Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jasper & Jacob: 5 years old!!

Today the boys have turned
5 years old!!! It is so hard to believe how fast time flies. Slow it down!!!!!

Joy stocked the boys up with monster trucks and bubbles to take to school. Joy had also made them shirts to celebrate. Jasper's had a motorcycle, number 5, and his name. Jacob's had the millennium falcon, 5, and his name. When we picked them up they were crowns and handing out trucks and bubbles to the others kids. They were gives hugs to everyone.

We went to toys r us and let them pick out a toy. After browsing the store they decided on zombie hunting nerf shot guns. Later on we had a battle in the backyard and shot cans.

We had lunch at McDonald's playplace. The boys played Star Wars with another kid. They got happy meals and one of the workers bought them ice cream.

We came home and opened presents. Later on we watched Temple of Doom which was a little scary. Better after we skipped a chapter. Ordered pizza and had cheese cake.

Right now Joy is playing outside with them with their new sand toy and gun. I'm feeding Oliver who got to spend most of the day sleeping with grandma.

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