Thursday, February 27, 2014

Grandma Grandpa's house

Last Saturday, the boys visited my parents. They were so excited to show grandma/grandpa the big boys car. The boys went inside their house, took off their coats and boots. Then Jacob pointed his finger up and said "wait a minute, big boys car." We got them dressed and we went back outside.

The boys were excited to show them that doors open themselves. Jasper showed them how you can walk in one door and out the other.

During their time there they played with the coach cushions. Reminded me of when I was younger.

They fell asleep on the way home.

This week the boys have been battling being sick with a cough.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Boo boos and playland

Had a long weekend, Saturday-Tuesday off. Saturday, Joy and I bought the big boys car (Carson).

I took the boys to the nature realm on Monday. Joy went to oh grocery shopping with her mom. It was kind of a day of boo-boos. Jake's face got scratched. While at the park, Jasper skipped on ice and got a black eye. While he was crying he said was saying "I need to tell mommy." Poor dudes!!! They got to play video games when we got back.

Tuesday, I took the boys to McDonald's playland. They had no fear if climbing up high and sliding down. Jake got up high and said "daddy, what's your name?"

We stayed there awhile. Joy joined later. I had coffee. They absolutely loved it!

It was so hard to get them when it was time to go. Joy was making fun of me cause I was yelling to the boy "do you want to play video games, then get down."

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

New car

Last Saturday, Joy and I became minivan owers. We bought a Kia Sedona, which Joy and I call "Carson" and the boys call "big boys car."

It's pretty darn sweet and comes with a tape deck. It's so exciting to have a big car!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zoo and Sledding

Last weekend we needed to get out of house. On Saturday, we went to Cleveland zoo. We threaten to turn off the wii. They accepted. Lately, the boys are pretty happy with only playing Mario.

We went to the rain forest. Hung out there for a while, Joy brought pennies and quarters for the penny stamping machine. The boys stamped their pennies.

We went over the zoo. Rode the bus. Looked at sharks, fish, monkeys, then elephants and naked mole rats, which Jasper loves.

Sunday, we took the boys sledging. I got the car stuck in the parking lot. Joy and I worked on getting us out then Joy took them sledding. I walked home and got shovel to help dig the car out.

It's Mario time!

We may have turned off the wii but we have not stopped playing Mario.

Big boys car

Yesterday I went to go look at a mini van as we are in the market. The dealership closed before I got there so I didn't get test drive the car. I told the boys I was going to look at a new car.

When I came home, Jasper asked if I got a "big boys cars." I said the store was closed.

His eyes watered up then started to cry. Wouldn't let me hug him or rub back.

He thought I was gonna get them a car. He was upset to learn that when we do get a car, he won't be able to drive.

Pretty funny, yet heartbreaking.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy unbirthday

Yesterday we had an impromptu unbirthday party. Joy ordered pizza, I got a cake that said "happy unbirthday Jasper, Jacob, and Monmy" and ice cream. I lit candles. We sang. We ate. We played video games.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Potty training

The boys have been full force potty training for 2 weeks. Joy went full force, no diapers until bedtime. No pull ups unless we go out.

It has been a major success. The boys had a potty chart, if they get it filled out they get a scooby game. They got the game almost right away!!!

Not too many accidents.

We had to get out of house, so we went to the zoo. The boys took to the public restrooms.