Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three weeks old already!

The boys are now three weeks old! I still can't believe how fast time passes. They're been eating a ton. We used to have to wake them up every three hours to feed them and try to get them to eat a half an ounce. That is a thing of the past. Now they eat two to four ounces at time. They are also growing into their clothes very fast. We're starting to find some differences in the boys. I'm pretty sure they're not identical but they still look very alike.

This week I headed back to work. Luckily work has been so busy that the week has went somewhat fast. I really miss being home with the boys and staying up late. Joy and I have a bit of schedule now. I come from work, we have dinner and then Joy gets a few hours of sleep till midnight. Then I get to bed around 1am. Joy has tried to sneak back in bed a few times with the boys either in their bassinet or carrier but it's been mostly unsuccessful. For some reason, they boys like to talk in their sleep.

Last night, I had some good father-sons bonding. I read to them the Lorax and a couple of Doctor Sesus stories. Jacob fell asleep first and then Jasper soon followed. We also listened to some music. I turned the kids on to A Day's Night album by Beatles followed by the Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart. They seemed to like the rhythm and blues of Captain Beefheart the best, which made me happy.

Today, Joy gave them their first bath today and then dressed up in corduroys. Joy sent me pictures while I was at work. She left them on, even though they were too big till I got home. They looked really cute.

This weekend, Joy's mom is coming to visit. So, Joy and I are gonna go out for a date. We're planning on going for a bike ride in the park. It's supposed to rain but I don't think that's going to stop us. We love the rain. We also plan on sleeping together for a few hours.

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