Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No Games.

Friday was finally the first nice day. Joy took the boys out to the Nature Realm on a hike, I was jealous I had to work. A part of me thought it would be nice over the weekend but it was not. I'm glad the Joy and the boys got to for hike. I'm also happy we have two reliable cars where Joy and the boys can get out of the house while I'm at work. I went for a walk on my lunch break without a coat.

We had to take away video games and TV for the weekend. We let the TV slide for on two occasions but it was limited.

The boys were pretty good. We had about an hour and half of art time. The boys the painted in their Spiderman coloring books and we did some of the activities.

The Spiderman book had an activity where you have to decode a message. Jacob did awesome at finding the symbols to decode the message.
Jasper loves painting. He gets really into it. I need to make sure he gets more art time. Jasper and I did an activity where you have to make a draw boxes.

We also had lots of music time. I like to have music playing. We did lots of dancing. Then the boys rode bikes.

Around 1, the boys were getting tired and frustrated. So instead of having TV time, we had "quiet time." It worked surprisingly well. We started in their bedroom, read a couple stories. Then we moved to the living room. They both picked "special spots" to be still and quiet. Jacob was on the rocking chair, Jasper on the love seat, and then then migrated over to me on the couch. Jasper was laying behind me on the arm rest and Jacob laying on me.

After words, Jacob took some more time listening to Woody Guthrie while Jasper came into the kitchen with me.

Joy was out with her mom. When she came back, she had new PJs for the boys. They were stoked and needed to wear them RIGHT AWAY!! Robots, dogs, and race cars. Jasper pretended to be a robot which was super cute!!!!

Sunday we went outside, the boys played in the yard. Joy worked on the cold frame boxes: planting carrots, lettuce, and kale. I was in the potting shed trying to clean up a gas spill.

When we came in Jasper wanted to watch robots. BIGGER BIGGER ROBOTS, which meant Pacific Rim. He is so into robots at the moment.

Afterword’s, we were trying to get the boys hyped up to go shopping. Joy mentioned Grandma/Grandpa. The boys got so excited to so I texted my mom. They were out but told them the boys want to see them. My mom called saying they are heading home. The boys screamed "YAY!!!!" and started dancing in circles with each other. We left in a hurry.

I played music in the car hoping they would take a quick nap but no luck. They were so excited to be over grandma/grandpas. The couch cushions instantly came off. The blocks got dumped. They had lots of cookies and M&Ms. My mom made pizza. They also found out they really love vacuuming. They put little pieces of a house plant on the floor so they can sweep it up.

On the ride home, we talked all about vacation. Jacob really wants to go to the beach and Jasper wants to go fishing. Jacob told me the fishing poles were broke and "sorry daddy...."

This summer we are planning on a vacation!!! A road trip!! I'm so excited.

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