Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hide and Seek

Over the weekend, Joy brought up the game is hide and seek. It was so fun! Not only for the boys but for Joy and I too.

The boys and I would put our hands over our eyes and counted to ten. I would say one and they would repeat up to ten. Finally "ready or not, here we come!"

At first, the boys had two places they would hide; the closet in Joy and I's room or under the kitchen table. Then Jasper hid under underneath blankets in his bed or our bed.

It was really funny because they would hide then laugh or just walk out from hiding place when we'd enter the room.

At one point I hid under a blanket in their room. They didn't see me so I giggled. They were laughing when they found me. So cute.

We would look for mommy, then boys and Joy would find me, followed by Joy and I finding the boys.

Last night, we were in the living room and the boys were in their room. Jacob said really loudly "ah! Two! Here I come!" I quickly hid underneath a blanket.

The picture is from grocery shopping on Saturday.

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Last week, the boys started using their names. Jasper says something really close to Jasper, like "jas-a" and Jacob says "Jake-Ob." Earlier in the week, it sounded more like "Jake-up."

The only issue is that Jacob calls Jasper "Jacob." The first time, I said "Jasper" in which he replied by calling him "Jas-up." So funny. I corrected him a few days later, which made him angry.

So I think I was going about it the wrong way. I think I need to just keep making a point to calling Jasper "Jasper" and to not try to correct Jacob.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Science Center

Today we went to the Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center. We decided to get family passes this year. It will pay off when go twice. The boys love it there.

In order to get ready this morning, Joy mentioned Choo Choo to Jacob. The whole ride up and to the science center that is all Jacob talked about. Luckily when we got in there, there was a choo choo.

The boys quickly ended up in the polymers room and played in the ball pit. They spent much of their time in there. They loved shooting the balls up this tube they have in there. Jasper was mostly thrilled with this. Jacob liked face planting into the balls.

They also loved playing on the jungle gym. This is exciting because for their birthday this year, we are planning on getting them a jungle gym.

The science center is really awesome!! I'm looking forward to going there more. They have an Egypt exhibit and a large boat we can go on. There is also a water area for the boys.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Brave park green eggs

Last Saturday we went to see Brave at the dollar theater, the boys second time at a movie theater. They did really awesome! They sat, ate popcorn and watched the movie.

Sunday I took them to the park while Joy did orders at home. There were a lot of kids there and it was pretty wild. Jasper broke up a teenage hook-up by wanting to swing next to them. I thought that was funny.

I have been reading the boys Green Eggs and Ham every night. They love it and it even stops them from freaking out that it's bedtime. They now know some of the words. Jasper will say "rain," and Jacob will say "goat." They both say "beep beep" for car, "choo choo" for train, and "boat." They both laugh and smile big during the train and in the dark part.

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My birthday card from the boys

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The boys have been talking up a stor. They are really getting the hang of talking and repeating words we say. Joy came home from Sam's club with chocolate chip, Jake wanted some so he said "choc-o-late" out of no where. We were amazed, so Joy gave them chocolate chips.
Right now, I'm trying to get them on a better sleep schedule. After my vacation and various time off, the boys have been going to bed later and later. So this week, I have been trying to get a routine down to get them to bed at 9. It doesn't always work out... But I have had some success.
The weekend was nice enough that we go to be outside on Saturday. We hit up two parks, let them ride their new tricycles outside.
On Sunday, my parents stopped by to drop off new toy trucks. Jasper took a liking to his grandpa. Every time, he tried to get up to leave, Jasper took his hand lead him upstairs and then downstairs.
When they were going downstairs, Jasper was holding Grandpa'a hand and Jacob went head. Then notice Jasper and walked back to hold grandpa's other hand.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas vacation/new years

The boys have grown so much and I have been lacking at posting!!! Christmas vacation went by so fast!!! It was really great being home with the boys.
Oct through Dec has been a very busy for Joy as she had a lot of orders for her cookie business and took up a part time job at a book store. So we did not spend all that much time together. In fact, this weekend is our first full weekend together.
We have been doing a lot of playing. They love playing with their new train set. Playing in their playhouse. Playing with their cycles and leap pads.
I am so surprised at how good they are with their leap pads. They are playing four year old games.
Their imagination is starting to kick off. They watched Brave and then were running a away from an imaginary bear. They would run to me and say "bear! See! Help." Then Jacob would pretend fall and be hurt while Jasper tried to save him. So funny!!
I thought them how to play dodgeball which they find hilarious!!! Jacob was falling over laughing while Jasper hit me with balls.
It was too cold this year to go out to New Years in Akron. So we stayed in with Joy's mom over. We watched movies, Joy and I made beer, and ate pizza. The boys fell asleep before midnight.
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