Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holding hands at the nature realm

Monday we headed to the nature realm after dinner for some walking around. When we got to the path we set them down to walk on their own with one of us closely behind or next to each.

Jacob did the sweetest thing. He was walking with Joy and they started holding hands as they walked. It was really sweet seeing then walk in front of Jasper and I holding hands.

I tried to hold hands with Jasper. He responded by going down to the path and crawling. I did get to hold his hand for a few second though.

Joy and I switched kids and I got hold Jacob's hand for a bit.

The boys love the nature realm. Jasper pointed to trees when I asked. They both enjoyed picking up little stones and throwing them on the path.

I really enjoy taking them to the park, especially after work. I'm not really looking forward to fall and winter coming.

**note: the picture is from our visit to nature realm previous week

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Dudes Day Out

Saturday we had "dudes day out." Joy had gone shopping with her mom and left me with the boys. This has only been the second time where I had been with the boys solo for an extended amount of time. It doesn't count when Joy goes to pick up her mom, even though it's about 40 minutes till she gets back.

I got up early to get the dishes and laundry going so I wouldn't have to worry about that later or rushing to get it all done while they nap.

We started off with a little movie matching. I put on the cartoon channel but quickly decided we should watch something with music in it. I put the Blues Brothers in. We then had breakfast while that was going. The boys liked the music and Jasper was making weird faces when they went to visit the nun.

After breakfast, I put the boys into the stroller and we walked to the library. On the way we talked and sang. We also pointed out the trees and I named things along the way.

We got to the library and I picked out a bunch of kids books that I think would benefit the boys in a way that they could interact with. I got a baby book on body parts, smiles, hugs, zoo animals and bunch more. The boys loved walking down the aisles and grabbing books off the shelf. I quickly had to stop them though. All in all not much mess made.

On the way back home, I was telling the boys that mommy was shopping with grandma. I noticed Jasper hunched over to the side of the stroller with tears in his eyes. I think he missed his mommy. So I picked him up and held him as I strolled Jacob back home. Jasper cheered up quickly.

When we got home, I got the boys water and we hung out in the dinning room reading books. They especially loved the book on hugs. Jacob sat in my lap and without warning I got lots of hugs.

After reading I took the boys outside to their sandbox. I put pandora on my phone and we danced some. The boys played for a little bit and pulled some dead branches down not far from them.

After the sandbox we had lunch and then I gave the boys a bath/shower to get the sand and food off of them.

We concluded "dudes day" with nap time.

After nap time, we all headed up to willoughby to visit my grandma in the nursing home. The boys lightened up everyone's day. They got my grandma to leave her room and we went into a community room where there were birds. My grandma loved seeing the birds.

We then visited my sister for her birthday.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Dancing blocks and words

During the nights this week, I have been reading to the boys more and having dance parties. It usually starts out with me getting my drum that Joy got me out. The boys love the drum.

I've been really into listening to cheesy Halloween songs, so I searched for "monster mash" on pandora. The boys seem to like dancing around. Although, the other night they were visibly too tired.

They both went from hanging around and dancing a little to playing with their blocks over by the toy box with themselves.

For a while now, Jacob has been able to stack two/three blocks. Even though, it's advanced Jasper wasn't catching on until the other night.

I showed him how to do it and without actually stacking a block, I would hand it to Jasper. Jasper caught on quickly and before anyone knew it, he was stacking 5 to 7 blocks like it was nobodies' business.

This week, Jasper was also able to point a tree and when I would say "where's a tree." He would get really happy point and start talking.

It's really good now to start naming things around the boys. Jacob brought me a basketball and I would say "ball" and pass it back to him. He got a kick out of it.

Jacob loves to talk. If you ask him a question, somehow he knows to respond and boy does he love to respond. It's really cute.

Joy held out her phone and said "black phone." She said that Jacob said something that sounded like black phone but then quickly changed it to "da da."

Tonight we took them to the nature realm and let them walk around. They did great. There weren't many people there so the we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Tomorrow, Joy is going out with her mom and the boys and I are gonna have a "dudes day." I'm looking forward to it.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Need more vacation please

I miss vacation already! Can't believe an entire week went by already. I miss being home with Joy and the boys and having fun action packed days.

Monday, we headed to the park for another "concert in the park." Instead of just hanging out and watching the band, we took the boys to the playground. We put them in the swings for a while and then wandered off into the field to let them run around.

I mainly followed Jacob while Joy followed Jasper. They both had fun playing "I'm gonna get'chew" game. Then Jacob got ahold of some sticks and Jasper followed.

Jacob has been talking so much lately! It's like he's trying to have a conversation with you but doesn't know many words. It's so cute. Jasper is starting now too. I gotta get it on video.

Tuesday, we all went for a bike ride. Joy pulled the boys in the bike trailer for 4 miles and then we switched bikes and I rode them back. Jacob fell asleep first, followed by Jasper.

The coffee table has been insane lately! We've been trying to keep them off it but it has been an endless battle.

Joy finally had enough and created a new gate. Now, there is a gate that just covers the tv and that side of the wall. Before the coffee table was a part of the gate. The boys can get onto the coffee table but the new rule is that they have to "stay on their booty."

It's been mostly successful except last night Jasper wanted on the coffee table to dance. I tried to be more aggressive with saying "no, on your booty." That failed. So I ended up sitting on the coffee table, keeping both off.

The boys then grabbed blocks and proceed to bang them on the glass part of the door. I tried to be more aggressive at telling them "no" and they responded by smiling and banging them harder. I had to eventually take the blocks away. I think I need to work on my parental authority voice.

I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a struggle this week when I just want to be home. I don't think we have anything planned. I'm sure that will change but it's nice to have a free weekend!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011


I had a great vacation at home with the boys, though we didn't stay home too much but we kinda treated it like we were tourists in the our city.

Friday night, Joy's mom watched the boys so we could have a date night. We went to beaver marsh where we rode our bikes and waited till dark to see the beavers. Blossom music center is on the other side, so we hears Neil Diamond.

Saturday, we went to summit county fair. It was so-so. It was really hot. We caught the end of a circus act and then wandered around.

Sunday, we took the boys to a jungle gym in Fairlawn. The playground was empty so the boys had free range. We put them in our laps and went down the slides. After that we went for a walk at the nature realm.

Monday, we went to the Cleveland zoo. we thought it would be empty but instead was packed! Turns out zoo is free for cuyahoga county residents on Monday. We had fun though. The boys seemed more aware of the animals and pointed. At night, we caught the concert in the park.

Tuesday, joy's mom came over so we could go to the eye doctor. Afterwards we worked on cutting down a tree.

Wednesday, we took the boys in the bike trailer and went biking on the towpath. The boys loved it. They were singing and having a great time.

Thursday, we did some grocery shopping and then stayed in most of the day.

Friday, we visited my grandma in the nursing home. She was feeling depressed in the nursing home. She had been in the hospital. The boys cheered her up greatly and just about everyone else in the nursing home. After that, we went to my parents house for pizza and to let the boys swing on their jungle gym.

Saturday, we went to twins day in twinsburg. That was a lot of fun!! It was really neat seeing all the twins for newborns to twins in the seventies.

The boys had a Popsicle and got it all over themselves. It was really cute. Can't wait to take them again next year.

Today, we just taking it easy.

It was great being home! Joy said the boys treat me the way they treat her during the day. They are a handful. The most challenging though is keeping them off the coffee table. Hope Monday isn't too bad for her.

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