Monday, June 24, 2013


Joy's mom called during the week saying she was buying the boys fishing pools. So Joy arranged us all to go fishing last Saturday.

I talked to someone at work and she said due to the heat, the fish probably wouldn't bite. I said that's fine with me.

I haven't fished since I was in middle school and don't really remember catching anything. And there's being a vegetarian and all.

We headed up to Wadsworth and I quickly got over my fear of baiting maggots.

Jasper was with grandma and Joy and I was with Jacob when Jacob caught his first fish.

We reeled him in through the seaweed. I panicked and had Joy come over to help. She tried to get the hook out of him and threw him back.

I did the next one... And got over my fear of touching fish and de-hooking them. We let the boys throw them back.

We brought root beers with us. Right, fishing and (root) beers???

I was eventually with Jasper and Jacob was with Joy and Grandma. At this point, Jasper was heavily into his root and throwing rocks in the water. He would laugh and say "boom!"

We caught a few fish while Jacob kept reeling them in.

We eventually stopped for a picnic and played at the playground.

There was big pole you can slide. It was big enough where I could slide down. I went down and it hurt my hands.

Then Jasper went down like it was nothing. He had a blast. Eventually Jacob did it too. He was a little more scared to go down but he got over his fear after the first time.

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