Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oliver's second month check up

On May 15th, Oliver had his two month doctor visit and it was a big vaccine one. Joy said he was not too pleased with the rotavirus liquid then screamed with the shots. She said they whole office heard him. He went to sleep on the way home and stayed out most of the day. Then woke up screaming!! Joy held him and walked up and the hall. By the time I got home, they were both in bed. Joy was giving him a bottle. He was calm. After his bottle was done, he was upset. I sang him songs, which is cheered him up. He got a few smiles out. He liked Secret Agent Man the best.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Oliver is really starting to be a less of a newborn and more of a 2/3 month old. He is big! He is starting to respond to people. He loves watching Jasper and Jacob who love getting in his face. He also loves looking around, especially pictures on the wall. The other day, he almost bounced out backwards on my arms while I was holding him because he was interested in something in the kitchen. He is also responding to tickles and smiled really big when you put your hair in face.

Jasper and Jacob have been all about Indiana Jones. Friday we had movie night with pizza, chocolate pie (Jacob's request) and popcorn. It was a lot of fun.

Oliver check up and outside!!

On April 21, Oliver had his one month check up and vaccine. I was expecting a crying sleepless night. Joy took him. She said he cried but had fall asleep afterwards. He slept all day then started to wake up when I got home. I was ready for it... Crying. Trying to stay calm while holding him. You know what happened!? He was tired. He was a true cramp. I even let Jacob hold him for a little bit. He even slept that night. Crazy!

A few days before, it's finally getting nice enough to go outside!!! On Saturday we went for a hike. Jasper wanted to go to the waterfall. We hiked for a good while. The volunteers were working on the paths. The boys had lots of questions for them.

We also went on a bike ride with our new tandem bike attachments. Jasper rode behind me and Jake behind Joy. They later on switched. It was awesome!!!!

Sunday we did another bike at beaver marsh.

Friday, April 3, 2015


Oliver has been here for almost a month. It's really hard to believe how fast everything is going. Oliver has been growing a lot, drinking a lot of milk. Normally if it isn't sleeping or being changed he is wanting a bottle. Just the other day, I noticed he responded a little bit to a tickle.

He has been such a good sleeper. With Jasper and Jacob we barely got any sleep. With Oliver we are sleeping about 5-6 hours a night. We have been tracking our sleep with out Up bands.

Jasper and Jacob have been so sweet him. They look him with such grins you can tell they truly love him. When he is awake they are constantly asking "can I see his eyes." They are not impatient either. They totally understand that baby eat, sleep, and get changed. They are such good brothers to him.