Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

It's Easter! Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt outside. Friday night, Joy and I put candy in eggs and cut out bunny feet. We put the bunny feet from the boys room to the back door. We left a note that said "be back tomorrow - the Easter bunny."

The boys loved it. Joy planted the eggs outside. The boys got lost of them and then just stopped and at candy in their club house and on their picnic table. They ate so much candy.

Today, we did an Easter egg hunt inside but they seemed less interested. Instead they found their bubbles in their Easter baskets and were occupied for the rest of the morning aside from eating, throwing eggs, and chasing each other with suckers.

Joys mom and brother came over for Easter lunch. Joy went all out making turkey, potatoes, pies, Mac n cheese, etc!! It was amazing!!!

The boys enjoyed playing with Uncle John. Throwing stuff and wrestling with him.

Great Easter!!

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