Monday, May 31, 2010

At home with the twins

We have been home for over a week now. I was so scared to leave to the hospital. No nurses to help out. No nursery to put the kids in so we could get a couple hours of sleep. I was silly for being scared. It really is much better being home. Joy and I have been taking shifts in sleeping. Right now, she is sleeping till 2:30 and then I will get some sleep. Also one nice perk is we're not woken up by nurses in the middle of the night for vitals.

I've been staying up with the boys and watching really bad horror movies on Netflix streaming. I finally got a chance to watch that Hellraiser DVD I got back a couple years. I'm sure eventually this will have to stop when the boys get a little older but for now I'm taking advantage.

One of the biggest fears I had when we came home is that our dog would freak out and hurt the babies. I had been worrying about this for weeks. I had not come up with a good plan to introduce them to our dog, Ace. Joy came up with the idea of putting them in the crib where they would be safe and trying to introduce them to him

Much to our surprise, Ace was great! He treated them like one of his own. His first response was to smell them and try to lick them. We stopped the licking. After the introduction, he would check up on them about every hour. As soon as he heard a cry, he would come from where ever he was in the house to check up on them. At one point, I was burping one of the boys and Ace looked at Joy with a look in his eye that said "Are you gonna let him do that to him?" After about a day or two Ace finally need some sleep. Joy's mom is staying with us, so he went upstairs to sleep with her. His eyes looked bloodshot. Ace has defiantly been a good dog. What a major relief.

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  1. Very sweet - glad your dog has been keeping an eye on things - congratulations!