Friday, August 12, 2011

Need more vacation please

I miss vacation already! Can't believe an entire week went by already. I miss being home with Joy and the boys and having fun action packed days.

Monday, we headed to the park for another "concert in the park." Instead of just hanging out and watching the band, we took the boys to the playground. We put them in the swings for a while and then wandered off into the field to let them run around.

I mainly followed Jacob while Joy followed Jasper. They both had fun playing "I'm gonna get'chew" game. Then Jacob got ahold of some sticks and Jasper followed.

Jacob has been talking so much lately! It's like he's trying to have a conversation with you but doesn't know many words. It's so cute. Jasper is starting now too. I gotta get it on video.

Tuesday, we all went for a bike ride. Joy pulled the boys in the bike trailer for 4 miles and then we switched bikes and I rode them back. Jacob fell asleep first, followed by Jasper.

The coffee table has been insane lately! We've been trying to keep them off it but it has been an endless battle.

Joy finally had enough and created a new gate. Now, there is a gate that just covers the tv and that side of the wall. Before the coffee table was a part of the gate. The boys can get onto the coffee table but the new rule is that they have to "stay on their booty."

It's been mostly successful except last night Jasper wanted on the coffee table to dance. I tried to be more aggressive with saying "no, on your booty." That failed. So I ended up sitting on the coffee table, keeping both off.

The boys then grabbed blocks and proceed to bang them on the glass part of the door. I tried to be more aggressive at telling them "no" and they responded by smiling and banging them harder. I had to eventually take the blocks away. I think I need to work on my parental authority voice.

I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a struggle this week when I just want to be home. I don't think we have anything planned. I'm sure that will change but it's nice to have a free weekend!

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