Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Party for the planet

It has been long since an update. Shortly after the last post, the boys got a cold and we ended up being inside and chilling for a week.

After the boys got better, the boys really wanted to go somewhere. Joy thought the zoo. We thought there would be no one there and we would let the boys play in the rainforest till they got tired.

On the ride up, we heard a radio advertisement for "party for the planet" at the zoo. The place was packed. We ended up going to the zoo. We let the boys decide what to see. Jacob led around because he wanted to see monkeys, then elephants.

We went to the rainforest and we saw armadillos out. I was so excited but couldn't get the boys too interested. They were letting people pet them. I did not but I wish I did.

Jacob loved taking his time and seeing all the animals. Jasper like moving fast, looking at everything quickly.

It was a really fun day

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