Thursday, April 26, 2012

The zoo!!

Last Thursday Joy, Heather, Kit and boys were supposed to go to the zoo. However, after they got in the car and ready to go the car key snapped. Since I had the other key with me at work. They were unable to go to the zoo. That kinda worked out for me. I had requested the next day off and I got to go.

The zoo was a blast! The weather was really nice. This time the boys got to see the birds. Heather and Kit got us nectar to feed them. They really dug being able to see the birds up close.

The boys had a great time playing on the playground there after lunch. They had to try every slide. I got video of it. I didn't see it happen but at one point there was a kid too scared to go down the slide. I guess the father was trying to get him to go down. So Jasper gave him a little kick. I heard Kit saying "no kicking."

The boys love the elephants!!

After the zoo, Joy's mom came over and watched the boys while we went out to dinner. It was fun to get out and drink beer.

It was a lot of fun with Heather and Kit. The boys got tons of attention and totally got their play on!

The boys seemed tired over the weekend. So we had a mostly chill weekend. Saturday, our TV broke so we got a new bigger/better one. Hehe.

I implicated "time-out" after we got the tv set up. The boys liked to hit the tv because tv would light up. Time out has been very effective! They have barely touched the tv since.
Time out consists on being put on a chair for about 30 seconds.

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