Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanksgiving was a major success! This year, we had thanksgiving at our house and Joy cooked an amazing amount of food. Everything was perfect and fun. My parents came along with Joy's mom and brother.

We started out the day by watching the parade here and there. Jacob loved the spiderman float, Jasper would rather watch the cartoon. Very funny!

My parents brought them Spiderman cars which they loved.

Joy made a ton of food, which we are still eating. Yesterday, I pulled out chocolate oero pie. Jasper pointed to the cherry pie instead. I was shocked! Hehe

Jacob has been sick since yesterday. They both have sinus infections but Jacob has it a little worse. Poor dude is so miserable! He had been sleeping a lot.

I took them both to the minute clinic at CVS. They are both on antibiotics.

We have been watching a lot of movies.

The boys are starting to talk!!!!!!! Yay!!!

When I left Jacob after I thought he was sleeping, he called out "where'd you go?". He also said "there he is" when I asked where Jasper was.

Jasper has been repeating me a lot. I dropped a box of popcorn and said "oh shit," he responded with "oh sheesh". Need to watch my mouth!!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas tree up maybe down soon!

We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year. This is our first big thanksgiving at our house with the boys. I'm really looking forward to it and all it's work. Though cleaning has been hard!!!

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree so my parents will see it this year, since they'll be over.

After the boys got ahold of it, I was ready to take it down. Most of the bulbs have been taken down, broken or thrown before we were even finished putting it up. I'm not sure if it'll be up for thanksgiving but as of day 2 it hasn't been as bad as yesterday.

I'm home with the boys right now while Joy is working. As soon as she left, Jasper got a cake mix from the kitchen. Very funny! The other times Joy worked, we made cakes. It must of stuck with him.

After Joy left, I gave Jake the rest of her turkey sandwich. He loved it. He came to kitchen wanting more. I made him another one. Jasper preferred a peanut butter sandwich instead though. Jake ate the turkey.

Joy and I bought Dr Sesus books on our nooks. We both bought Green and Ham, she got The Grinch, and I got
the Lorax. They are really cool interactive books!

The boys are still really into spider-man. Joy bought them tons of spider-man merch. They have spider-man clothes, pjs, toys, plates, bubble bath. I tried to put non-spiderman clothes on them, Jasper was an automatic no go, Jacob wanted changed as soon as he realizes Jasper had Spider-man on.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm a little behind in my updates.... Right now, I'm watching a Nightmare before Christmas with the boys. It's a perfect mix of Halloween and Christmas and boys love it. They also love Vincent, a short on the DVD.

Last week, we took the boys to the mall to play. I forgot to put socks on Jacob, so Joy bought socks while we were there. They played for a good while. This time, they played more together than other time we went there. Jasper really wanted to see the train at the mall, which caused a little freak out. He was pretty satisfied after seeing until it arrived back.

The boys also went on carousel. They waved at everybody and says hi. It was so cute!!

A few days later, the boys developed a nasty cold. Runny noses, coughing... Looked rough but luckily they are already feeling better.

Joy started working on Sunday at Barnes and Noble. It was 69 degrees outside, so I took the boys outside and then to the park. We also took ace for a short walk. It was so nice to be outside.

The boys are really starting to use their words. It is really cool. They are really great at Green Eggs and Ham, saying some of the words before I say them.

The boys have also gotten really good at riding their tricycles, they are going to love their Christmas presents!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Boo at the zoo

The Saturday before Halloween, we all went to Boo at the Zoo. We = us, my parents, and Joy's mom and brother. The boys went as Spider-things. They were supposed to be just Thing 1 and Thing 2, just even colored their hair blue, but it was cold so they wore their new Spider-man hats. Joy went as Thing Mom with puffed hair and ribbons and I went as the Cat in the Hat. The others went Thing Grandma, grandpa, and uncle.

The zoo was fun. We went though a maze, saw some of a magic show, dancing, and my dad and I took the boys on a train. Uncle John got the boys popcorn.

It rained so much but luckily it held up for us to go. When we got home we pigged out on M&Ms.

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