Monday, June 24, 2013

Pool time!!

Joy caught me in the pool with the boys


Joy's mom called during the week saying she was buying the boys fishing pools. So Joy arranged us all to go fishing last Saturday.

I talked to someone at work and she said due to the heat, the fish probably wouldn't bite. I said that's fine with me.

I haven't fished since I was in middle school and don't really remember catching anything. And there's being a vegetarian and all.

We headed up to Wadsworth and I quickly got over my fear of baiting maggots.

Jasper was with grandma and Joy and I was with Jacob when Jacob caught his first fish.

We reeled him in through the seaweed. I panicked and had Joy come over to help. She tried to get the hook out of him and threw him back.

I did the next one... And got over my fear of touching fish and de-hooking them. We let the boys throw them back.

We brought root beers with us. Right, fishing and (root) beers???

I was eventually with Jasper and Jacob was with Joy and Grandma. At this point, Jasper was heavily into his root and throwing rocks in the water. He would laugh and say "boom!"

We caught a few fish while Jacob kept reeling them in.

We eventually stopped for a picnic and played at the playground.

There was big pole you can slide. It was big enough where I could slide down. I went down and it hurt my hands.

Then Jasper went down like it was nothing. He had a blast. Eventually Jacob did it too. He was a little more scared to go down but he got over his fear after the first time.

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Big boy beds

The weekend after the boys birthday party they got big boy beds. Joy bought them bunk beds but set them up as individual beds.

I was sad at first because I thought it would be the start of not cuddling in and reading them to sleep.

But we still do. We group in Jacob's bed and I read to them. When they fall asleep I put Jasper in his bed.

They love their beds. They Thomas the train sheets/pillows, also Toy Story (buzz!) sheets/pillows and comforter.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Birthday party!

The weekend after the boy's birthday, we had a family birthday party for the boys. Joy made subs for lunch, which included homemade bread. She also made batman and Spider-man cakes.

The party was a success. We spent most of the time outside. The boys got show off their play set to grandma and grandpa.

We had a special appearance from Batman! We chased each other. Then ace took off and we went to get him in someone else's backyard. It was something going after Ace in a Batman costume.

The boys had a lot of fun. They loved the attention and hanging out with grandpa and batman.

After batman left, all we heard about was "batman work." The boys then tried to find him.

Birthday celebration!!

The boys are now three and boy did we celebrate. Birthday became almost two week celebration.

It started with spreading out there presents. Once a day they would get to open a present. They got some movies and toys.

The Saturday before their birthday, we went to the zoo. They got to ride on the train and see the dinosaur exhibit.

At zoo, they have this thing that looks like a spider web that kids can climb up. Jasper wanted to see it and Joy thought he wouldn't climb it, so no big deal.

Jasper had no problem climbing it! Jacob was a little reserved at first but then saw Jasper and then lost his fear.

There were a lot of older kids there, scared to climb it. We noticed other parents were some-what jealous and trying to get their older kids to climb it.

At one point Jasper done and grabbed on to another rope then jumped to another rope. Totally monkey-like and awesome to watch. I commented on how awesome it was so did another dad. Jasper was so pleased.

The next day, we took the boys to ride Thomas the Train through the cuyahoga valley national park. It was way bigger than we thought it would be. They had tents set up with activities.

There was a bounce house and a few other attractions that required waiting in lines. The weren't too pleased with that.

We got on the train and boys were upset no one took their tickets. Jasper kept trying to give his ticket to someone. Finally someone came and stamped their tickets. They were very pleased.

Joy let Jacob take pictures with the camera on the train. He got such a kick out of taking pictures.

The boys really enjoyed riding on the train.

On their actual birthday, we were going to go to Lodi outlet mall to let the boys ride on the train. But I think they were pretty warn out and cranky from too much activity the last few days.

We stayed at home and Joy's mom got them an ice cream cake. It had Toy Story on it with the boys pictures. It was really yummy and we killed it in a week.