Monday, February 9, 2015


Yesterday we stopped for pizza at after our Sam's club trip.

We had a pretty chill weekend. Boys both have coughs. Almost didn't go to swim classes because of Jasper's cough. Luckily it mostly cleared up before class started. I told him if he doesn't feel good he can sit with me and play games on my phone.

After swim classes, we had a little break and lunch. We played games. Jacob wanted to play mommy'a game, which is a neat game she came up with. She put the letters of their name on flash cards. The boys then run to another room to get each letter. Say the letter, then run back to the living room to say the letter again and write it on the chalk board.

Sunday was modulus chill. Played smash brothers. Did a shopping trip. Ordered pizza for dinner.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Jasper tried on my glasses at grandmas last Friday.


This was taken last Friday. The opted to go to grandma's but told us to take pictures. Hehe Oliver is doing great. Possibly weighs 5.2 lbs.

Joy is in full nesting mode. Boys and I excited!!! The other day we gathered around Joy's belly watching him move. We talked to him. Boys put their ears up to her belly.

About a month away!!!!