Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nine Month Doctor Visit

This week, the boys had their nine-month check-up. I still can't believe they're nine-months old now! But anyway, we thought this would be a shot-free visit. Joy read somewhere that they wouldn't get another shot until their one-year check up.

So we got them put in their snow suits for the trip to doctor. I think we knew they were gonna get shots, we would have put them in warm clothes and blanketed them good.

The boys did really well at the doctor. Jacob took everything like a champ. Jasper did really good too but he got fed up with the doctor picking and poking after awhile.

Jasper now weighs 20.75 pounds and Jacob weighs 20.25 pounds. They're both 2 feet tall.

The doctor asked if we had any questions and since we didn't get a second dose of flu shot, I asked about it. The doctor said they would get that shot today along with a hemp shot and get their fingers pricked for lead tests.

Neither boys cried when they got their fingers pricked which surprised me. I had to look the other way because I can't stand that kind of stuff.

Both boys cried during the shots but not too bad. Even putting the snow suits wasn't as bad I thought.

They both passed out on the ride home. Jacob stayed asleep in his snow suit after we got home. Jasper woke up when I tried to take his off.

In other news, Jasper first top tooth came out. We're still waiting on Jacob's.

Jacob's new thing is to stand without holding onto anything. I really think it'll be a matter of no time till he starts walking.

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