Sunday, July 5, 2015


Yesterday we went to see Shrek and fireworks on at the Akron rubber ducks field. We had an all you can eat buffet. Jacob had claimed he was going to eat ten hotdogs. I couldn't believe he got through two. I had a veggie burger, thanks to Joy! She emailed them previously and had them make me three. I ate two.

They had a big slide they went down three times. They had balloon animals. The boys wanted swords. The made these really cool balloon animals but said to the boys "you waited twenty minutes for swords!?" He made them two each.

Ollie did really good, slept some.

It was a fun event, the whole family came.

Ollie's first food!

Oliver had his first solid food yesterday. While I was eating a smoothy, he grabbed my finger and opened his mouth for the straw. Joy suggested we let him eat a mashed banana. Ollie and I walked to the acme and got bananas and baby food-banana.

He ended up eating the whole container!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ollie's first fireworks!

We took Ollie to his first fireworks displays. It's been a tradition of going to graveyard in Fairlawn for their fireworks.

Ollie did really good. Didn't get scared. Joy got earmuffs for him but he didn't need them. Jasper ended up using them. He has more sensitive ears.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer vacation!!

Had an epic full weekend. A great way to start summer vacation!!

Friday- we went to see an Aerosmith cover band play. However it was way too loud and the boys found that they have a an area where water shoots up from the ground. They played in this whole time. We didn't bring any swim suits or anything, so they were just in their shorts. Joy feed Oliver.

Saturday- the boys had their t-ball game. After their game, we went to the zoo. Ollie was upgraded from being in his carrier in the stroller to just being in the stroller. The boys did the big slide in the Australian area. Then the carousel. There was a new play area with water activities. At night we had a bonfire at home.

Sunday- we went for a bike ride. Saw a train. When we got home we watched Jaws 3 (jaws at sea world!!). Then went to the case playground. I took Ollie in the stroller.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birthday party!

On May 24th we celebrated the boys 5th birthday along with their cousin Luke. It was a Book of Life/day of the dead themed party. Joy prepared tacos, pizza, decorations etc. it was epic. There were a ton of balloons, Joy's mom got a piƱata.

We had family wide nerf gun fight. Joy had painted lines in the yard for a baseball friend so t-ball and softball was played. Pin the tail on the donkey. Cupcakes. Music was playing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jasper & Jacob: 5 years old!!

Today the boys have turned
5 years old!!! It is so hard to believe how fast time flies. Slow it down!!!!!

Joy stocked the boys up with monster trucks and bubbles to take to school. Joy had also made them shirts to celebrate. Jasper's had a motorcycle, number 5, and his name. Jacob's had the millennium falcon, 5, and his name. When we picked them up they were crowns and handing out trucks and bubbles to the others kids. They were gives hugs to everyone.

We went to toys r us and let them pick out a toy. After browsing the store they decided on zombie hunting nerf shot guns. Later on we had a battle in the backyard and shot cans.

We had lunch at McDonald's playplace. The boys played Star Wars with another kid. They got happy meals and one of the workers bought them ice cream.

We came home and opened presents. Later on we watched Temple of Doom which was a little scary. Better after we skipped a chapter. Ordered pizza and had cheese cake.

Right now Joy is playing outside with them with their new sand toy and gun. I'm feeding Oliver who got to spend most of the day sleeping with grandma.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oliver's second month check up

On May 15th, Oliver had his two month doctor visit and it was a big vaccine one. Joy said he was not too pleased with the rotavirus liquid then screamed with the shots. She said they whole office heard him. He went to sleep on the way home and stayed out most of the day. Then woke up screaming!! Joy held him and walked up and the hall. By the time I got home, they were both in bed. Joy was giving him a bottle. He was calm. After his bottle was done, he was upset. I sang him songs, which is cheered him up. He got a few smiles out. He liked Secret Agent Man the best.