Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nine Month Doctor Visit

This week, the boys had their nine-month check-up. I still can't believe they're nine-months old now! But anyway, we thought this would be a shot-free visit. Joy read somewhere that they wouldn't get another shot until their one-year check up.

So we got them put in their snow suits for the trip to doctor. I think we knew they were gonna get shots, we would have put them in warm clothes and blanketed them good.

The boys did really well at the doctor. Jacob took everything like a champ. Jasper did really good too but he got fed up with the doctor picking and poking after awhile.

Jasper now weighs 20.75 pounds and Jacob weighs 20.25 pounds. They're both 2 feet tall.

The doctor asked if we had any questions and since we didn't get a second dose of flu shot, I asked about it. The doctor said they would get that shot today along with a hemp shot and get their fingers pricked for lead tests.

Neither boys cried when they got their fingers pricked which surprised me. I had to look the other way because I can't stand that kind of stuff.

Both boys cried during the shots but not too bad. Even putting the snow suits wasn't as bad I thought.

They both passed out on the ride home. Jacob stayed asleep in his snow suit after we got home. Jasper woke up when I tried to take his off.

In other news, Jasper first top tooth came out. We're still waiting on Jacob's.

Jacob's new thing is to stand without holding onto anything. I really think it'll be a matter of no time till he starts walking.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is our song la la la

Jasper has found a love for Elmo. I put Elmo on TV through YouTube to calm the boys down. I thought it might help. Next thing I know, Jasper is smiling really big and laughing when Elmo is on the screen. The second he's not, he stops laughing and smiling until he's back on the screen. It is quite comical to watch.

This weekend, we're gonna head to the store to buy Jasper an Elmo doll. I'm excited to see his reaction. Jacob loves his Pooh bear. I'm thinking Elmo will be what Pooh is to Jacob.

Jacob has found a favorite thing too. He loves this blanket that we have in our living room. Whenever we sit near it, he has to have it. He loves putting it in his mouth. One night, I brought it with him to crib. I now keep it mostly in his crib.

Another thing the boys have gotten to love this week is, i think they're called nummies. Their cookies, I think made out of rice. My mom had gotten them for the boys for Valentine's day. They love them. It's really cute to listen to them chew on them. They've also tried teething biscuits and some kind of cheese crackers.

Joy and I got to go on our date successfully. It was really nice to get out, just the two of us. I really enjoyed the Harry Potter more than the others. Joy's mom watched the boys without much issue. She said Jasper took off for the door when a UPS guy came.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

To the TV!

We recently got a Blu-Ray player has YouTube on it. So now when the boys are acting up, we can pop on the Gummy Bears song, which is their favorite. Whenever it's on, they get glued to the TV (we used to play it on on phone) and forget about whatever was bothering them. They also discovered that they love Elmo but the downside is that now they are constantly trying to get to the TV. It has been been an exercising experience of constantly trying to get them away from TV.

Jasper has gotten really good at moving around standing up and onto things like the coffee table, couch, and chairs. During the week, Joy was putting laundry away and put a baby gate up in the hallway. She came out in the hallway after hearing him whimper. He had went from standing up with the gate to being against the wall and couldn't get down. Since then, both of them have gotten really well at sitting themselves down.

Yesterday, the boys had teething biscuits for the first time. My mom had given them as valentines. They weren't really sure about them at first but they loved them!

Speaking of teeth, we believe their top teeth are on the verge of popping out.

Joy edited the videos we took of the boys and made a really neat movie. She added songs to go along along with. It turned out really sweet! It is really amazing to see how much they've been grown in such a short period of time (8 months). She made a really nice slide show of tons of pictures. Joy made neat jewel case covers and is giving them the DVDs as valentines.

Sleeping has gotten a little better. They are now going to sleep around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Now, we're gonna try to push it a little later.

Monday, Joy and I are planning on going on our first date since July. We're going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1. Grandma W planing on holding the fort with the boys.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

On The Move

Both boys are now crawling and finding a whole lot of new things. After I had written the last post and before I actually posted, Jacob began crawling.

Joy's mom was staying over and sleeping with Jasper on the couch in the living room. Jacob had woken up and I tried to get him back to sleep in his room. Around 3am, I figure "alright, you win, go play." I put him down on the rug. I sat against the wall and crawled over to me.

I looked down for a second and when I picked my head up, he was standing on to the dresser. He was so proud of himself. Eventually he fell down and I comforted him till he fell asleep

The rest of the week, we had to constantly be watching them as Jasper's new favorite thing in the world is our tv and new surround sound system. We have to keep a good on Jacob as he wants to stand up on everything.

A couple nights ago, we busted out the playpen, which we stored away because they weren't big fans of sleeping in it when they were newborns.

They love the playpen now, Jacob had an easy time standing up in it and didn't hurt himself when falling down. I put toys in there with which they both loved.

Jasper had been so determined to stand after Jacob. He would crawl right behind him and try to use him a way to push up. Jacob wasn't too thrilled about it but he was a good sport.

A couple nights ago, I put the boys in their playpen while I went downstairs to get the laundry. When I came back, both boys were standing. I was so proud of my boys.

One thing is really cool I noticed this week that boys are really starting to become buds. They go with each other when one wants to go down the hall or in the other room. They talk to each other and make each other laugh. It was so awesome to watch.

One really cute instance was when they were both in the playpen. Jacob was laying down and kicking his feet on the side and toward Jasper. Jasper was sitting up and grabbing jacob's foot and they were both laughing.

As as sleep goes lately, they've been going to bed around 6 or 7 in the morning. It has been really rough and we have no idea how to change their schedules. Perhaps I'll ask the doctor later this month.