Monday, February 24, 2014

Boo boos and playland

Had a long weekend, Saturday-Tuesday off. Saturday, Joy and I bought the big boys car (Carson).

I took the boys to the nature realm on Monday. Joy went to oh grocery shopping with her mom. It was kind of a day of boo-boos. Jake's face got scratched. While at the park, Jasper skipped on ice and got a black eye. While he was crying he said was saying "I need to tell mommy." Poor dudes!!! They got to play video games when we got back.

Tuesday, I took the boys to McDonald's playland. They had no fear if climbing up high and sliding down. Jake got up high and said "daddy, what's your name?"

We stayed there awhile. Joy joined later. I had coffee. They absolutely loved it!

It was so hard to get them when it was time to go. Joy was making fun of me cause I was yelling to the boy "do you want to play video games, then get down."

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