Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer vacation!!

Had an epic full weekend. A great way to start summer vacation!!

Friday- we went to see an Aerosmith cover band play. However it was way too loud and the boys found that they have a an area where water shoots up from the ground. They played in this whole time. We didn't bring any swim suits or anything, so they were just in their shorts. Joy feed Oliver.

Saturday- the boys had their t-ball game. After their game, we went to the zoo. Ollie was upgraded from being in his carrier in the stroller to just being in the stroller. The boys did the big slide in the Australian area. Then the carousel. There was a new play area with water activities. At night we had a bonfire at home.

Sunday- we went for a bike ride. Saw a train. When we got home we watched Jaws 3 (jaws at sea world!!). Then went to the case playground. I took Ollie in the stroller.

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