Sunday, August 7, 2011


I had a great vacation at home with the boys, though we didn't stay home too much but we kinda treated it like we were tourists in the our city.

Friday night, Joy's mom watched the boys so we could have a date night. We went to beaver marsh where we rode our bikes and waited till dark to see the beavers. Blossom music center is on the other side, so we hears Neil Diamond.

Saturday, we went to summit county fair. It was so-so. It was really hot. We caught the end of a circus act and then wandered around.

Sunday, we took the boys to a jungle gym in Fairlawn. The playground was empty so the boys had free range. We put them in our laps and went down the slides. After that we went for a walk at the nature realm.

Monday, we went to the Cleveland zoo. we thought it would be empty but instead was packed! Turns out zoo is free for cuyahoga county residents on Monday. We had fun though. The boys seemed more aware of the animals and pointed. At night, we caught the concert in the park.

Tuesday, joy's mom came over so we could go to the eye doctor. Afterwards we worked on cutting down a tree.

Wednesday, we took the boys in the bike trailer and went biking on the towpath. The boys loved it. They were singing and having a great time.

Thursday, we did some grocery shopping and then stayed in most of the day.

Friday, we visited my grandma in the nursing home. She was feeling depressed in the nursing home. She had been in the hospital. The boys cheered her up greatly and just about everyone else in the nursing home. After that, we went to my parents house for pizza and to let the boys swing on their jungle gym.

Saturday, we went to twins day in twinsburg. That was a lot of fun!! It was really neat seeing all the twins for newborns to twins in the seventies.

The boys had a Popsicle and got it all over themselves. It was really cute. Can't wait to take them again next year.

Today, we just taking it easy.

It was great being home! Joy said the boys treat me the way they treat her during the day. They are a handful. The most challenging though is keeping them off the coffee table. Hope Monday isn't too bad for her.

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