Friday, October 26, 2012

Brave park green eggs

Last Saturday we went to see Brave at the dollar theater, the boys second time at a movie theater. They did really awesome! They sat, ate popcorn and watched the movie.

Sunday I took them to the park while Joy did orders at home. There were a lot of kids there and it was pretty wild. Jasper broke up a teenage hook-up by wanting to swing next to them. I thought that was funny.

I have bee reading the boys Green Eggs and Ham every night. They love it and it even stops them from freaking out that it's bedtime. They now know some of the words. Jasper will say "rain," and Jacob will say "goat." They both say "beep beep" for car, "choo choo" for train, and "boat." They both laugh and smile big during the train and in the dark part.

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