Monday, April 15, 2013


On Saturday the 20th, it was really nice out. We got a good hint of spring/summer weather. Joy wanted to take the boys out to fly kites. We went to a field in Akron.

The boys were really into it. Jasper was able to run and get his kite up in the air. At one point Jake was sitting on the ground with his kite in the air.

Joy and I also had kites. We'd switch them frequently. There were plenty of tangles.

I was running around chasing escaped kites. I once dove for one and missed it. Jasper thought it was funny so when no one was looking, he would let go of his kite and chase after it and dive for it. So funny!

Another point, I ran after an escapes kite and had another kite's string attached to my leg. As I was chasing one kite, I made another one take off.

That Sunday, we went to the science center with my parents. The boys were really into the NASA stuff and seeing rockets. Jacob ran back to the NASA exhibit after awhile. We went outside and saw the boats on Lake Erie.

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