Saturday, August 3, 2013

Twins day!!

By the time Twins Day came, we were all sick. We still marched in the parade and attended the festival. The boys colds were mostly on the outs, so that was a plus.

This years theme was twice upon a time, fairy tales. The boys were pirates. A little two birds with one stone, with pirates and princesses at the zoo a week earlier.
Joy made the most fantastic pirate ship with the boys wagon. She used an old tv box, paint, glue sticks, and string. The ship looked amazing!!
We got up early enough to arrive for the parade line up. The boys were tired and getting over their cold so they were not really as into it as last year. I don't think they understood people coming up and taking pictures of them.
My parents ended up joining us in the parade. Joy gave the boys the camera and video camera, so they enjoyed taking video and pictures.
When we got to the festival, they played on the playground for a while with other twins. We two newborns, oh the memories. Joy gave the father some comforting words.
My dad took the boys on a pony ride. Jacob was pretty scared but Jasper loved it. He looked like a natural cowboy.
After words, the boys played more on the playground and swings then hand Popsicles.
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