Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas tree up

Wednesday, Joy asked me to bring the Christmas decorations out. The boys got all excited about the Christmas tree. We put the Christmas tree up.

The tree looks amazing! Joy made all the ornaments. The boys had a lot if fun helping put the tree up. They handed me branches. Jacob started hanging TVs branches from my pants.

I had jasper put the star up. I put him on my shoulders. It was so cute.


Last tuesday, we had our first snow in Akron. I was work but Jacob brought Joy 4 sweaters in the morning so they would go outside.
They made snowmen and then smashed them.
That night I took the boys to the library. Jasper made a snowball and got me on the way to the car.
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The boys are so into ghostbusters right now. Jacob only wants to listen to the ghostbusters song. We have been playing it on repeat. We dance and sing.

We also been playing ghostbusters. I get them to play our scenes from the movies, such as the library scene, ray going down the pole, and various ghost catching. We all put on our backpacks.

I got my ghostbusters house that I had when I was a kid and they have been playing with that.

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On Halloween, I got very exciting news from work. The result ended with the boys getting bikes!!!

Originally, we were going to get them bikes for Christmas. I was worried they wouldn't be ready for bikes with training wheels. I was wrong!!

The boys were so excited when we walked in the door. Jasper yelled "yay!" And after seeing two identical bikes "no sharing!"

Later that weekend we took them to the park to ride at safety town. Jacob loved rolling down the slight hill. Jasper lives riding around the whole court.

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