Monday, June 9, 2014

Kinderealm: bluebirds

In preparation for preschool, Joy looked up various preschool type activities for the boys. We signed them up for Kinderealm: bluebirds at the nature realm.

The boys did so good! They got in, sat down, and colored their pictures while they waited for the class to begin.

They sat really well, upfront for the class. Talking to the teacher. Well behaved!

The class Joy and I thought was a little weird. The teacher explained they throw sparrow nests when they build them on top of bluebirds nests.

But then the teacher held up a picture of a bluebird then had everyone "eww and ahh" it then she would hold up a picture of a sparrow then had everyone"boo" it.

And then she had a game where all the parents got a picture of either a bluebird or a sparrow. The kids were then instructed to the freed the bluebirds but not the sparrows.

Later on during the walk Joy asked a question about plants to attract bees. The teacher switched subjects quickly without answering.

Joy later explained to the boys during dinner to question things.

But all and all I'm so glad the boys loved it. They did a craft, were interactive. I'm so proud of them.