Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 days of Halloween and still sick

Poor dudes were sick... Finally starting to feel better but we're taking it easy. Jasper is so itching to go "buh byes." He was so bummed when I told him not tonight last night. He collapsed on the couch. On the bright side, he is using his words more to express what he wants. "buh byes," "walk," "choo choo," "beep beep." He has been talking up a storm the last few days.

Poor Jacob gets so attached to me when he is sick. He wants held and walked around. He gets pretty upset when I sit down or put him down. I hope he starts feeling better soon!

Last night, we celebrated the first of 31 days of Halloween. We watched Monster House. They were hooked the minute it came on. Jasper put his hands over his mouth. Not sure if they were scared or what but they were hooked. The boys and I both sat and watched on the chair.

Jacob eventually fell asleep. Jasper was my little dude afterwards. Walking around with me and talking. I downloaded train books from the library while he reorganized the book shelf. When I to put the books back he took off the shelf, he would take my hand and lead it back to the computer keyboard. So goofy.

Jacob woke up around 2am this morning wide awake! I laid on the air mattress and fell asleep. He stayed in his room and played. He later woke me up to tell me he took all the pillows and blankets off the bed and that he was hungry.

He doesn't go into the living room if it is dark. So, he led me where the light ended on the floor to be picked up. I then carried him to the kitchen where he picked out fishies. We went back to their room. I fell asleep while he ate. He then woke me up for more and we repeated. He finally woke me up to hand me bowl and then cuddled into me to go back to sleep. Such a sweetie!

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