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Monday, December 15, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Surreal looking picture of Jasper

I took this from the top of a jungle gym as Jasper went down the slide backwards and belly side up.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall hiking spree! And weekend

On Saturday we started the fall hiking spree that the metroparks does. After 8 hikes, we'll all get a walking stick.

We started with silver creek in Medina.

Yesterday, we visited my parents. The boys really wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa. The moment they got into their heads they could see them, they got dressed and put their shoes on before I even messaged them to see if they are home.

Grandma messaged back saying she needs an hour and the are still in their pajamas.

Jacob was confused and asked why. Joy said to him, maybe their pajamas are silly and they don't want you to see them in them.

Later on Jacob insisted grandma to show him their silly pajamas.

Grandma also read to them the Jasper man and Jacob dude book. He set up pillows for them on the floor.

Joy stayed home and did her orders and also made a Halloween cake Jacob wanted.

When we got home the boys insisted on candles and to sing "happy Halloween to you."

Monday, September 8, 2014


Last Friday Joy bought the boys roller skates. The boys loved it. Joy sent some pictures while I was at work with them holding the box of skates then pictures of them riding.

They could not wait till I got home so I could ride skates with them. They pulled up chairs to the window and waiting till I got home.

After dinner, Jacob went into the garage and got my rollerblades. Later on, he got my helmet from the garage and Jasper out it in my head while I put their skates on them.

There isn't a ton of room in the basement but it was fun!

Jasper started getting daring by trying to walk in them or going backwards. Lots of falling on their butts.

Saturday, the boys played with hockey sticks in the garage. Not with skates. They loved it. We cleaned out the garage some to give them room.

On Sunday they played in the drive way.

On Saturday we also the steam engine that went through the valley. It was sorta raining so the boys had an umbrella.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First day of preschool

The boys started preschool on Tuesday. I took a day off work so I see them off on their first day. I totally wanted to spy out the window to see how their day went.

They had no issue with us leaving. "Ok bye" Jake said as we told him we'll pick him up after school.

Joy and I went home sad... Sat on the couch and watched Sherlock. Then stopped at post office... Then picked them up.

I hoping to see them a little in action but parking was crazy and got there as soon as they let out.

I got a big hug from Jasper and then Jake when they got out.

It was hard to get any info from them on their day.

Did you read stories?
"Uh huh" -Jasper
Did you meet friends?
"Uh huh" - Jasper
Did you have circle time?
"Uh huh"

Jake was a bit upset we didn't stay and play with them at school. He didn't want to leave.

Jake later gave us little bits if info which always ended with "... And that's it!"

We let them chill and play games when they got home.

Then went for a walk and saw a waterfall.

On the way back we let them play at McDonald's playplace.

Monday, August 25, 2014

First dentist appointment

The boys had their first dentist appointment last Thursday and also the first time I took them to an appointment solo. Joy was at the hospital with her mom, she just had her second hip replaced.

Right before the appointment we stopped at the bank inside acme. There were suckers. I told them "not until after the dentist appointment. Put them in your pocket."

Next thing I know, Jacob is taking the wrapper after off of his. I reminded him "not until after the dentist." He them informed me "Jasper already did." I look at Jasper who already ate half of his sucker.

We then race home to brush teeth again. Meanwhile I let Jacob eat his sucker....

We arrived right on time. There were pictures of teeth on the windows. The boys asked me to take their picture. I didn't know this at the time but the whole office saw us.

The boys did awesome at the dentist. Jacob went first while Jasper watched. The hygienist let them hold and use the water sucking thing and press the buttons to rise and lower the chair. She said they both have good strong teeth. No cavities. She also took their picture.

The boys got new tooth brushes which they used as soon as they got home.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Kinderealm: bluebirds

In preparation for preschool, Joy looked up various preschool type activities for the boys. We signed them up for Kinderealm: bluebirds at the nature realm.

The boys did so good! They got in, sat down, and colored their pictures while they waited for the class to begin.

They sat really well, upfront for the class. Talking to the teacher. Well behaved!

The class Joy and I thought was a little weird. The teacher explained they throw sparrow nests when they build them on top of bluebirds nests.

But then the teacher held up a picture of a bluebird then had everyone "eww and ahh" it then she would hold up a picture of a sparrow then had everyone"boo" it.

And then she had a game where all the parents got a picture of either a bluebird or a sparrow. The kids were then instructed to the freed the bluebirds but not the sparrows.

Later on during the walk Joy asked a question about plants to attract bees. The teacher switched subjects quickly without answering.

Joy later explained to the boys during dinner to question things.

But all and all I'm so glad the boys loved it. They did a craft, were interactive. I'm so proud of them.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter's on its way!

Last night we colored eggs. It was successful! Not too messy. Only two casualties. We used rubber gloves. We used the basement.

Joy's mom is going for surgery so tonight we're having an Easter dinner with her and maybe brother.

Joy is planning on making a treasure map for the egg hunt this weekend.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Joy and the boys went to the Akron zoo with grandma grandpa.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Chuck e cheese!!

I took a half day at work. When I got home we weren't sure what to do. So we did it... We took the boys to Chuck E Cheese!!

The place was almost empty!! The boys loved! It was like the best place ever! Video games!!! We got out pictures taken.

The boys kept asking to go back, so Monday, we took them with Grandma. Got a ton of coins.

Jasper and I rode a virtual dollar coaster. It was hosted by Elvira! I enjoyed it, Jasper loved it. We found Jacob and they both rode it multiple times

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Last Thursday I went to Wal Mart during my lunch break. Joy said I should look at the spring isle in the toy department for Easter presents. We decided I would get bowling pins and when I get home we would "practice" to go actually bowling during the weekend.

The boys were super excited to practice but were really tired and getting frustrated and ornery. So we had to the bowling pins away.

Bowling didn't happen over the weekend. Joy and I put on our plumber pants and fixed the drain from the house to the road. Yuck!The boys got to spend the day with Grandma at her house. They played games and made cookies.

Sunday night, we tried bowling again. Jacob had a good idea. Instead of using a bowling ball, he used a gun. Jasper gave up on the bowling ball and got a gun as well.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

C.J. Purcell: Amazon Countdown Deal Live Now!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

C.J. Purcell: Amazon KDP Countdown Scheduled

C.J. Purcell: Amazon KDP Countdown Scheduled: I just scheduled a countdown deal for HElPFUL MONSTERS for this weekend. The deal will run March 14, 2014 - March 17, 2014.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No Games.

Friday was finally the first nice day. Joy took the boys out to the Nature Realm on a hike, I was jealous I had to work. A part of me thought it would be nice over the weekend but it was not. I'm glad the Joy and the boys got to for hike. I'm also happy we have two reliable cars where Joy and the boys can get out of the house while I'm at work. I went for a walk on my lunch break without a coat.

We had to take away video games and TV for the weekend. We let the TV slide for on two occasions but it was limited.

The boys were pretty good. We had about an hour and half of art time. The boys the painted in their Spiderman coloring books and we did some of the activities.

The Spiderman book had an activity where you have to decode a message. Jacob did awesome at finding the symbols to decode the message.
Jasper loves painting. He gets really into it. I need to make sure he gets more art time. Jasper and I did an activity where you have to make a draw boxes.

We also had lots of music time. I like to have music playing. We did lots of dancing. Then the boys rode bikes.

Around 1, the boys were getting tired and frustrated. So instead of having TV time, we had "quiet time." It worked surprisingly well. We started in their bedroom, read a couple stories. Then we moved to the living room. They both picked "special spots" to be still and quiet. Jacob was on the rocking chair, Jasper on the love seat, and then then migrated over to me on the couch. Jasper was laying behind me on the arm rest and Jacob laying on me.

After words, Jacob took some more time listening to Woody Guthrie while Jasper came into the kitchen with me.

Joy was out with her mom. When she came back, she had new PJs for the boys. They were stoked and needed to wear them RIGHT AWAY!! Robots, dogs, and race cars. Jasper pretended to be a robot which was super cute!!!!

Sunday we went outside, the boys played in the yard. Joy worked on the cold frame boxes: planting carrots, lettuce, and kale. I was in the potting shed trying to clean up a gas spill.

When we came in Jasper wanted to watch robots. BIGGER BIGGER ROBOTS, which meant Pacific Rim. He is so into robots at the moment.

Afterword’s, we were trying to get the boys hyped up to go shopping. Joy mentioned Grandma/Grandpa. The boys got so excited to so I texted my mom. They were out but told them the boys want to see them. My mom called saying they are heading home. The boys screamed "YAY!!!!" and started dancing in circles with each other. We left in a hurry.

I played music in the car hoping they would take a quick nap but no luck. They were so excited to be over grandma/grandpas. The couch cushions instantly came off. The blocks got dumped. They had lots of cookies and M&Ms. My mom made pizza. They also found out they really love vacuuming. They put little pieces of a house plant on the floor so they can sweep it up.

On the ride home, we talked all about vacation. Jacob really wants to go to the beach and Jasper wants to go fishing. Jacob told me the fishing poles were broke and "sorry daddy...."

This summer we are planning on a vacation!!! A road trip!! I'm so excited.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014


The boys found a new use for their toy bins last night.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Shopping with Jacob

Flirting with cashier at Aldi:

Jake: "What you doing?"

Cashier: "ringing out your groceries. Is this for you cat"

Jake: "no, Jasper's cat"

@ world market

"Where are the groceries?"

unfolds grocery list, looks at it then cashier "we need ravioli"

@ giant eagle with riding slouching on a fire truck cart

Me: "are you having fun?"
Jake in a slow monotone: "yes daddy, I like shopping with you"

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Grandma Grandpa's house

Last Saturday, the boys visited my parents. They were so excited to show grandma/grandpa the big boys car. The boys went inside their house, took off their coats and boots. Then Jacob pointed his finger up and said "wait a minute, big boys car." We got them dressed and we went back outside.

The boys were excited to show them that doors open themselves. Jasper showed them how you can walk in one door and out the other.

During their time there they played with the coach cushions. Reminded me of when I was younger.

They fell asleep on the way home.

This week the boys have been battling being sick with a cough.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Boo boos and playland

Had a long weekend, Saturday-Tuesday off. Saturday, Joy and I bought the big boys car (Carson).

I took the boys to the nature realm on Monday. Joy went to oh grocery shopping with her mom. It was kind of a day of boo-boos. Jake's face got scratched. While at the park, Jasper skipped on ice and got a black eye. While he was crying he said was saying "I need to tell mommy." Poor dudes!!! They got to play video games when we got back.

Tuesday, I took the boys to McDonald's playland. They had no fear if climbing up high and sliding down. Jake got up high and said "daddy, what's your name?"

We stayed there awhile. Joy joined later. I had coffee. They absolutely loved it!

It was so hard to get them when it was time to go. Joy was making fun of me cause I was yelling to the boy "do you want to play video games, then get down."

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

New car

Last Saturday, Joy and I became minivan owers. We bought a Kia Sedona, which Joy and I call "Carson" and the boys call "big boys car."

It's pretty darn sweet and comes with a tape deck. It's so exciting to have a big car!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zoo and Sledding

Last weekend we needed to get out of house. On Saturday, we went to Cleveland zoo. We threaten to turn off the wii. They accepted. Lately, the boys are pretty happy with only playing Mario.

We went to the rain forest. Hung out there for a while, Joy brought pennies and quarters for the penny stamping machine. The boys stamped their pennies.

We went over the zoo. Rode the bus. Looked at sharks, fish, monkeys, then elephants and naked mole rats, which Jasper loves.

Sunday, we took the boys sledging. I got the car stuck in the parking lot. Joy and I worked on getting us out then Joy took them sledding. I walked home and got shovel to help dig the car out.

It's Mario time!

We may have turned off the wii but we have not stopped playing Mario.

Big boys car

Yesterday I went to go look at a mini van as we are in the market. The dealership closed before I got there so I didn't get test drive the car. I told the boys I was going to look at a new car.

When I came home, Jasper asked if I got a "big boys cars." I said the store was closed.

His eyes watered up then started to cry. Wouldn't let me hug him or rub back.

He thought I was gonna get them a car. He was upset to learn that when we do get a car, he won't be able to drive.

Pretty funny, yet heartbreaking.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy unbirthday

Yesterday we had an impromptu unbirthday party. Joy ordered pizza, I got a cake that said "happy unbirthday Jasper, Jacob, and Monmy" and ice cream. I lit candles. We sang. We ate. We played video games.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Potty training

The boys have been full force potty training for 2 weeks. Joy went full force, no diapers until bedtime. No pull ups unless we go out.

It has been a major success. The boys had a potty chart, if they get it filled out they get a scooby game. They got the game almost right away!!!

Not too many accidents.

We had to get out of house, so we went to the zoo. The boys took to the public restrooms.