma sleepily. Joy took him and he fell back asleep after 3.

4:00pm hit and my parents and sister's family arrived. The boys were still sleeping but woke up shortly after. I thought they would both be in shock with people over but they dug it. They warmed up very fast.

It wasn't long before they were playing on the floor, trying to open presents and see what everyone was doing.

Joy put on Scene It- party mode for anyone to play in the living room.

My parents had gotten them both big bouncy balls and the boys were playing with them by hitting them and chasing them. Also picking them up. They get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

They opened presents. They were more interested in the wrapping paper, ribbon, and boxes rather than the presents they got. It was fun watching them open. Jacob would lift both his hands up high and then bringing them down to pound on the boxes. It was really cute. Joy and I switched off from camera and the video camera.

After presents the boys ate pizza, completely on their own. They did a great job at eating. They love pizza.

Joy made the boys cupcakes. We gathered around the table with the boys in their highchairs below a Happy Birthday banner their grandma had made them and sang happy birthday.

Jacob was not shy about getting into his cupcake. He got the frosting all over his face. It looked he had face paint on. He then ate his entire cupcake.

Jasper was a little more reserved with his cupcake. He was probably wondering why everyone was watching and taking pictures of them eating.

I set the video camera up on tripod next to them. Jasper would look up and make faces to the camera.

After they ate, they got to wear some new really cute t-shirts they had gotten and play. They joined Uncle Jim and cousins as they were playing Scene It on tv and played more with the balls they had gotten.

They also enjoyed being held and played with by the family. They had a really great birthday party. They enjoyed everyone's company.

For their birthday on Friday, we hope to go to zoo and Joy plans on making them each a little cake.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Beginning of a Busy Month!

May is a big busy month for us. The weather is finally nice and we are spending a lot of time outside. The boys are getting sun. They're going to bed tired and sleeping through the night.

We started the first weekend of May by going to Cleveland zoo with my parents. The morning greeted us with a thunderstorm and almost seemed unlikely that we were gonna go. However, by the time we got to the zoo the sun was shining! We didn't think to bring sunblock, so Joy stopped at the gift shop and picked some up for the boys and us.

The zoo was packed because it was the opening weekend for the new elephant exhibit. We got to see the elephants but we did not go into the gates.

The boys enjoyed being pushed around in their wagon. They more into people watching and eating animal crackers.

When we got the giraffes, there was one really close to the gate being feed grass by other people at the zoo. We got the boys out of the wagons so they could see up close and personal.

At that point, my parents held the boys instead of putting them into the wagon. The boys enjoyed being held. My dad was goofing with Jacob and making him laugh. My mom held Jasper who was really into her necklace.

Later on they switched but soon it was time for lunch. So we ate on a picnic table outside of the Ben and Jerry's. They ate really good and then Joy got us ice cream. We shared our cones.

After lunch, the boys fell asleep while being held. My parents held them till they couldn't anymore and handed them to us for rest of the zoo.

It was a lot of fun!! I can't wait to go back.

Sunday was mother's day! Joy was got to sleep in. I was gonna take both boys to grocery store to get donuts before she woke up but Jacob slept past Joy getting up. So Jasper and I went and got donuts.

We then all went to the green house to get flowers for our garden. When we got back, Joy busted out the bubble maker and we played in the back yard. The boys love being outside and in the grass.

Joy then planted the new flowers and I watched/played with the boys in the yard.

Nap time wasn't really happening so Joy suggested a bike ride with our new trailer for the boys. Jasper fell asleep on way to the park.

Jacob loved being in the bike trailer. He was laughing up a storm as they were rocking while going up hills. Jasper enjoyed watching. The trailer only fits on Joy's bike so she got to take them first. I rode them back to the car. I rode really slow and they both fell asleep.

It's so great it's nice and warm now. During the week after work, we were able to go the park, play in the bike yard, and even go on another bike ride.

Yesterday, it stormed all day so it was first day the boys got a break from being outside.

This weekend we're having the boys first birthday party!!! Can't believe they are a week away from bring one year olds!!!!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

losing shyness and kido watching

Last Saturday, we attended a birthday party for my nephew Jimmy. The last time we had a big family get together was during Christmas and it took awhile for the boys to warm up to everyone. Even last time they saw my parents, it took awhile for Jacob to warm up to them.

We entered and the boys were a little attached to us at first. Jasper noticed my people sitting on the floor and he crawled off to sit with them. He sat with his legs spread and looked around like he was being a part of the group. It was really neat to watch him mingle.

After Jacob noticed Jasper was on his own, he just started walking around the room. He spent the majority of the time walking and discovering.

At one point my sister was taking pictures of him and she would call him to look at the camera and he would open his mouth. He was acting for the camera.

The boys enjoyed being with Jimmy, who turned 9. They wanted to play with his soccer ball and baseballs that he got.

We shared cake and ice cream with them. They both loved it. You know their our boys for their love of ice cream. They had cookies and cream for the first time.

In a couple weeks now, the boys will be celebrating a birthday of their own! I can't believe they are turning one!!!!

It is really crazy how fast time flys by. You really need to enjoy every minute because it will be over.

Both boys are walking so good now. They only seem to crawl now when they want to get somewhere fast.

Last night, we went to the park. We put shoes on them for the first time.

There were a lot of soccer games and a softball game going on at the park. The park was more busy than usual. So there were a lot of kids on the playground.

We put the boys in the swings but they were more interested in watching the kids at the park. Joy thought that would give them to courage to walking but they mostly stood still and watched.

Jasper had his first "I don't want to leave" freak out. He cried when we put him back into the wagon and he took awhile for him to be ok.

When we got back we let them play in the back yard. Jasper went back to crawling and Jacob stood still for awhile until they both chased the cat.