Monday, September 30, 2013

The weekend

This weekend, Joy and I went on a bike ride while Grandma and uncle John watched the boys. Uncle John bought them Iron Man 3. They played outside. Watched movies and are M&Ms.

Joy and I biked 15 miles, we had planned on twenty but got off the train too early. 15 was more than enough. We were sore abs tired afterwords.

Came home in time for pizza to be delivered. The boys were chill.

Afterwards, we headed to the playground. Grandma and uncle John came too. The boys had a blast.

Then Jacob bumped his head. I think on the bar above the slide. He got a huge goose egg. Poor dude didn't want anyone near him. I tried to comfort but he said "no, daddy, go!"

He came down, against his will and sat with Joy and Grandma. Pointed at things. Went back up on jungle gym and sat down.

He eventually for back to playing. Poor dude.

Jasper had a lot of fun going up and the down the slide.

Neither were happy about leaving.

Sunday was a bit of an off day. Shopping at SAMs club ended with powdered sugar everywhere, broken eggs, and free sample of yogurt to help calm the boys down.

We took the boys to the playground and we all brought our bikes. It went really well. We rode, they played, they shared pretty good. Again, not happy about leaving.

The night ended on good note. We has family game night! We played shoots and ladders, memory, and the "apple" game.

They did really well, they loved playing. They both clapped when they won. They were such sweet hearts.

After game night, the boys wanted to play hide and seek. So much fun!!

Bedtime came with a little temple run, and the Lorax. They both fell asleep by 9:45.

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