Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toddler beds already!?!?'

We have a couple of big boys and crib climber-outers. Last Wednesday they both made a break for it. They escaped while I was refilling bottles and took off for mommy who wad in bed.

The following night, we converted their cribs to toddler beds. We got a gate for their door and new bedspreads. Jacob has Mickey set, which he picked out and Jasper has Cars, which he picked out.

Bedtime has been challenge but not as bad as nap time. I have been staying in the room with them between their beds trying to keep them in their beds. I'm doing that right now while they're drinking their bottles.

The rule is that they have to keep their booties in bed. Jasper has been laying his head on my lap while the rest of his body stays in the crib. Jacob likes to take off as soon as he notices I'm distracted with Jasper. Jacob also lays diagonally by the bars of his bed and slowly moves his legs over the bars till he's off the bed. Super cute but ornery!

I have been able to get them to sleep at night but haven't been lucky with nap. I gave up the last two days and put a movie on till they falls asleep.

Today however is the first day I got them to nap!! Yay!!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feeling better and getting ready for xmas

The boys are finally feeling better. They had a rough few days but they both seem to be feeling better. Jacob still has his moments where he just wants to be held. Jasper seems like he back to normal.

With them being sick, they barely slept in their cribs. We all thought they would have a hard time going to their cribs but apparently we are wrong. They have been going to their cribs for both nap and bedtime with barely any issue.

Jacob had been waking up in the middle of the night and I had just been taking him to bed with Joy and I. However last night he slept all night in his crib.

Last night, Jasper woke up crying a couple times. I was able to rub his back till he laid back down and went to sleep. This morning, he woke up again crying and Joy brought him to bed with her. She said he held on to her so tight and went back to sleep.

Last night, Joy and I worked on their Christmas presents. We set up their lego-like block and made a castle. To be honest it was a lot of fun. Almost want to go up there and make a new one, I guess the kid in me came out. I bet the boys will get much enjoyment out of them. I also set the boys toy drum set. Joy did such a great job upstairs! It looks amazing! The boys are gonna get such enjoyment out of their new playroom!

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Monday, December 12, 2011


For the first time, the boys are sick! They lasted this long without getting sick which is great. Sadly, sickness has caught up them. Jasper seems to have gotten it first and worse than Jacob.

It stated the other night when Jasper throw up in crib. Since then, he has developed a cough and has been sluggish.

Jacob has developed the cough too and is also sluggish. They both have had a hard time keeping food down, though I think might be coming up when they cough rather than a flu like symptom.

They have spent the last few days watching movies and sleeping on the couch. Joy put the laptop in their room so they can chill and watch movies from their crib.

They haven't slept much in their cribs. Joy has been taking one (usually Jasper) in bed with her and I have been taking the other (usually Jacob) on the couch.

Jacob has been my little dude the whole time. He wants held a lot by me and to be around. Jasper is the same way with Joy and Grandma.

Joy's mom has been staying with us all weekend. Jasper has been loving it. He got all giddy when she walked in the door Saturday morning.

I hope the boys feel better soon!!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

18th month check up and dudes' weekend

The boys had their 18th month check up on Friday and with the exception of flu shots, they are done with shots until they're 4! Yay! Next time we go in, Jasper will be on the big boy scale for sure. He was 29 pounds and the scale goes up to 30. I'm sure Jacob will to as he is just a little below him.

The poor dudes knew exactly what the examination table was used for and freaked every time they had to get on it. They only needed one shot and it wasn't too bad. It's still hard holding them still while they get pricked. I held Jasper who looked me in the eye with horror. Joy had Jacob who tried to flip over and crawl away.

The nurse we had was really nice. She gave them little books which they loved. She stuck around afterwards to wave goodbye which I think was very helpful. When we got home they took a nap.

Joy had to work with her cookie business all weekend, so it was mostly just me and boys. I worked on words with the boys. Explaining what everything is. I got several books from library that we read and they looked through.

We played a lot of ball, listened to music, ran around, and played with toys. They loved trying to pull the lights off the Christmas tree and almost making it fall. Tonight, i took the lights off the bottom of the tree. So we have a half decorated tree.

It was a great weekend. Really nice to spend some one on two time. Though, I wish Joy could have been with us.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Joy's mom and brother at her mom's apartment. The boys were a little unsure of Joy's brother at first. During the meal, Jasper sat at the end of the table with me on one side and Joy's brother on the other. Jasper turned his back to him and was trying to not to look at him. Jacob was on the other end of the table being fed by Joy's mom.

Eventually, they both warmed up to Joy's brother. Jacob spend most of the time there sitting with him watching the parade and dog show. Jasper went off into the kitchen to be with grandma. I kinda dozed off a little.

After that, Joy's mom came over our house so Joy and I could black Friday shop. We did great. The boys are gonna have a great Christmas!

Friday night, my parents joined us for the tree festival at the convention center in Akron and the tree lighting with fireworks at lock 3. The trees were really neat at the convention center. One was made up with Beatles records that I really liked. We missed the lighting of the tree at lock 3 but caught the fireworks. The boys seemed to have a good time.

We also put our tree up Friday. The boys have enjoyed taking the ornaments down ever since. Haha

Saturday, we went to the Santa parade in Akron. The parade was a lot if fun. The boys waved at the police men. Jasper loved the corvettes and old cars that were in the parade. Jacob loved people watching, mainly the kid behind us.

It was a great long weekend!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

At the beaver marsh

Today Joy suggested we hit the cuyahoga valley national park to let the boys walk around outside. She texted my mom so her and my dad could meet at the beaver marsh.

We arrived first so we walked with the boys up to the marsh. Jacob did a great job at holding hands with mommy during the walk. I held Jasper's hood because he's not into holding hands.

The boys loved looking at the marsh and the ducks but mostly loved walking. We hung out there for a while then walked back to meet my parents.

The boys acted shy around my parents but warmed up to them later. When we walked back to the marsh, I held Jacob's hand. When I looked back Jasper and my dad were holding hands. He held hands the rest of the way to the marsh. We were amazed.

We hung out the marsh for awhile. The boys had fun with my dad who was goofing around with them. It was really nice being outside. I hope we get a few more chances before winter sets in.

Tonight, we had a good chill out night. After they got up from their nap, we put on Monsters Inc for them and then after dinner Joy and I played with them on the rug. Jasper laid on my stomach and we did plenty of secret handshakes, fives, and patty cakes. Jacob was a little more into doing his own thing in the dining room but he would stop in from time to time for a secret handshake.

Yesterday, Joy's mom watched the boys while we went on a date to see Breaking Dawn. The boys got to stay up past their bed time and watched muppets christmas movies.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dudes' night or at least dude's hour

One day this week, Joy took her mom home and I stayed at home with the boys. We started our dudes' night by blasting a Beatles album on the record player. We had a little dance party. Jasper started clapping his hands but when he saw me looking at him, he stopped. Almost like "I wasn't doing anything." So cute!

I chased the boys around the house playing "get'chew." That game ended in the hallway when Jacob found the basketball. We played catch and I dribbled the ball back to them. Jacob was really good at throwing the ball back to me. I got a feeling he might be a sport dude. He threw the ball almost like how you're supposed to throw a basketball.

Jasper was laughing so hard. He came over to me so I asked for a high five. I then tried to give him a "secret handshake." I helped him make a fist and then knocked the top, then the bottom and finally our knuckles. He thought it was funny. Now, when I ask for a "secret handshake" he makes a fist.

One day while I was at work, Joy and her mom took the boys outside. At one point, Jacob took off to our neighbor's yard. Our neighbor was mowing with his riding mowing. He took Jacob and let him steer the mower. Jacob had such a blast. Jasper got a chance too but Joy said he was a little more afraid.

The picture above is from when the boys and I went giant eagle for milk.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Boo At The Zoo

This year we celebrated Halloween by attending Akron's Boo at the Zoo. We were characters from How to Train Your Dragon. Joy and I were the two main characters and the boys were dragons. Joy's mom who was with us was a scarecrow.

Joy's mom made the boys their costumes from patterns we picked out. She did a great job! They looked awesome and very cute! Joy made her and I's costume. We both made Viking helmets out of paper mâché. She ended up not wearing hers, so I did because it looked better than mine. It took the boys a minute to get used to their grandma in her costume. At one point, Jacob hid in the hallway only peeking out to look at her. They eventually warmed up before we got to the zoo.

We set the boys loose at the zoo with Joy and I directly behind one. At first I was with Jacob and he did a great job at holding hands. Jasper wanted none of the hand holdings. Soon after I carried Jasper a lot so we could keep up with others.

I did let Jasper wonder off enough till he found a blow up jack-o-lantern. He had so much fun pushing it and having it bounce back. Eventually Jacob joined in the fun.

We then walked up to the petting zoo. The boys loved the goats! They got up all close and personal with one on the other side of the gate. We had a good hand washing session afterwards.

Our final stop at the zoo was one last walk through the jellies exhibit.

We got tons of pictures while we were there. Mostly on Joy's mom's camera. I haven't seen them yet but the ones we took are so cute!

I took off three days from work to celebrate Halloween and Joy's birthday. During my time off, we enjoyed much time outside. The boys loved playing in the leaves for first time. We set them from free and they didn't wander off too far. They had a blast!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trying out of the costumes

Today the boys got to try out their Halloween costumes for grandma and grandpa. Tomorrow we are taking them to boo at the zoo. I can't wait! I'm so excited to finally take them.

We just finished watching Young Frankenstein which actually holds their attention. Great movie.

The boys had fun at parents' house today while Joy and I went out shopping.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Teething again!?

It got cold! I got a feeling we will be in for a long winter. We didn't get to take the boys to any parks this week. Instead, we spend most of our time in doors with the boys.

Teething has been taking it's toll on the boys. They have been a little more irritable and quick to cry or fight with each other.

Jasper has had the most trouble trying to go sleep at night. It's probably because I pulled him from his crib and brought him into our bedroom and tried to get him to go sleep. We then tried watching some tv but after that it seemed like sleep wasn't going to happen. I ended up rocking him to sleep in the dining room in the dark, just like the old days. Like a switch, he was on and off, passed out. Didn't even wake him putting him back in his crib.

Jacob has been doing great with sleeping. Except for last night, he was usually out on his second bottle. He's then been getting up early and spending some one-on-one time Joy before Jasper got up.

Joy's mom spend the weekend over. Saturday, Joy and I went out for a date. We went to the ledges to hike. We even got lost. It felt really nice. It was great spending some alone time with Joy and at the ledges. Such an amazing place!

This weekend, we're going to my parents' house for a family get together.

So, I'm not sure what do to about the boys room to keep it warm. Last year, I put plastic on the windows, but I did it on the outside. Eventually it fell off. I think possibly because I didn't clean the frames well, where the tape went. A lot of cold air comes in from closet so I put a towel at the bottle last night. That seemed to help some. We're thinking of getting a space heater to it warmed before bed but turn it off when they do. We don't need no accidental fires!

The boys are still loving their toys! They get so much enjoyment and even play independently with them.

One the toys is a farm. I was playing with Jacob and putting a small stuffed bear in the window and then have him walking out the door. He got such a kick out of it, last night he was doing it himself!

We also have an animal puzzle, where when you match the correct animal it makes that animals' sound. Last night, Jasper matched up the cow all by himself! He was doing it like it was nobody's business but he did like the applause he got.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hanging in grandma's neck of the woods... By woods I mean playground.

Last Sunday, we took the boys to a park in Barberton with Joy's mom and brother. Joy's mom hadn't been able to come over last week because she was working over time and Joy's brother hadn't seen the boys since last winter.

The park was nice, they had a small jungle gym but little kids. We were able to let them climb and slide with supervision. They had a great time.

Jacob wanted to wander around so I followed him as he went to discover the playground and baseball field. Jasper stayed at the jungle gym. I think he missed grandma. Later on, I think he thought it was time to go and got upset when Joy would come for him. We took them to the swings and then I was able to put him in stroller afterwards.

We had lunch grandma's house. She has ham and apple sauce for the boys. Joy peeled grapes for them. They both fell asleep in the car on the ride home but transitioned from car to crib failed to continue their nap.

At home during the week, Joy's aunt and uncle stopped by with Joy's mom. They all had gone shopping and had brought tons of toys and clothes for the boys.

The boys love their new toys and they're playing with them more than had with other toys. They got a Thomas train station which they love. Although their favorite thing to do is dropping it off the coffee table. Hehe

I think the boys have a cold or their teeth hurt. They have been a been fussy this week. Last night, Jasper was in his crib with his fingers on his teeth and crying. Poor guy. I gave him some tylenol and some milk which helped him go to sleep.

Joy and I started doing the "head shoulders knees and toes" song with the boys. They laugh so hard when guide them through the song. Jacob can find most of his body parts when we ask. We both think Jasper knows where some of his parts are but just doesn't want to show us.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sliding down!

This week I took on a new job at work which changed my hours. I now get to come home a little bit earlier. Which is great because we have been able to have dinner and hit the park before dark, which is now at 7pm.

We hit the park on Tuesday and I had Jasper with me at first. I put him on the smaller slide and let him go. He went down the slide by himself with my hands right there just in case. He got the biggest kick out of it. We repeated this for a while and then later I did with Jacob. He loved it. They both laughed as they went down.

I followed Jacob around most of the time at the park. He loves to follow the other kids and talk to them. He enjoyed climbing up the slide and steps to the jungle gym. We also walked across the wavey bridge holding hands.

Jasper seemed to get really shy at park. At least the first time we went. Not sure if it was because his teeth hurt or not feeling good. He mostly stayed close to Joy and not wandering off too much.

Yesterday when we went, Jasper was more active. Jacob continued to have a blast walking around following kids. Two girls were playing and he and Jasper walked up and Jacob started pointing at their toys and talking. It was so cute!!

It really amazing me how much they are growing. They are defiantly more like toddlers now. I really think we are in for a ride.

This weekend it's supposed to be nice outside. I think we're gonna milk it all we can. Tomorrow we might go a bike ride and Sunday we're gonna hit a park with Joy's mom and brother.

-- the picture is from last weekend. I stayed home with the boys while Joy went out with her mom. I brought up a kid-sized guitar. They enjoyed hitting it mostly. We then played with a drum, jumped around, and danced to music till they got tired of hanging with daddy and went to play with farm toy.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Parking and milestones

Last weekend we hit the playgrounds. We went to the two elementary schools that are in our area. We set them free with one us following each. They have gotten so good at climbing. They climbed up the jungle gyms. We took them down the slides. And we swung them by holding them in our laps.

It's so amazing watching them grow. Pretty soon they should be talking with words. Joy sent me a chart with milestones today. It's crazy how advanced they are. Pretty soon they should understand 200 words. That blows my mind.

Right now the boys are at 16 month.. The chart Joy sent starts at 19.

At 19th months they should:

Use a spoon and fork-- already do that

Understand 200 words -- not yet

Know when they pee -- Jasper takes off his diaper and hands it to Joy sometimes when it pees.

At 20 months:

Take off their clothes -- Jacob has been able to take his shirt off got awhile. Jasper just started this.

Yesterday, Joy sent me a picture of Jasper with this shirt off and then short after a picture with Jacob standing on the coffee table with his shirt off.

The next few months, I think the boys will be doing quite a bit of learning. It's gonna be exciting!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

We're cutting back the milk

We are attempting to cut back the milk consumption for our boys. We go through about three gallons a milk a week, sometimes four. For some reason milk really helps them go to sleep at night and also nap time. I sometimes give them as much as two and half bottles at night.

So it's not wise to give the boys so much milk and with cost that goes into buying so much milk, we're starting to cut back.

We've been working on giving them one bottle of milk and substituting the rest with water. Last night was the first night of success and I believe Joy had success during nap time.

I think it's the laying down to concentrate on drinking that helps them go into dream land. We tried water before but usually they ended up just spitting it out.

Last night, Jasper was having so much fun taking his sheet off his bed. Joy and I were in the living room watching a movie while the boys were supposed to be sleeping but rather jumping and playing in their cribs. I heard Jasper pulling his sheet off and when I went in their room, Jacob was playing with Jasper's sheet. They're such good sharers.

I had a hard time getting Jasper to keep his sheet on so I gave up putting the sheet back on. He eventually went to sleep without a sheet. I was able to put a sheet on his crib and move him without waking him, only minutes after he went to sleep. Either I'm good or he was really tired.

They are both doing a great job at talking. Still gibberish with an occasional "da da" or "ma ma". This week Jacob started doing hand motions while he talks. It's really cutest thing. Some of his hand motions look like gangsta symbols. Hehe

Today, Joy said they all went to the store with Joy's mom and Jacob was talking to everyone. Sometimes people would talk back. I wish I were there!

This week, they also advanced their climbing abilities. They can now climb up into their highchairs. They have also been able to release their trays.

At one point, Jacob was climbing the high chair, holding on to the tray when Jasper released it on him. Jacob went falling down to the ground. Luckily, he was not hurt or even cry but that prompted me to put the highchairs away into the closet. Joy had to do the same thing after breakfast and lunch the next day and so on.

Last week, Jasper was main buddy. This week is Jacob. They really take turns with me.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Neighborhood walk

Tuesday, we took the boys on a walk or more like stroll for them around the neighborhood. We started by going to what might be there elementary school, case. We stopped there so Joy and I could vote in the primaries for our mayor.

The school really reminds me of what my Elementary looked it. Kinda grungy. Joy said it was also similar to her school. It seems good though. I hope we can get them in new elementary on w market, we are gonna at least try.

After we voted, we all sported voting stickers and walked over to the library. We picked out a bunch of board books for the boys. The boys played a little bit with the toys there from the stroller.

The boys really like Suzy Goose book we got. I think Joy picked it out. It's very interactive. It follows a goose who wants to be like someone else. Like a penguin that "slides," a bat that "flaps his wings," etc. The boys have fun running around the house and jumping as we read along.

Jacob is doing a great job at finding his body parts. Yesterday, out of nowhere I asked him where his toes are and he showed me. We were amazed.

I thought them both to shake my hand. They are also pros at high fives and giving skin. Yes, we're bringing back "giving skin." hehe

Jasper has been my little buddy lately. He's been giving me really tight hugs and wants picked up a lot. It seems they both take cycles like this. I love it.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Painting! Reading! Playing!

This week Joy made the boys pudding paints to play with. They are just pudding and food coloring so it's totally safe for them to eat. We didn't get to see them the first time they played with them. She left them with her mom as she watched them while we did a bikeathon. Luckily Joy's mom took pictures.

One night this week though, Joy gave them the paints after dinner. They loved it!! Jasper put them in his hair and Jacob spread them all over his tray and even wall. They both had a blast and even smiled for pictures.

This week, we also had our first broken window. Luckily, Jasper wasn't hurt as he was protected by the curtains. When we got the window fixed we had them put in plexiglass. It was a little more pricey but worth it. My mom said she had to do that for us because we were always pounding on the windows.

Today, we took the boys to the zoo and let them walk around themselves. They did really good! They didn't even complain when it was time to go.

Their favorite book right now is What Will Fat Cat Sit On. They crack up when I read it because there is emphasis on the word "no" and I shake my head. They have been getting into night time stories. Sometimes they're sit right next to for them. Other times they run off but I read anyway.

Joy is working hard upstairs on the boys play room. She is painting/drawing now. It's going to be Canadian themed. We bought a play house and play grill for it. Last Saturday we both insulated it better. It was crazy but it should help keep it warmer up there during the winter. This is going to be there Christmas present, so shhh!

Right now, I'm in the boys room hoping they will nap.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

15 month check up and week

Last Friday, the boys had their 15-month check up and more shots. This time, the boys remembered the table and we're not happy at all to go near it.

We set them both on the table to change their diapers and they flipped. We thought maybe if we tried to get them used to it they wouldn't freak when the shots came. Didn't help.

When it was time for the shots, two nurses bursted through the doors and wanted to get both done at the same time. Joy held Jacob and I held Jasper. The nurses were in and out in a flash but the boys were pretty upset about the shots.

After we got home, the boys took a good nap.

Sunday, we dropped the boys off at my parents house for them to baby sit. Joy and I went on a bike ride.

The boys had a good time at grandma and grandpa's house. They played on the swings, walked around. I believe Jasper helped grandpa pull weeds from the garden.

When we got back, Jacob was sitting next to my dad on the couch, eating a crunchy, and watching a baseball game. Jasper was playing around, opening up drawers and closing them.

The boys had been pretty sluggish for the rest of the week. We're not sure if it's the shots, teeth, or just not feeling good.

I've been doing pretty good at keeping the nightly ritual down. The boys brush their teeth, I read a story, and then bedtime.

One really cute thing they've been doing is waving when it's bedtime. I'll get bottles and "Jasper and Jacob! Bedtime" and they'll turn to Joy and start waving. It's really cute.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holding hands at the nature realm

Monday we headed to the nature realm after dinner for some walking around. When we got to the path we set them down to walk on their own with one of us closely behind or next to each.

Jacob did the sweetest thing. He was walking with Joy and they started holding hands as they walked. It was really sweet seeing then walk in front of Jasper and I holding hands.

I tried to hold hands with Jasper. He responded by going down to the path and crawling. I did get to hold his hand for a few second though.

Joy and I switched kids and I got hold Jacob's hand for a bit.

The boys love the nature realm. Jasper pointed to trees when I asked. They both enjoyed picking up little stones and throwing them on the path.

I really enjoy taking them to the park, especially after work. I'm not really looking forward to fall and winter coming.

**note: the picture is from our visit to nature realm previous week

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Dudes Day Out

Saturday we had "dudes day out." Joy had gone shopping with her mom and left me with the boys. This has only been the second time where I had been with the boys solo for an extended amount of time. It doesn't count when Joy goes to pick up her mom, even though it's about 40 minutes till she gets back.

I got up early to get the dishes and laundry going so I wouldn't have to worry about that later or rushing to get it all done while they nap.

We started off with a little movie matching. I put on the cartoon channel but quickly decided we should watch something with music in it. I put the Blues Brothers in. We then had breakfast while that was going. The boys liked the music and Jasper was making weird faces when they went to visit the nun.

After breakfast, I put the boys into the stroller and we walked to the library. On the way we talked and sang. We also pointed out the trees and I named things along the way.

We got to the library and I picked out a bunch of kids books that I think would benefit the boys in a way that they could interact with. I got a baby book on body parts, smiles, hugs, zoo animals and bunch more. The boys loved walking down the aisles and grabbing books off the shelf. I quickly had to stop them though. All in all not much mess made.

On the way back home, I was telling the boys that mommy was shopping with grandma. I noticed Jasper hunched over to the side of the stroller with tears in his eyes. I think he missed his mommy. So I picked him up and held him as I strolled Jacob back home. Jasper cheered up quickly.

When we got home, I got the boys water and we hung out in the dinning room reading books. They especially loved the book on hugs. Jacob sat in my lap and without warning I got lots of hugs.

After reading I took the boys outside to their sandbox. I put pandora on my phone and we danced some. The boys played for a little bit and pulled some dead branches down not far from them.

After the sandbox we had lunch and then I gave the boys a bath/shower to get the sand and food off of them.

We concluded "dudes day" with nap time.

After nap time, we all headed up to willoughby to visit my grandma in the nursing home. The boys lightened up everyone's day. They got my grandma to leave her room and we went into a community room where there were birds. My grandma loved seeing the birds.

We then visited my sister for her birthday.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Dancing blocks and words

During the nights this week, I have been reading to the boys more and having dance parties. It usually starts out with me getting my drum that Joy got me out. The boys love the drum.

I've been really into listening to cheesy Halloween songs, so I searched for "monster mash" on pandora. The boys seem to like dancing around. Although, the other night they were visibly too tired.

They both went from hanging around and dancing a little to playing with their blocks over by the toy box with themselves.

For a while now, Jacob has been able to stack two/three blocks. Even though, it's advanced Jasper wasn't catching on until the other night.

I showed him how to do it and without actually stacking a block, I would hand it to Jasper. Jasper caught on quickly and before anyone knew it, he was stacking 5 to 7 blocks like it was nobodies' business.

This week, Jasper was also able to point a tree and when I would say "where's a tree." He would get really happy point and start talking.

It's really good now to start naming things around the boys. Jacob brought me a basketball and I would say "ball" and pass it back to him. He got a kick out of it.

Jacob loves to talk. If you ask him a question, somehow he knows to respond and boy does he love to respond. It's really cute.

Joy held out her phone and said "black phone." She said that Jacob said something that sounded like black phone but then quickly changed it to "da da."

Tonight we took them to the nature realm and let them walk around. They did great. There weren't many people there so the we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Tomorrow, Joy is going out with her mom and the boys and I are gonna have a "dudes day." I'm looking forward to it.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Need more vacation please

I miss vacation already! Can't believe an entire week went by already. I miss being home with Joy and the boys and having fun action packed days.

Monday, we headed to the park for another "concert in the park." Instead of just hanging out and watching the band, we took the boys to the playground. We put them in the swings for a while and then wandered off into the field to let them run around.

I mainly followed Jacob while Joy followed Jasper. They both had fun playing "I'm gonna get'chew" game. Then Jacob got ahold of some sticks and Jasper followed.

Jacob has been talking so much lately! It's like he's trying to have a conversation with you but doesn't know many words. It's so cute. Jasper is starting now too. I gotta get it on video.

Tuesday, we all went for a bike ride. Joy pulled the boys in the bike trailer for 4 miles and then we switched bikes and I rode them back. Jacob fell asleep first, followed by Jasper.

The coffee table has been insane lately! We've been trying to keep them off it but it has been an endless battle.

Joy finally had enough and created a new gate. Now, there is a gate that just covers the tv and that side of the wall. Before the coffee table was a part of the gate. The boys can get onto the coffee table but the new rule is that they have to "stay on their booty."

It's been mostly successful except last night Jasper wanted on the coffee table to dance. I tried to be more aggressive with saying "no, on your booty." That failed. So I ended up sitting on the coffee table, keeping both off.

The boys then grabbed blocks and proceed to bang them on the glass part of the door. I tried to be more aggressive at telling them "no" and they responded by smiling and banging them harder. I had to eventually take the blocks away. I think I need to work on my parental authority voice.

I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a struggle this week when I just want to be home. I don't think we have anything planned. I'm sure that will change but it's nice to have a free weekend!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011


I had a great vacation at home with the boys, though we didn't stay home too much but we kinda treated it like we were tourists in the our city.

Friday night, Joy's mom watched the boys so we could have a date night. We went to beaver marsh where we rode our bikes and waited till dark to see the beavers. Blossom music center is on the other side, so we hears Neil Diamond.

Saturday, we went to summit county fair. It was so-so. It was really hot. We caught the end of a circus act and then wandered around.

Sunday, we took the boys to a jungle gym in Fairlawn. The playground was empty so the boys had free range. We put them in our laps and went down the slides. After that we went for a walk at the nature realm.

Monday, we went to the Cleveland zoo. we thought it would be empty but instead was packed! Turns out zoo is free for cuyahoga county residents on Monday. We had fun though. The boys seemed more aware of the animals and pointed. At night, we caught the concert in the park.

Tuesday, joy's mom came over so we could go to the eye doctor. Afterwards we worked on cutting down a tree.

Wednesday, we took the boys in the bike trailer and went biking on the towpath. The boys loved it. They were singing and having a great time.

Thursday, we did some grocery shopping and then stayed in most of the day.

Friday, we visited my grandma in the nursing home. She was feeling depressed in the nursing home. She had been in the hospital. The boys cheered her up greatly and just about everyone else in the nursing home. After that, we went to my parents house for pizza and to let the boys swing on their jungle gym.

Saturday, we went to twins day in twinsburg. That was a lot of fun!! It was really neat seeing all the twins for newborns to twins in the seventies.

The boys had a Popsicle and got it all over themselves. It was really cute. Can't wait to take them again next year.

Today, we just taking it easy.

It was great being home! Joy said the boys treat me the way they treat her during the day. They are a handful. The most challenging though is keeping them off the coffee table. Hope Monday isn't too bad for her.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

We climb and we don't nap plus music and baby time

Sunday, we went to see the Akron orchestra perform at the park by our house. This is the second time the boys saw an orchestra this summer and got to enjoy it from the comforts of their wagon.

The boys did really good. They played with some toys we brought: keys and paper footballs Joy made out of the programs. They really enjoyed clapping and watching the other people. The music was really good too. It sounded great in the park.

During the week, the boys learned to climb on the coffee table. It had been a battle trying to get them off and to safety. They get so pleased with themselves when they get on top.

This week, the boys had a tough time napping. They love playing in the cribs and they now occupy themselves being in there and with each other.

Wednesday, we had our last baby time at the library. This time a little Indian girl was there. She was 17 months old. The boys loved playing with her. It is nice living in a diverse community. I think the boys will benefit.

Next week, I'm taking a week off from work. We plan on going to the fair, the zoo, and the Twinsburg festival. Can't wait!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Phone home

Last week, Jasper was loving his play phone. He would talk into it and walk in and out of the living room. He had a good conversation with Elmo, the type of play phone they have.

So Monday on the ride home from work, I called and Joy tried to give them the phone to see if they would talk in it. Jacob seemed to take control of the phone. He was talking up a storm. I would say "dada" and he would repeat it. I asked him where his nose was and he touched his nose. Joy had to tell that.

Wednesday, I talked to Jasper more on the phone. He was a little more reserved but he did he did talk a bit. I got him to sing "Ahh." I stated singing to him and he dropped the phone and ran off. Jacob took the phone and after I stated singing, he dropped the phone and ran off. Little critics! :-)

Wednesday night, we went to the library to have baby time. This time, there was another couple there with their 13 month old. We were hoping the boys would interact more with the little girl but they all seemed to be independent.

The boys loved rolling the ball back and forth with the librarian and marching around the room. The librarian brought out bubbles, which Jasper loved. He stood right by the bubble maker.

Yesterday, it was hottest day we've had in 16 years. So after dinner, we took a family trip to dairy queen. The boys shared dq ice cream sandwich, which they ate on the ride home. When we got home, I gave them a bath and Joy took all the fabric off the car seats to be washed.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

They are becoming toddlers!

The boys are growing so fast. Every day they are acting and look more like toddlers. It's crazy to think about how much time has past by.

Jacob will now show you his nose whenever you ask. Jasper still selectively shows when you ask but he knows where it is as well as his head. I'm working on ears with them too.

Joy has rearranged the house again. This time making the living room more accessible. We can all get to the couch now. The boys have done well at not falling off the couch and sometimes they just sit on the couch.

The other night, Jacob enjoyed a nice sitting on the couch session playing with my iPhone. I don't know how he open it up but he was writing emails.

The dinning room however has been reduced to a table and high chairs. The chairs and computer have been removed. The boys were climbing the chairs and trying to get on the table. The computer was moved after they were beating the printer with blocks and once removed they could easy get to the computer.

Bedtime has gotten a lot better. They like when I come in to read to them. I usually read to them till they fall asleep. They have both been doing a great job at sleeping through the night. Usually if anything I go in there to give them a bottle and then walk out around 3 or 4am.

Last night, Jasper started running in place. Joy stated running in place too. He got a kick out of it. Then Jacob and I stared running in place. I then started jumping and Jacob started jumping. Joy responded with "they're not supposed to be able to do that yet." They are smart.

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