Thursday, July 11, 2013


On July 11th, we had our first family camping experience. We stayed at Marblehead off Lake Erie. Joy's mom stayed over our house watching Ace.
We spent the afternoon at the beach. The water in Lake Erie looked a little iffy, so we mostly stayed on the beach in the sand. We made a lake, dam, and river in the sand
After we got to the camp site, I took the boys to the playground while Joy put the tent together.
The boys liked the playground but I thought it would be better.
After Joy put the tent together we went for a walk by the lake but the Mosquitos got bad so we headed back.
The boys spent most of the night after jumping in the bounce house which was our tent with an air mattress.
After dinner, I went to find a trash can and use the bathroom. When I came back it was dark. Joy and the boys were in the car. Joy said to me "they want to go home, convince them this is fun."
Afterwords we caught fireflies. They were having a lot of fun but then got too dark to catch them.
Joy brought out the glow sticks. They had fun with the glow sticks. We brought them in the tent. Then after some fussing with the glow sticks that were hanging, we tried to do bedtime.
Jacob was really upset I wasn't reading them a bedtime story. Which was my fault, I should have not tried bedtime without one. So I grabbed my nook and read to them. Eventually they fell asleep.
I was waiting for any minute to wake up crying and then us driving home. So I had a hard time sleeping. However we made it through the night!!
The moment we all woke up, we drove home. The boys were glad to be home.
I thought the camping trip was a mild success. I'm happy we made it through the night but not sure we will try camping again any time soon.
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