Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jasper sick and pirates and princesses.

On Saturday the 27th, it was rainy out. I took the boys to the mall to play at the playground. The boys were having a great time; running, climbing, and playing with other kids.
All of a sudden, Jasper came over to me and sat next to me. Jacob was playing monsters with a little girl. They were chasing each other while Jasper rested his head on my lap.
Poor little guy got sick, I'm guessing from the waiting room at the doctors office earlier that week. There was one kid sick on the sick side of waiting room. Darn it.
I let Jacob play around with the little girl for awhile longer while Jasper and I sat.
When we came home, Jasper fell asleep on the couch.

Joy's brother had bought us all tickets for pirates and princesses at the zoo. Joy had gotten them pirate costumes.
I let Jacob play video games on the computer while Jasper slept.
When it was time to go to zoo, I don't think anyone wanted to go. Joy was gonna stay home with Jasper while Joy and I tried to convince Jacob to go with me.
I got dressed up and moods changed. Jacob was ready to go and by then, Jasper wanted to go.
So we all went. Joy and I took turns holding Jasper.
The events was awesome!! Very fun!! I wish Jasper felt better. They rebuilt the zoo and have a new bear exhibit. They have a giant slide that goes though the seal tank.
There was also bounce houses, which it was very difficult to get Jacob out of.
In the end there was a concert by robots. It was loud, the boys were in shock but really loved it. At the end they got to get a picture with the robots.
Thanks to Joy's brother taking us.
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