Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weather books haircuts

Hey, the weather is finally nice again! Yesterday was actually hot! The boys have gotten to be outside a whole lot more. Yesterday, they were out most of the day with grandma and Joy.

Tuesday, we went to the park. Jasper had so excited! He ran on and around the jungle gym screaming "ahhhhh" and smiling. Jacob found a group of boys playing with giant ball and doing back flips. Jacob went after the ball and started jumping with the boys. When soccer practice ended at the park, the playground was nuts!!! The boys had a lot of fun though. On the way back home, the picked and held dandelions.

When we got home, Joy cut the boys' hair! They have short hair now. While I'll miss their long hair, they look really cute and it's really awesome to see their faces and expressions more.

I finally got the boys into books a little bit. They look books off my nook. I have been reading to them nighty. Joy got a bunch of ebooks from the library.

The boys second birthday is approaching!! We're planning a birthday party the weekend before and we're going to see Elmo live! Can't wait to see the boys reaction!

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