Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Gate on room plus park

Now that the boys are getting a bit older, I started taking the gate off their room when they go to sleep. I have also been trying to keep it off when I put them to bed but Jacob likes for me to put it up. I'm not sure if it's a security thing or he is trying to be helpful because he knows it's supposed to be up.

The gate on their door has taken a beating. It used to be a swinging open and close gate but now it is reduced to a gate that no longer stays on unless it's latched.

A couple nights ago, the boys woke up crying and couldn't go back asleep. At one point Jacob left the room and went to the couch. When I got in there, he was just sitting and then he went to lay down.

Joy took Jasper to bed with her to help him calm down but as it turns out, he'd rather sleep in his room. I saw him run back back to his room and when I got there, he was laying down on a pillow trying to cover himself.

Yesterday, when Joy got up in the morning, she found Jacob passed out on the couch with a blanket. He must have gotten up after I left for work. So funny though.

However, last night I heard Jasper crying. When I went into their room, he wasn't there. I found him in the living room looking out the window. I'm not sure if he was scared because he thought he was alone. Normally he just comes into our room. When I went to get him, he brought me back to his room where he fell asleep on the floor.

In other news, the boys are talking a lot more. Jasper's big words now are "ouch" and "gosh." Jacob out of no where said "boo" while playing peek-a-boo with Jasper. He tried really hard to say "bunny" yesterday after we saw a bunny. He has also been talking up a storm.

We saw a train a go by up close while we were on our walk from library to the grocery show. When we got back home they told Joy all about it and pointed towards the train.

I read to the boys last night and they really seemed to like. Jasper laid next to me and watched the book. Jacob picked fuzz and listened. I read the Little Mermaid.

Tonight, I tried to read Toy Story but they're a bit hyper. Jacob is making voices and chasing Jasper.

The pictures are from the park on Saturday. Joy's mom, brother, and us went to the park. They can now go on the regular swings!! They are growing up so fast!!!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's day plus!

I got totally spoiled this year for father's day. Joy got me an amazing ice cream cake from Cold Stone, really strong coffee, donuts, a sweet card, and a deck of cards with reasons the boys love me on each, paintings, and not to mention the tv that was my father's day present from before. It was really sweet and I feel totally loved.

The best part was sharing the cake the cake with boys. It was so yummy and the boys loved it ubber much.

I'm so happy being a father to these boys. I love them and Joy so much! My life is really amazing!

Right now, I'm watching Tangled with the boys on the couch. Bedtime has been rough lately so we're having a little movie time. I'm hoping they fall asleep but not sure they will.

They have been so hyper lately! Bouncing off the walls to say the least! They have also been wrestling and tackling each other. One thing they love to do now is when I'm trying to put them to bed, they jump off their bed and latch on to my back.

My parents stopped by tonight which was cool! We all went to the park and the boys showed off all their playground moves: slides, swings, climbing, and goofiness. When we came back they played in the back yard and played ball with my dad. It was a fun night.

Potty training has taken a little break but I think we'll start up again soon. My mom bought them new underwear! Hehe

--picture by Joy. Taken when they were trying to take down a tree.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Potty training continues

Potty training continues! Yesterday, Joy noticed the boys were actively taking her to the bathroom. This resulting in the next step. During my lunch break, I bought them underwear, Pixar underwear. For some reason, Joy has been calling them panties, a word I don't think I've ever heard her say before. She said she called them that once by mistake and it stuck.

They both seem to like the underwear and easy availability to grab themselves. Jasper said "buzz" to the toy story underwear.

We took several trips to the bathroom. Jasper peed in the potty a few times. Jacob tried but got more interested in playing with the sink and standing on the potty. At one point, he pointed to Jasper's butt and said "butt." Later on, Jacob peed his underwear and just said "oh....". We went to the bathroom but it was too late.

I'm not sure if we're gonna full force potty train or just slowly introducing. We are getting pull ups and we just bought a box of regular diapers from Sams.

All in all, I'm proud of my boys!!!

Picture was taken by Joy yesterday in garden. They were helping watering with leftover pool water.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Potty training and wildness

I have been introducing the boys to the potty for a while now. When they are in the bathroom with me, I try to explain what I'm doing. They showed an interest and shortly before they turned two, I held them on the potty. So, when they turned two, we bought them a potty. I thought it would just introduce them.

So far, it's pretty good success. I can get them both to sit on the potty and they show an interest when I'm in there going.

The day before yesterday, after sitting on the potty, Jasper got up and starting peeing on the rug. I moved the potty closer to him and he stood over it and peed in the potty!! This happened again yesterday!! We all cheered.

Jasper has been one sitting on the potty the most, so yesterday me and boys walked to the store and bought another one so he and Jacob can both sit together.

Potty training might not be that bad!

In other news, the boys are getting more wild and smart! Jacob now likes to line up all the dining room to make a bridge. He has also been liking to move the living room chair next to the coffee table so he and Jasper can jump forward and backwards on the chair and also on each other. Wresting is something they have also been into and sword fighting.

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