Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Walk to us, you can do it!

Joy and I have been trying harder to get the boys to start walking. Joy read about clapping and making them want to come to you while they are standing.

Jacob is getting really close. He works his right foot really well. He is able to make a step with it. However, his left foot is keeping him back. He uses his left to lean on but when he tries to move it, he falls on his butt. He gets really excited if you take both his hand and hold them so he can walk. He talk giant steps filled with laughter.

Jasper surprised us when we weren't looking by doing same thing one day by Jacob's crib. When we try to get him to walk to us by clapping or showing him something he wants, he'll just get down on the ground and crawl over to us.

Both boys will look for anything they can to hold on to walk to us. If you're holding your hand out, they'll try to grab on.

I really think they'll be walking in no time. I would imagine in the next few weeks if not sooner.

Jasper's cut

We had our first big boo-boo on Saturday. I was sitting on the floor, playing with the boys. Then I decided to turn my back and put some books away on the shelf.

Jasper had been playing with an old Ninja Turtles toy van that I had from when I was a kid. Next thing I know, Jasper was sitting and crying. The van was leaning up on it's trunk-end. I asked Jasper what happened. He appeared fine, just crying.

So I picked him up and he rested his head on my shoulder. I started to make him laugh by playing pee-a-boo in the mirror. I then put him in front of me to see his face. That's when I noticed he was bleeding from his mouth.

I ran and got a towel and tried to clean it up. I called for Joy. She was in the bedroom. She took control and got the blood to stop and cleaned up.

Jasper had a cut on his gum. The rest of the evening he was on watch so that he wouldn't pick at it. It bled a little later after dinner. Then it bled again on Monday.

Looks like it's in good condition now. It was scary when it happened.

I'm grateful Joy took control. I was in somewhat of a panic and I'm not a fan of blood, despite my horror movie fetish.

I'm gonna have to get used to blood though. I feel having two boys, a lot of trouble is gonna be gotten in to! That and just the regular accidents.

Monday, March 21, 2011

At the Zoo

Sunday, we took the boys to their second zoo visit. Joy purchased a groupon for a family membership to the zoo and we had to redeem by the end of this month.

The weather was nice! We left after a failed attempt at a morning nap. So we fed the boys lunch and tried to give the boys a nap in the car while Joy and I ate lunch at the park. Jacob fell asleep and Jasper took several mini-naps on the way to the park.

We finally got the zoo and the place was packed! More packed than we'd ever seen the Akron zoo. I got out of the car to purchase the zoo membership, while Joy parked the car and got the boys in the stroller.

Jacob woke up when Joy put him in the stroller. Jasper stayed asleep. We thought he would wake up after we got into the zoo, but nope! I said his name and rubbed his head gently but he stayed asleep.

Jacob was in awe of all the people. He was just quietly looking around. We tried to show him some of the animals but wanted to people watch instead.

Jasper eventually woke up. Joy got him out of the stroller and showed him a goose. She put him back into the stroller, where he joined Jacob in people watching.

After we left the zoo, being that the weather was warm. We headed off to another park. The park had a wooden path that went into the woods.

The boys loved being at the park more than the zoo. They were more vocal, talking and singing. I think because there was less people around.

I'm wondering if the Akron zoo is normally that busy or because it was one of the first nice days of the year. Either way, we need to work on the boys being more social. Joy and I are both not very social and we don't want the boys to be that way.

The Buzzards of Hinkley?

Saturday, we traveled to Hinkley, Ohio. They were supposed to have buzzards in their metro park. They have a festival for it. We went a day before to avoid the festival crowd. However, we didn't see any buzzards. We walked to the area where they were supposed to be and watched but no luck.

The park there is really nice though! They have a path that is perfect for the stroller. It's hilly so there is a good work-out involved. Plus they have a neat dam.

It was too cold to take the boys out for long. We step up the stroller to walk but the wind was too cold so we didn't even bother getting the boys out of the car.

After we left we stopped at one of our favorite thrift stores. I looked for records and old recoding equipment but had no luck. Joy found shorts, pants, and a skirt.

The boys enjoyed being carted around the store. They both loved holding their hands out and feeling all the clothes.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Swinging the Babies

The warm weather is finally here! Well, just for a little bit. Last Thursday, I was able to go for a walk with Joy and the boys after work. It was so great to finally be outside.

I can't wait to start nightly walks with the boys and now Joy! Last summer/fall, Joy and I were on a different sleep schedule. However, now that the boys and I are sleeping (mostly) through the night, going on a full family walk is possible!

So while we were on our walk, Joy suggested to try to baby swings. I was a bit scared but quickly changed to amazement.

The baby swings are deep so it's really hard for them to fall out. At first I was holding onto the swing to make sure no accidents happen. Then I took out my phone to snap a few pictures. After that I realized I don't to worry as much. So I let go and stood right in front and lightly pushed Jacob.

The only bad thing was Jacob was intent to lick the metal part of the swing. Not to mention, it looked a bit rusty from the winter. I had a hard time stopping him, so Joy took over. She had been pushing Jasper. She pushed Jacob so he was facing forward and pushed. This helped Jacob stop and made him really enjoy the swinging experience more.

I pushed Jasper after that. He loved it. I made him smile by pushing him and then when he'd swing towards me, I made faces.

Next weekend, I'm taking a long weekend. I was really hoping it would be warm so we could all be outside but it doesn't look likely. It'll still be great being home.

Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Last Saturday we took the boys to their first public event. We went to the Saint Patrick's Day parade. It was a major success and can count on us going to any future parades.

The boys slept for the 20 minutes it took for us to drive down and chill while we waited for parade to begin. Jasper woke up when we put him in the stroller and Jacob stayed asleep until he was awoken by the police siren of the beginning on the parade.

Jacob was a little sleepy during the parade. I held him as he soaked in the cars, the people, and the marching bands.

Jasper was never happier! He loved watching the parade. He clapped his hands when the marching bands came by. He spent most of the time smiling and jumpy.

Joy put Jasper back in his stroller and he couldn't help but be jumpy and smiley while singing. Jacob was really happy because I was sitting on the curb next to Jasper. So Jacob enjoyed playing with Jasper and sharing the excitement.

Jasper was in the best mood for the rest of day. My parents came over to visit afterwards. They're still not used to my parents. However Jasper was in such a good mood, he warmed up right away. I think it also helped my parents greeted them with gigantic stuffed animals.

It took a little bit for Jacob to get warmed up to my parents. Eventually my dad took and was goofing with him, which made him smile.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crying It Out

Sleeping at night has gotten so much better. However there is need for improvement. Usually after an hour or if we're lucky four hours, Jacob will wake up and want to go held to sleep on the couch with me. He will not have it anywhere else. He doesn't not like to be taken to bed.

Jasper on the other hand loves being taken to bed. So during the night I will grab Jacob and head off to the couch and Joy will grab Jasper to take to bed.

Well, one night this week I took Jasper to the couch. Jacob woke up in his crib and Joy tried to take him to bed with her. Jacob would not have and had a fit.

This made Joy come to the conclusion that this is not working. I agree although at the moment I just wanted to go to bed. 

Joy held Jacob for awhile but he was still freaking. So she put him in his crib and like the doctor said "let them cry it out." 

About 2 hours later, he finally passed out. I was then able to put Jasper in his crib and got to go to bed.

We were awaken a bit later to them crying. However, this time we didn't get them.  Then for some reason they started laughing, followed by silence. They both fell asleep on their own! So proud of them.

The next night, we got them to sleep in their cribs and they slept pretty darn good! For now on, we will let them cry it out a bit longer before getting them.

Friday, March 4, 2011

barricade everything!

The boys are continuing their pursuit to the television. It is really hard to keep them away. Joy made a barricade but that was no match. The boys are quick to figure out how to get through.

We have a fireplace and recently they learned how to open the glass doors. Joy put packing tape on the door this week and that did the trick.

The china cabinet, which is another favorite of theirs is been blocked with a playpen and a chair.

The safest place in the house is the hall way to the bedrooms and bathroom. We have been rolling a ball down the hall and Joy put up some toys.

Sleeping has been way better. Although, each night it seem to be getting later. They have been going to bed between 8 and 9 last week. Then 11 this week. Last night they went to bed around 1am during a car ride.

We have had a couple dinners as a family now. This is really great. Last week, we had spaghetti. Joy put the spaghetti in the food processor. Last night we had veggies and rice.