Monday, October 28, 2013


This has been a busy month!!
On Saturday, the October 12, Joy and I went on a date to see Sweeney Todd at the Hannah Theater. It was amazing!!! Do good. Joy and I had historic seats in a balcony right by the stage. The performance was great.
Afterwards. We went to our first boo at the zoo at Akron. We went Joy's mom and Brother.

The boys dressed up as iron man. They were so cute! They got to trick or treat. Being that it was the first boo at the zoo of the season, it was pretty chill.

The boys loved the event!!

On Saturday the 19th, we did boo at the zoo in Cleveland. It rained all day and it was cold. But the rain let up at 5 in time for the event. The boys napped on the way up.

The boys dressed up as spider man this time. This time it was just us. It was fun! We just walked around. We did the train. Joy and I counted the times we heard Ghostbusters. We went on the train.

The following weekend we went to boo at the zoo again withHeather and her boyfriend Josh.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

It's October!!!!

We have a very busy October. We are taking the boys to three boo at the zoos and trick or treating at my parents' house on Halloween.

October started with lots of playing in the leaves. Joy should the boys how to make leaf balls, it's a more friendly way of having a lead fight.

Joy set it up so the boys can go down the slide into a leave pile. She also put leaves way up the slide so they slide through leaves into the leaf pile.

Joy and I both went down the slide.

Saturday we hit up the akron zoo to get a zoo membership and passes. Some of the Halloween stuff was set up. We got a good preview.

Afterwards, we went to fly kites.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Talking to Joy on the phone: the boys were pretending it was raining. Jacob had an umbrella. Jasper was mad because he was getting rained on.

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