Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is our song la la la

Jasper has found a love for Elmo. I put Elmo on TV through YouTube to calm the boys down. I thought it might help. Next thing I know, Jasper is smiling really big and laughing when Elmo is on the screen. The second he's not, he stops laughing and smiling until he's back on the screen. It is quite comical to watch.

This weekend, we're gonna head to the store to buy Jasper an Elmo doll. I'm excited to see his reaction. Jacob loves his Pooh bear. I'm thinking Elmo will be what Pooh is to Jacob.

Jacob has found a favorite thing too. He loves this blanket that we have in our living room. Whenever we sit near it, he has to have it. He loves putting it in his mouth. One night, I brought it with him to crib. I now keep it mostly in his crib.

Another thing the boys have gotten to love this week is, i think they're called nummies. Their cookies, I think made out of rice. My mom had gotten them for the boys for Valentine's day. They love them. It's really cute to listen to them chew on them. They've also tried teething biscuits and some kind of cheese crackers.

Joy and I got to go on our date successfully. It was really nice to get out, just the two of us. I really enjoyed the Harry Potter more than the others. Joy's mom watched the boys without much issue. She said Jasper took off for the door when a UPS guy came.

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