Monday, April 27, 2015

Oliver check up and outside!!

On April 21, Oliver had his one month check up and vaccine. I was expecting a crying sleepless night. Joy took him. She said he cried but had fall asleep afterwards. He slept all day then started to wake up when I got home. I was ready for it... Crying. Trying to stay calm while holding him. You know what happened!? He was tired. He was a true cramp. I even let Jacob hold him for a little bit. He even slept that night. Crazy!

A few days before, it's finally getting nice enough to go outside!!! On Saturday we went for a hike. Jasper wanted to go to the waterfall. We hiked for a good while. The volunteers were working on the paths. The boys had lots of questions for them.

We also went on a bike ride with our new tandem bike attachments. Jasper rode behind me and Jake behind Joy. They later on switched. It was awesome!!!!

Sunday we did another bike at beaver marsh.

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