Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas tree up

Wednesday, Joy asked me to bring the Christmas decorations out. The boys got all excited about the Christmas tree. We put the Christmas tree up.

The tree looks amazing! Joy made all the ornaments. The boys had a lot if fun helping put the tree up. They handed me branches. Jacob started hanging TVs branches from my pants.

I had jasper put the star up. I put him on my shoulders. It was so cute.


Last tuesday, we had our first snow in Akron. I was work but Jacob brought Joy 4 sweaters in the morning so they would go outside.
They made snowmen and then smashed them.
That night I took the boys to the library. Jasper made a snowball and got me on the way to the car.
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The boys are so into ghostbusters right now. Jacob only wants to listen to the ghostbusters song. We have been playing it on repeat. We dance and sing.

We also been playing ghostbusters. I get them to play our scenes from the movies, such as the library scene, ray going down the pole, and various ghost catching. We all put on our backpacks.

I got my ghostbusters house that I had when I was a kid and they have been playing with that.

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On Halloween, I got very exciting news from work. The result ended with the boys getting bikes!!!

Originally, we were going to get them bikes for Christmas. I was worried they wouldn't be ready for bikes with training wheels. I was wrong!!

The boys were so excited when we walked in the door. Jasper yelled "yay!" And after seeing two identical bikes "no sharing!"

Later that weekend we took them to the park to ride at safety town. Jacob loved rolling down the slight hill. Jasper lives riding around the whole court.

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Monday, October 28, 2013


This has been a busy month!!
On Saturday, the October 12, Joy and I went on a date to see Sweeney Todd at the Hannah Theater. It was amazing!!! Do good. Joy and I had historic seats in a balcony right by the stage. The performance was great.
Afterwards. We went to our first boo at the zoo at Akron. We went Joy's mom and Brother.

The boys dressed up as iron man. They were so cute! They got to trick or treat. Being that it was the first boo at the zoo of the season, it was pretty chill.

The boys loved the event!!

On Saturday the 19th, we did boo at the zoo in Cleveland. It rained all day and it was cold. But the rain let up at 5 in time for the event. The boys napped on the way up.

The boys dressed up as spider man this time. This time it was just us. It was fun! We just walked around. We did the train. Joy and I counted the times we heard Ghostbusters. We went on the train.

The following weekend we went to boo at the zoo again withHeather and her boyfriend Josh.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

It's October!!!!

We have a very busy October. We are taking the boys to three boo at the zoos and trick or treating at my parents' house on Halloween.

October started with lots of playing in the leaves. Joy should the boys how to make leaf balls, it's a more friendly way of having a lead fight.

Joy set it up so the boys can go down the slide into a leave pile. She also put leaves way up the slide so they slide through leaves into the leaf pile.

Joy and I both went down the slide.

Saturday we hit up the akron zoo to get a zoo membership and passes. Some of the Halloween stuff was set up. We got a good preview.

Afterwards, we went to fly kites.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Talking to Joy on the phone: the boys were pretending it was raining. Jacob had an umbrella. Jasper was mad because he was getting rained on.

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Monday, September 30, 2013

The weekend

This weekend, Joy and I went on a bike ride while Grandma and uncle John watched the boys. Uncle John bought them Iron Man 3. They played outside. Watched movies and are M&Ms.

Joy and I biked 15 miles, we had planned on twenty but got off the train too early. 15 was more than enough. We were sore abs tired afterwords.

Came home in time for pizza to be delivered. The boys were chill.

Afterwards, we headed to the playground. Grandma and uncle John came too. The boys had a blast.

Then Jacob bumped his head. I think on the bar above the slide. He got a huge goose egg. Poor dude didn't want anyone near him. I tried to comfort but he said "no, daddy, go!"

He came down, against his will and sat with Joy and Grandma. Pointed at things. Went back up on jungle gym and sat down.

He eventually for back to playing. Poor dude.

Jasper had a lot of fun going up and the down the slide.

Neither were happy about leaving.

Sunday was a bit of an off day. Shopping at SAMs club ended with powdered sugar everywhere, broken eggs, and free sample of yogurt to help calm the boys down.

We took the boys to the playground and we all brought our bikes. It went really well. We rode, they played, they shared pretty good. Again, not happy about leaving.

The night ended on good note. We has family game night! We played shoots and ladders, memory, and the "apple" game.

They did really well, they loved playing. They both clapped when they won. They were such sweet hearts.

After game night, the boys wanted to play hide and seek. So much fun!!

Bedtime came with a little temple run, and the Lorax. They both fell asleep by 9:45.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Later on Sunday

The boys and I rode bikes in the drive way. Per Jacob, we reenacted the days events by stopping for train. Lifting the bikes on the train, sitting, giving out tickets to Tino, and riding back. All pretend. Very fun! They both have such great imaginations.

Later on, Jacob took a ranch I had and fixed my bike. Jasper rode around like a madman.

We played outside till it got dark. I monitored and got a mile and half bike ride.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Train, biking, and a corn maze

Today, we took the train from the botzum station to peninsula then rode back to botzum. On the way back, we stopped at a corn maze.

We have been on train hunting kick lately with the steam train in the valley. The boys still get so excited about trains.

Jasper sometimes yells out "got your tickets!?" Joy made the boys train tickets because for bike and ride they don't normally have tickets.

On our way back, we stopped at a corn maze. It was a lot of fun, lots of twists and turns, a few dead ends. Jacob got really into deciding what path to take. We made take turns until they both went their separate ways with Joy and I trying to keep up.

The ride back was a little rough since Joy and I were both a little tired and sore. The boys had their leap pads in the trailer.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Twins day!!

By the time Twins Day came, we were all sick. We still marched in the parade and attended the festival. The boys colds were mostly on the outs, so that was a plus.

This years theme was twice upon a time, fairy tales. The boys were pirates. A little two birds with one stone, with pirates and princesses at the zoo a week earlier.
Joy made the most fantastic pirate ship with the boys wagon. She used an old tv box, paint, glue sticks, and string. The ship looked amazing!!
We got up early enough to arrive for the parade line up. The boys were tired and getting over their cold so they were not really as into it as last year. I don't think they understood people coming up and taking pictures of them.
My parents ended up joining us in the parade. Joy gave the boys the camera and video camera, so they enjoyed taking video and pictures.
When we got to the festival, they played on the playground for a while with other twins. We two newborns, oh the memories. Joy gave the father some comforting words.
My dad took the boys on a pony ride. Jacob was pretty scared but Jasper loved it. He looked like a natural cowboy.
After words, the boys played more on the playground and swings then hand Popsicles.
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jasper sick and pirates and princesses.

On Saturday the 27th, it was rainy out. I took the boys to the mall to play at the playground. The boys were having a great time; running, climbing, and playing with other kids.
All of a sudden, Jasper came over to me and sat next to me. Jacob was playing monsters with a little girl. They were chasing each other while Jasper rested his head on my lap.
Poor little guy got sick, I'm guessing from the waiting room at the doctors office earlier that week. There was one kid sick on the sick side of waiting room. Darn it.
I let Jacob play around with the little girl for awhile longer while Jasper and I sat.
When we came home, Jasper fell asleep on the couch.

Joy's brother had bought us all tickets for pirates and princesses at the zoo. Joy had gotten them pirate costumes.
I let Jacob play video games on the computer while Jasper slept.
When it was time to go to zoo, I don't think anyone wanted to go. Joy was gonna stay home with Jasper while Joy and I tried to convince Jacob to go with me.
I got dressed up and moods changed. Jacob was ready to go and by then, Jasper wanted to go.
So we all went. Joy and I took turns holding Jasper.
The events was awesome!! Very fun!! I wish Jasper felt better. They rebuilt the zoo and have a new bear exhibit. They have a giant slide that goes though the seal tank.
There was also bounce houses, which it was very difficult to get Jacob out of.
In the end there was a concert by robots. It was loud, the boys were in shock but really loved it. At the end they got to get a picture with the robots.
Thanks to Joy's brother taking us.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 year check up

On July 23rd, the boys had their 3 year check up at the doctors. The boys did great. They are tall! Healthy! Very wild and goofy!
The boys spent much of the time running in circles, dancing, goofing, and climbing up the chair and down my arm.
Their doctor was talking to us without missing a beat. I'm guessing she is used to that kind of thing.
They acted very well for the doctor. Didn't even panic when she was checking them. After she was done, they almost looked like they wanted more.
The best thing though, no shots!!!
We treated the boys to the playground in the mall. It was rainy that day.
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Case Playground and Jasper's milestone

Jasper mastered the monkey bars. We have been going to the local elementary school playground. The playground is pretty great as it is just the right size for the boys. They are able to do plenty of climbing like the monkeys they are and if they fall, it is not far enough for them to get hurt. Jacob tried the monkey bars too but hung there. I am proud of them.

We back another time and a little girl was helping them do the monkey bars they were higher up. Jacob was in awe.

I'm really grateful we live close to so many playgrounds.

YouTube Video

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Thursday, July 11, 2013


On July 11th, we had our first family camping experience. We stayed at Marblehead off Lake Erie. Joy's mom stayed over our house watching Ace.
We spent the afternoon at the beach. The water in Lake Erie looked a little iffy, so we mostly stayed on the beach in the sand. We made a lake, dam, and river in the sand
After we got to the camp site, I took the boys to the playground while Joy put the tent together.
The boys liked the playground but I thought it would be better.
After Joy put the tent together we went for a walk by the lake but the Mosquitos got bad so we headed back.
The boys spent most of the night after jumping in the bounce house which was our tent with an air mattress.
After dinner, I went to find a trash can and use the bathroom. When I came back it was dark. Joy and the boys were in the car. Joy said to me "they want to go home, convince them this is fun."
Afterwords we caught fireflies. They were having a lot of fun but then got too dark to catch them.
Joy brought out the glow sticks. They had fun with the glow sticks. We brought them in the tent. Then after some fussing with the glow sticks that were hanging, we tried to do bedtime.
Jacob was really upset I wasn't reading them a bedtime story. Which was my fault, I should have not tried bedtime without one. So I grabbed my nook and read to them. Eventually they fell asleep.
I was waiting for any minute to wake up crying and then us driving home. So I had a hard time sleeping. However we made it through the night!!
The moment we all woke up, we drove home. The boys were glad to be home.
I thought the camping trip was a mild success. I'm happy we made it through the night but not sure we will try camping again any time soon.
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July, we went to the Cleveland zoo with grandma and uncle John.

We ended up staying there for four hours. The boys went down the big slide and also went on the large spider web. We saw the dinosaurs. Uncle John got the boys lemonades and elephant straws. We also went to the rain forest.

The fireworks in Akron were really cool. We ended up in a children's hospital parking lot. Not very crowded, which was nice.

We showed up about an hour early after playing at the park and getting ice cream.

The boys played in the parking lot. Jasper was jumping from parking spot to spot then Jacob joined.

After they were getting wild, Jasper sat with grandma while Jacob and I watched a girl light of smoke bombs.

The fireworks were really amazing.

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